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Tekken 2 is a fighting game where people from around the world compete in a martial arts tournament known as the Iron Fist. This time it's lead by Heihachi's son, Kazuya, after Kazuya made a deal with the Devil.

The very first Tekken game I owned and played when I was younger. This is a sequel to the first Tekken game. I had so much fun with my grandparents playing this game, and it was my introduction to the series. I played it for countless hours with my grandfather as he came up with many nicknames for the characters.

This game was played using the PlayStation emulator, DuckStation. The resolution has been increased with PGXP on. Widescreen will not work with this game since the background are 2D elements and will stretch. The arcade version was played in RetroArch using the Arcade core, MAME (current).

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Two years after Kazuya Mishima won the first King of the Iron Fists Tournament, his father, Heihachi Mishima went missing and Kazuya took over the Mishima Zaibatsu. He sets up another tournament, but has made a deal with the devil.

Each character has a different goal for wanting to win the tournament, and a different ending movie. Unlike the first game where only the main characters had a movie, all of the characters in this game have an ending movie, including the unlockable ones. In the game manual, there are character bios, but not all of them are present, nor are the others in the soundtrack booklet like the first game had them. But, in the game soundtrack is another character correlation chart (in Japanese).

There are a few new characters. The name of the character’s ending is in parentheses:

  • Jun Kazama (Purity) NEW
    • A woman who loves nature and is part of a wildlife protection organization. She senses something strange about Kazuya. Upon winning the tournament, she goes to a forest and spends time with her animal friends.
  • Yoshimitsu (The Rescue)
    • The leader of the Manji Group, which is a group of thieves. Kazuya abducted Dr. Bosconovitch, a scientist that saved Yoshimitsu’s life after he lost his sword arm in a failed raid. Upon winning the tournament, he rescues the doctor.
  • Nina Williams (Cemetery)
    • An assassin who was sent to kill Kazuya. However, she truly wishes to settle the battle against her sister, Anna. When she wins the tournament, she is seen putting flowers on her father’s grave. Anna then shows up and does the same as Nina walks off.
  • Marshall Law (Oops!)
    • A martial arts teacher who is participating because his students were attacked by a villain who will be in the tournament, Baek Doo San. When he wins, he is seen in his dojo with Paul Phoenix, trying to teach him a move, but Paul fails.
  • Heihachi Mishima (A Son’s Fall)
    • The head of the Mishima Zaibatsu and the man who started the first King of Iron Fist Tournament. He lost to his own son, Kazuya, and is now entering the tournament to reclaim what is his. Upon winning the tournament, he throws his son into a volcano.
  • Paul Phoenix (Hammer Fist)
    • A strong fighter who desires to be champion after losing last year’s tournament. Upon winning the tournament, he is seen driving his motorcycle and a huge rock blocks his path. He punches the rock and breaks it.
  • Jack-2 (Shut Down)
    • An upgraded version of Jack with a new computer chip that has the ability to learn from its mistakes. He wants to save his creator, Dr. Bosconovitch, from Kazuya and become more human. During a germ warfare mission, Jack finds a germ infected girl named Jane and escapes with her, defying his orders. Upon winning the tournament, he is seen playing with Jane while a satellite fires a laser and destroys him. 
  • King (Children)
    • As a Pro Wrestler, who also helps orphans, King participates in the tournament to raise money to help a local orphanage. Upon winning, he is seen outside an orphanage with gifts and the children come out and gather around him.
  • Michelle Chang (Pendant)
    • With the disappearance of her mother by Kazuya, Michelle enters the tournament to rescue her mother. She also has a pendant that Kazuya wants due to it being able to unlock a great treasure. Upon winning the tournament, Michelle tosses the pendant into a lake.
  • Lei Wulong (Sure Shot) NEW
    • The number one detective in the Hong Kong International Police Force who’s partner was killed by a mafia. The mafia is linked to Kazuya so Lei decides to enter the tournament and crush the organization. Upon winning the tournament, Lei is seen doing some target practice.
  • Wang Jinrei (Celebration)
    • An old friend of Heihachi Mishima’s father, Jinpachi, which is disappointed in the way that Heihachi and Kazuya have corrupted the Mishima Zaibatsu. Upon winning the tournament, he is seen pouring a drink on Jinpachi’s grave, and drinking some from a small cup.
  • Kunimitsu (The Sword)
    • A former member of the Manji Clan, which is led by Yoshimitsu, she learns that Yoshimitsu’s sword holds great power. She enters the tournament to claim the sword. Upon defeating Yoshimitsu, she takes his sword for herself.
  • Anna Williams (Shower)
    • Nina’s sister, Anna becomes the bodyguard for Kazuya, which is who Nina is out to assassinate. After winning the tournament, she is seen taking a shower while Nina sneaks in and takes a photo of her.
  • Baek Doo San (Memories) NEW
    • A master of Taekwondo, he killed his father when he was younger. Marshall Law knew about this and blackmailed him, which is why he attacked Marshall Law’s students and school. Upon winning the competition, he looks at a photo of his father, remembering the training he did with him, and finding peace within himself for killing him.
  • Lee Chaolan (Treachery)
    • The adopted son of Heihachi Mishima, Lee is forced to work for Kazuya, which Heihachi dislikes. But upon winning the tournament, he takes over the Mishima Zaibatsu.
  • Kuma (Paul Killer)
    • Heihachi Mishima’s pet who was trained solely by him lost the first tournament at the hands of Paul Phoenix. He enters the tournament to seek his revenge. Upon winning, him and Heihachi are training to become even stronger.
  • Prototype Jack (Loose Screw)
    • With the developments of Jack, P.Jack solicited Kazuya’s help to improve himself. Dr. Bosconovitch aided with this request, but the changes were only made to the outer shell. When he wins, he fly away as screws fall from his body, resulting in an explosion. 
  • Armor King (Locker Room)
    • As an underground wrestler, Armor King heard about the troubles King was in. As a concerned friend, he searched for King and convinced him to get back up on his feet. When he wins, he heads for the wrestling ring when his vision gets blurry, and blood drips from his wounded eye. But, he managed to make it to the ring.
  • Ganryu (Sumo)
    • Once a noble sumo wrester who was dishonorable discharge, Ganryu is now Kazuya’s body guard who wants to build his own sumo ring to impress his crush, Michelle Chang. He also wishes to regain his honorable sumo title. When he wins the tournament, he practices his sumo moves, in possibly his own sumo ring.
  • Bruce Irvin (The Kick) NEW
    • A kickboxing champion that was paid to lose a fight, but instead beat his opponent. He lost everything and a hitman was hired to take him out. Both the killer and the detective that was on the case (Lei Wulong’s partner) were killed in a plane crash. Bruce survived and Kazuya Mishima gave him a new job as bodyguard. When he wins the tournament, Bruce is practicing his kickboxing while kids watch.
  • Kazuya Mishima (Evil Smile)
    • The new CEO of the Mishima Zaibatsu after defeating his father, Heihachi Mishima in the first tournament. He impregnated Jun Kazama who could sense an evil within him. This evil is Devil. The Devil tries to shoot a laser and Heihachi blocks it. Kazuya then uses Heihachi as a shield and moves in on Devil, killing both his father and his dark half.
  • Angel (The Fallen Angel) NEW
    • The light side of Kazuya Mishima that exists because the dark side (Devil) exists, and because he met Jun Kazama (his good, caring side is showing through). She might try her best to be successful at taming the dark side.
  • Devil (Destruction) NEW
    • The dark side of Kazuya Mishima that offered him power in exchange for his soul so he can overpower his father, Heihachi. He was successful for a brief period, but Heihachi still won. However, Devil escaped Kazuya’s body and became his own form.
  • Alex (Leapin’ Alex) NEW
    • Using DNA from an ancient dinosaur, researchers working for Kazuya spliced the ancient DNA with kangaroos to create a powerful animal for military use, ideally stronger than Roger. Alex is later seen running around the mountains and finds a fossil of a dinosaur.
  • Roger (Wild Roger) NEW
    • Much like Alex, the kangaroo known as Roger was genetically enhanced for Kazuya’s military use. Roger is later seen with a group of kangaroos hopping around.


