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Billy Calypso is a teenage bully and wants to have his own demolition derby. So, he invites the neighborhood kids to use their remote control cars and compete for the championship. The winner will get any wish they desire.

This is my least favorite Twisted Metal game, and I’ve pretty much played them all. I think it’s my least favorite because it makes it seem like a kids game, which Twisted Metal never was meant to be. The stories are dark and twisted, but this game isn’t. It’s remote control cars, everyone is a kid, and while there is some darkness with the stories (in a kid friendly way), it’s just not dark enough to be considered Twisted Metal.

This game was played using the PlayStation emulator, DuckStation. I increased the resolution, and PGXP and the widescreen cheat code is on.

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Calypso is back at it again…except this time he’s a teenager. Billy Calypso is a bully and wants to have his own demolition derby like he saw on TV. So, he invites the neighborhood kids to use their remote control cars and compete for the championship. The winner will get any wish they desire.

  • Crimson Fury (Agent Stone)
    • A young gentleman who fancies himself to be a British secret agent. He wants to put an end to Calypso’s bullying ways. When he wins, he brings a squirt gun to see Calypso. He squirts Calypso’s cat, making it attack him.
  • Hammerhead
    • A teen rocker who wants to be a hardcore rock star. When he wins, Calypso makes his wish come true…by making him the star of a boy band called “The Silky Boys.”
  • Mr. Grimm
    • He’s obsessed with Halloween and wants Calypso to show him a portal to a mystical place where it’s Halloween every day. Calypso grants his wish and he enters a place of nightmares.
  • Slam
    • He wants to seek revenge on Calypso for destroying his tree house. When he wins, he drops dirt on Calypso, burying him in the ground, then puts an outhouse on top of him and uses it.
  • Outlaw (Officer Roberts)
    • He is searching for justice for the neighborhood and to stop Calypso’s bullying ways. When he wins, he shoots a missile from his RC car at Calypso, but Calypso dodges it, and it hits and destroys a cop car. The cop is angry and arrests the kid.
  • Shadow (Mortimer)
    • A nerd who had his frog stolen by Calypso. He competes to get it back. However, after the frog was exposed to radiation, he says Calypso can keep the frog as it grows massive and eats Calypso.
  • Spectre
    • A quiet and shy boy who enters the contest to find his lost father. However, Calypso is unable to grant his request and only gives him a locket with a picture of Ken Masters, the driver of Spectre in Twisted Metal 2. Underneath the picture is a key to Spectre. So, he finds the car and takes it for a test drive.
  • Sweet Tooth
    • The youngest and most mischievous kid who enters the contest asking only for ice cream. When he wins, he takes control of an ice cream truck and attaches Calypso to the front of it, driving down the street as the police chase him.
  • Thumper (Vinnie & Bruce)
    • Two homeboys that are in search of the ultimate sound system. Calypso offers them the phattest sound around, blasting them miles away as they go deaf.
  • Twister
    • The fastest driver, but is not that bright. She is looking for an even faster ride. When she wins, Calypso has her ride a mechanical duck, but it’s attached to a ballistic missile that sends her into the sky.
  • Warthog
    • A little soldier who is seeking revenge on Calypso for bullying him. When he wins, he shoots a missile from his tank at what he thinks is Calypso, but is actually a cardboard cutout with explosives behind it. It doesn’t end well…
  • Axel
    • As a secret character, he is not in the manual. The in game description says he just wants to display his skills as a master of two-wheeled RC combat. However, the true story is far more sinister. In the opening of the game, Axel is seen in a wheelchair as Calypso kicks him down the road. There is an ending for him that was cut from the game where he asked Calypso to walk. Calypso gives him a pair of mechanical legs, but doesn’t tell him that he’ll be controlling everything he does with a remote control.
  • Darkside (Jimmy Ash)
    • A dark, mysterious boy with unknown motives. He has no story nor an image in-game.
  • Mime NEW
    • A young actress who loves to mimic the behavior of other kids. There is no story or image in-game.
  • Trapper NEW
    • A mysterious hunter who is relentless.
  • Piecemeal NEW
    • A collector and scavenger who takes pieces of other player’s cars that he’s defeated.


The game plays mostly identical to the other Twisted Metal games. You drive your car…well RC car…through an arena, picking up power-ups and shooting them at your opponent, dealing damage to them. However, the controls feel much more floaty to me. Additionally, backing up can be a problem and you could make a complete u-turn when trying to backup a little.

When you kill all the enemies, you move onto the next stage. There are also two bosses, Trapper and Piecemeal. The latter you battle on the final stage in a weird way. You have four enemies and when you kill one, they despawn and Piecemeal appears, and when you get it’s health down by 1/4, then it disappears and the enemies reappear, and you must repeat the process until the boss is destroyed.

