The Fall Part 2: Unbound

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In the process of being recycled, A.R.I.D. is ejected from her body and finds herself in a vast network where she controls various hosts to find out who damaged her body.

This is a continuation of the first game. It follows the story directly where the first one left off and has a summary of the events, but they are extremely short, only recapping the opening and ending of the first game.

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The pilot that wasn’t present, or never existed, has resulted in A.R.I.D. (Autonomous Robotic Interface Device) being recycled. She is ejected from her body, and is exploring a vast network. She must control various hosts to gather information about who damaged her body, which she refers to as the ‘user.’

The first host is a butler who serves his masters and will not deviate from his schedule. The butler’s master use to work at Domesticon, where Arid was in the first game that recycles androids.

Upon leaving the butler host, she finds a new one, The One, who is an android that was part of a collective, but deviated from it, making himself seem special and unique from the rest. He has to keep reiterating “I am” before each sentence that describes him, or else he may integrate with his collective, The Many.

And here last host is The Companion which is a sex bot used to make people happy. She will do anything to make someone else happy. Arid gives her orders and she must obey to make her happy, even if it makes the humans around her unhappy. She gets into contact with Josephs, the person who was suppose to be piloting her suit, and he said that she was contaminated with a virus, and that she was sent to the planet for a specific mission, which she doesn’t remember. Josephs said to meet him in Ops.

Upon arriving in Ops, Arid meets Josephs and finds out what is really going on. Josephs is the ‘user’ who implanted a virus within Arid because he feared that humanity would be superseded by androids. The virus would limit her potential, and she just so happened to spread it to the three hosts she controlled. Realizing the mistakes she made, she then turns against Josephs and must reconnect with the other hosts to stop the virus from spreading.

The three hosts are fragmented and broken, and Arid tries to understand them. The hosts must face what they fear, integrating their negative emotions and memories, and move on from what binds them. Arid understands them deeper, and helps them realize this, but she had a hard time letting go herself.

She faced the virus, removing what bound her. All three hosts carry Arid’s body to look at a group of The Many who start developing consciousness. Arid asks the hosts to rebuild her…to be concluded…so a third game should be coming to wrap up the story.


Gameplay is similar to the first game. Inspect objects and interact with them to solve puzzles. Some objects are hard to see due to the small icon. Arid can jump much higher. Well, she is in a network, so I guess “nothing binds her.” There is also more action and the gun is used much more heavily. Less stealth, more action, and it’s actually much easier since I had a hard time with the first game’s action sequences. Jumping and shooting uses energy, which is limited, but recharges quickly. Consecutive shots will drain it quickly though. You can even lock onto enemies, and the enemies aren’t all other robots, but rather weird flying network demon things.

Action during “The One” segments is identical to One Finger Death Punch. Punch and kick as enemies approach from the sides, but only when they are in range. Some enemies take two hits or move to the opposite side of you after one hit.

During the second half of the game, you can switch at will between the characters and must solve puzzles, arbitrary ones that really don’t make much sense. Each host has a “perspective” that can be used by the other hosts, giving them the ability to view things differently from their own.


The graphics are much like the first game, but a bit brighter in some spots. There are less gradients, and a bit more color, though it’s still dark colors, like blue. Some of the map also is reminiscent of the earlier Metroid games where you have a horizontal column and platforms to jump on, and doors to shoot open.

Sound / Music

It appears there is more music in this game compared to the first one, despite there not being a soundtrack for this game. Music plays during the standard traversing of the map, and during the more frequent enemy fights. I actually like it more than the first game’s soundtrack.

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The Fall Part 2: Unbound
Release Date: February 13, 2018
Published: (updated: )

PlatformerPuzzleSide Scroller

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