The gameplay is identical to the first game, a fighting game where you choose from a large cast of characters with different moves, and defeat your opponent. There are additional moves in this game. The controls are also more responsive and it’s quicker to get up from knocked down.

My personal favorite characters are Yoshimitsu, Nina Williams, Jack-2, Kunimitsu, Kuma, Prototype Jack, and Bruce Irvin.

There are many more game modes available compared to the first game. There is finally a practice mode to practice your skills, along with a command list that shows the character’s moves. Team battle is new. This mode allows you to create a team of up to eight characters and battle that amount of enemies as well. There is also time attack mode to fight as quickly as possible. And finally a survival mode to see how long you can last. Apparently in the Japanese version of the game, there was a theater mode to view the ending movies of each character by entering a password.


The stages look decent, but the character models are very blocky. It’s certainly an improvement over the first game, but still quite rough. Also for whatever reason, likely due to the emulation since I don’t think it happens on the original console, the polygons of the characters will begin to fly off into the distance for a split second. It’s very quick and happen more and more as time passes on the stage.

Sound / Music

There are some great tracks in this game. Much like the first Tekken, the music has both an arcade and arrange version for the PS1, and can be selected in options. While I preferred the arranged music in the first game, this one I actually like both the arcade and arrange music as both are solid.


Game Info

Tekken 2 (Cover)
Developer: Namco
Publisher: Namco
Release Date: June 21, 1995
Platforms: Arcade, PlayStation
Published: (updated: )


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