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Help Baloo and Kit collect cargo from around the world to win the city competition.

Based off the Disney cartoon, which I never saw, TaleSpin is a Sega Genesis game I had as a kid that was too difficult for me to complete. I tried many times, but didn’t have a password system, and when all my lives were out, it was game over.

This game was played in RetroArch using the Genesis Plus GX core.

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Baloo and Kit from Higher for Hire delivery service enter a contest from the city where they could be rewarded a life time contract for their excellent and speedy delivery. They must travel across the world collecting cargo for the city’s contest. Locations include The Jungle, The Lost City, Italy, Greece, Egypt, India, New York, San Francisco, Pirate’s Cave, and an Encounter with the Iron Claw. Their rival, Shere Khan, goes first and manages to complete the competition in 7 days. Now Baloo and Kit must beat this time if they want the prize.


Control Baloo or Kit, two bears that control similarly, but have some slight differences. Baloo has a paddle ball attack that is short range and does more damage than Kit’s slingshot that can fire further. Kit can jump higher and squeeze into smaller spaces.

The main objective of each level is to collect 10 cargo crates, then go to the customs office to process them, but there is a boss that will try to stop you. Bosses include Gibber, Mad Dog, Dumptruck, and Don Karnage. After defeating the boss, there is a flying level on the Sea Duck to get to the next country. When playing as Kit, he is outside the plane during these levels hitting enemies with his slingshot, which is harder than flying the plane when playing as Baloo.

In each level, there are various items such as a speed limit sign that increases your speed, an ice cream cone that freezes the enemies, lucky penny that makes you invulnerable, stars for an extra life, burgers to replenish health, and a clock that turns back the time.


The graphics aren’t all that impressive. Everything is dark and faded. Nothing really stands out as interesting. The enemies also. aren’t all that unique, nor are the locations. Most of which don’t even look like what they are trying to represent.

Sound / Music

The music is lackluster, sounding quiet and muffled. Unlike other Sega Genesis games where it sounds like the music was developed on the hardware, this one sounds like it was exported to the console, leaving some robust sounds behind. I do like the boss them, however.

Game Info

TaleSpin (Cover)
Developer: Sega
Publisher: Sega
Release Date: November 1, 1992

PlatformerSide Scroller

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