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Tekken is a fight game where fighters compete in a worldwide martial arts tournament known as the Iron Fist.

Tekken is one of the longest running series that I’ve played through almost all the games. It was also one of the first games on the PlayStation, except I never actually played the first game. This was my first time, and it was quite rough. The characters, moves, clunkiness – really different from the future games. However, it was still enjoyable. This game was also highly popular on the arcade, which I’ve never played. The arcade version of the game has some differences, including different music and sound effects, slightly different graphics, and the inability to play as boss characters. It also features character select animations.

This game was played using the PlayStation emulator, DuckStation. I increased the resolution with PGXP on. I decided against widescreen because the only 3D elements eligible for widescreen were the character models. All the backgrounds are rendered as 2D elements and thus stretch instead of provide a true 16:9 aspect ratio. The arcade version was played in RetroArch using the Arcade core, MAME (current).

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The worldwide martial arts tournament known as the Iron Fist is nearing the final and a large sum on money will be awarded to the winner who can defeat the organizer, Heihachi Mishima. There are eight fighters left and they will be awarded the title, “The King of the Iron Fists” in addition to the prize money.

Each main character (8) has a different story video after completing the game with them, the others do not. The remaining character’s info was found in the booklet for the Japanese soundtrack. There is even a character correlation chart (in Japanese).

The name of the character’s ending is in parentheses:

  • Yoshimitsu (Robin Hood)
    • A ninja from space and head of the Manji Group that steals from dishonest people and gives to the poor. After winning the tournament, he disperses the money to a small poor village.
  • Nina Williams (High Heels)
    • An assassin who learned from her father at a young age. She entered the tournament to assassinate Heihachi Mishima. After she wins, there is a fight between her and her sister, Anna, over a red shoe Nina stole.
  • Marshall Law (The Master)
    • A Chinese martial arts master who also works at a Chinatown restaurant in San Francisco. He wants to be world famous, and after winning the tournament, he opens up his own studio.
  • Kazuya Mishima (A Father’s Fall)
    • His father threw him off a cliff when he was five to test his strength to see if he is fit to lead the Mishima Zaibatsu. When he got older, he competes in the tournament and upon defeating his father, throws him off the same cliff and becomes the owner of the Mishima Zaibatsu.
  • Paul Phoenix (Burning Heart)
    • An American who knows martial arts that took place in the tournament to face against stronger opponents. After winning the tournament, he continues to practice to become stronger.
  • Jack (Mass-Production)
    • A military machine created by the Soviet Union. The Russian military enters him in the tournament to get rid of Kazuya Mishima to stop his world coup d’état. After winning the tournament, he is cloned en masse.
  • King (Church)
    • A masked wrestler who likes taking care of orphans. He enters the tournament to acquire the funds necessary to start his own orphanage. After winning the tournament, he does just that and the kids are happy to see him.
  • Michelle Chang (Mother)
    • The daughter of a Native American woman and Hong Kong man. Heihachi’s men later killed her father and now she is seeking revenge. After defeating Heihachi, she goes back to see her mother.
  • Ganryu
    • The strongest sumo wrestler in the sumo world. He was not promoted due to unacceptable conduct. Thus, he left the sumo world to venture into a new one quite the opposite.
  • Anna Williams
    • The younger sister of Nina Williams by three years. Their father taught them assassin techniques, but mostly showed love towards Nina because Anna wanted an ordinary life. She became resentful of her father due to the favoritism he showed toward Nina.
  • Wang Jinrei
    • An old man who is a practitioner of Shinirokugo-ken. He is also an overseas Chinese merchant. He was friends with Kazuya’s deceased grandfather, Jinpachi Mishima. He doesn’t feel comfortable with Heihachi’s conduct.
  • Lee Chaolan
    • Heihachi’s adopted son and Kazuya’s rival. He followed the same teachings. as Kazuya and he is a master of martial arts. In the underground world of fighting, he is known as the “Silver Haired Devil.”
  • Kuma
    • Heihachi’s pet and watchdog (or watchbear). He enjoys human flesh who was trained in the art of fighting and Heihachi’s sparring partner.
  • Prototype Jack
    • The experimental version of Jack. Eventhough his balance is off, his power exceeds Jack. Heihachi entered him in the tournament to destroy Jack.
  • Armor King
    • The rival of King who got his eye crushed by King. Due to Armor King’s handicap, he lost the championship to King who became a star. He entered the tournament to destroy King and take back control in the professional wrestling world.
  • Kunimitsu
    • A member of the Manji Group who stole for his own self-interest. He was expelled by the leader, Yoshimitsu, but continued to steal. He entered the tournament to steal the treasure that Heihachi stole from the Native Americans.
  • Heihachi Mishima
    • The head of the Mishima Zaibatsu, the world’s largest developer of military equipment, and organizer of the tournament. He is the father of Kazuya. He started the tournament to find the strongest soldiers for his own use.

Devil Kazuya also makes an appearance by completing all eight stages of the Galaga mini-game with a perfect score. Then when selecting him, press ‘start.’


A fighting game with a unique move set for each character. There are a total of 17 characters, each with different moves, combos, and special moves. These moves are not in the manual, with the exception of a few, and there is no way to know the moves in game. Each character has a few throw moves, as well as unblockable special moves.

My personal favorite characters are Yoshimitsu, Nina Williams, and Jack, (and apparently Paul and Ganryu because of how quickly I got through the game as him).

Blocking can be done by moving away from the opponent. However, to block attacks on the lower half of the body, the player needs to crouch and move away. 

The controller can be configured in a way to use the top buttons as well, and even combine the keys together to more easily perform combs. 

The only game modes available are one and two player modes. It is mostly barebones compared to future games.

There are also a variety of stages to play on:

  • King George Island (British Antarctic Territory)
  • Angkor Wat (Cambodia)
  • Szechwan (China)
  • Fiji (Fiji)
  • Windermere (United Kingdom)
  • Acropolis (Greece)
  • Venezia (Italy)
  • Chiba Marine Stadium (Japan)
  • Kyoto (Japan)
  • Chicago (United States)
  • Monument Valley (United States)


The character models are pretty rough, especially during the cutscenes and character select screen. For one of the first PS1 games, it’s probably pretty good, but when comparing it to Tekken 2 and 3, they are not so great looking. The stages are pretty good looking.

Sound / Music

The music in Tekken games is always very good. This one has Red Book CD audio, meaning it can be played in a CD player from track 2 onward. Each stage has a unique track. There are multiple soundtracks for the game, but they are for the arcade version which has different music.


Game Info

Tekken (Cover)
Developer: Namco
Publisher: Namco
Release Date: September 21, 1994
Platforms: Arcade, PlayStation
Published: (updated: )


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