Weapons are standard ones you’ll find in other Twisted Metal games, such as fire, homing, freeze. But there are some new ones such as a roman candle, which will put out small explosive bouncing balls around the arena. There is also environmental weapons which cause an effect in the environment, such as shooting fireworks, having a lawnmower go after your opponents, etc. And there are also special weapon pickups that’ll give you more of your vehicle’s special weapon. Health pickups are green batteries and turbo pickups are red batteries. You can also perform battery attacks such as freeze, shield, rear fire, mine, and jump by pressing a combination of buttons, mostly on the D-pad. This is a problem as well since I accidentally keep pushing the buttons and causing things to happen.

There are a few game modes, such as tournament, to see the story, challenge mode to play any level against any character, and endurance to see how long you can last.

Each vehicle has different stats and special weapons:

  • Crimson Fury (Agent Stone)
    • A fast car with low armor.
    • Special Weapon: Three flaming paper airplanes with homing accuracy.
  • Hammerhead
    • A beefy monster truck with great armor, but is rather slow.
    • Special Weapon: The truck crushes cars with spikes it grows on its tires.
  • Mr. Grimm
    • A motorcycle that’s fast, but can be destroyed easily.
    • Special Weapon: Two powerful, fiery jack-o’-lantern that shoot straight ahead with no homing ability.
  • Slam
    • A large construction vehicle that is slow but has high armor.
    • Special Weapon: Pickup enemies and slam them with the claw, dealing massive damage.
  • Outlaw (Officer Roberts)
    • A police car that is small and weak.
    • Special Weapon: The electrocuting taser attacks nearby enemies and drains their health, very slowly.
  • Shadow (Mortimer)
    • A hearse with good armor and handling, but is slow.
    • Special Weapon: A scary action figure (grim reaper) gets shot from the front, with a slight homing effect, and can be detonated on command. A direct hit does more damage than manual detonation.
  • Spectre
    • A sports car with very low armor, but is fast and handles well.
    • Special Weapon: Three ghosts chase after your enemy and scare them. The ghosts can go through walls, making it easy to attack from a distance.
  • Sweet Tooth
    • An ice cream truck with high armor and moderate speed.
    • Special Weapon: A ricocheting frozen treat that deals decent damage. It has a slight homing ability and will bounce off walls and hit opponents on the rebound.
  • Thumper (Vinnie & Bruce)
    • A lowrider that had moderate speed but low armor.
    • Special Weapon: Three super sonic shockwaves blast out towards the opponent and deal high damage, and even pushes them back. It’s not homing, but does bounce off walls.
  • Twister
    • A super fast race car that has basically no armor.
    • Special Weapon: A spinning whirlwind that twirls opponents and spits them out, dealing moderate damage.
  • Warthog
    • An off-road assault vehicle that is fast, but has no armor.
    • Special Weapon: Three red, white, and blue homing missiles shoot out, and most will miss the target. It does moderate damage.
  • Axel
    • A two wheeled vehicle that has excellent handling with moderate speed and armor.
    • Special Weapon: A slightly homing missile gets shot out and if it hits, Axel will spin around shooting tons of missiles at the target it hit. It does decent damage.
  • Darkside (Jimmy Ash)
    • A massive truck with very high armor and good speed, but slow acceleration and handling.
    • Special Weapon: Ram into your opponents and deal massive damage. You can ram into them, pushing them ahead, and then put your breaks on and slam into them again, usually two or three times.
  • Mime
    • A small little black and white micro car, like a mime, which has awful armor, but good speed and handling.
    • Special Weapon: It copies the special weapon of the closest enemy.
  • Trapper
    • An army truck that is slow but has good armor.
    • Special Weapon: Shoots out a gigantic monkey that splits into multiple parts upon impact, ricocheting off walls. It can do significant damage if it hits enough times.
  • Piecemeal
    • A gigantic monster truck like vehicle that looks like a collection of various vehicles.
    • Special Weapon: Same as Mime, but instead of copying the closest vehicle, it randomly picks a vehicle each time a special is shot. It’s far more random than mime.

The bosses, Trapper and Piecemeal, are playable, but not in their boss forms. To play as them, here are the codes:

Play as Trapper (Boss):
80189BA4 0010

Play as Piecemeal (Boss):
80189BA4 0011

My favorite characters are Slam, Shadow, Spectre, Sweet Tooth, Axel, and Darkside.


Some of the colors are brighter and cheerier than other Twisted Metal games, and it’s clear that the vehicles are RC cars. The environments are all unique and is probably the best part of the game. Driving around in a kitchen, in a living room, and other places is actually really cool.

Sound / Music

The music is decent, with some remixes from prior Twisted Metal games. However, I’m not the biggest fan of it.

Game Info

Release Date: November 26, 2001
Platforms: PlayStation
Published: (updated: )

Vehicular Combat

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