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Vidiot Game is a WarioWare-esque style game that causes brain damage while playing microgames.

This is one of the strangest games I’ve seen. It was released on computer and Xbox Live Indie Games, a service where indie developers could get their game on the platform and it would cost $1 per game. I first heard about it from supergreatfriend when he played it on XBLIG. It was such a bizarre and memorable game right from the beginning.

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You don’t play Vidiot Game…Vidiot Game plays you! it’s a strange game that resembles WarioWare, with microgames. You progress through random microgames, quizzes, and other strange events that happen. There are three playable characters, a mushroom, a potato, and a frying pan. There is nothing different about them besides their sprite. If you beat levels, answer questions correctly, you may just win, but it’s hard to say what games you’ll get and if you’re able to even beat it before you die. Sometimes it’s just luck that you get the right games and answer correctly, while other times you’ll fail. When you do beat it, you’ll unlock Vidiot Mode which has massive glitches on the screen, making it even harder.


The game resembles something from Microsoft Paint, but gets corrupted along the way. It starts out looking pretty good, but then visual corruption appears on the screen, making it hard to see. When playing on Vidiot Mode, all games are corrupted and the difficulty is ramped up.

Sound / Music

The music is so simplistic and catchy. It’s basically just MIDIs, but sounds so good and fitting for the game. I love the track when scratching the lottery ticket. When playing on Vidiot Mode, the songs play in reverse. The soundtrack can be downloaded from the game’s website.

Game Info

Vidiot Game (Cover)
Developer: GZ Storm
Publisher: GZ Storm
Release Date: April 5, 2012
Platforms: Computer, Xbox


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