Swords & Soldiers II: Shawarmageddon

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Play as the Vikings, Persians, or Demons in this strategy game to get treasure and shawarma.

This is the sequel to Swords & Soldiers. It was actually initially released on May 21, 2015, under the title Swords & Soldiers II. However, it was later re-released in 2018 for more consoles with the subtitle Shawarmageddon. Not sure about you, but shawarma really gasses up my spaghetti house.

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Brokenbeard narrates the story of a mysterious lamp found in a cave and guarded by the Persians. The Vikings acquire this magic lamp. Redbeard is the leader of the Vikings, and often has to go up against his rival, Blackbeard. The Persians also manage to capture Helga from the Vikings and they have to rescue her. Upon doing so, they celebrate with some shawarma. However, Al’Yucaneet, a Persian who is friends with Redbeard and the Vikings, had his sheep stolen and the Vikings could no longer have shawarma.

As it turns out, the sheep were stolen by Blackbeard, which is Redbeard’s rival. He stole the sheep and traded it for the magic lamp that Redbeard gave his gramps. On his pursuit to get the lamp, Redbeard befriends the Persians (mostly through bribery), and even Sir Loyn, a demon. When finally confronting Blackbeard, it turns out he traded the lamp to Al’Beard in exchange for riches.

Al’Beard, the Persian, was now the owner of the lamp and Redbeard sought to have it due to the contents finally being revealed to him – a magic genie that can use many spells at once. After Redbeard defeated Al’Beard, the lamp was finally in his possession. Al’Yucaneet had a look at the lamp, and ended up stealing it and going to the Netherworld where the demons are.

In the Netherworld, Al’Yucaneet was working with Miss Chief to make shawarma, while she would put her hot sauce on it to control everyone who ate it. Unfortunately for them, the genie lamp is stuck in a rock, and Redbeard’s army manages to free the genie before Miss Chief’s army could. With the help of the genie, Redbeard defeats Miss Chief and frees the world of her evil.


The game plays much like the first one. You build units to gather gold, and with enough gold you can bring out units. Mana also exists where you can cast a variety of spells. There are new towers that help you generate mana quicker, in addition to a super powerful unit you can deploy that goes slow, but has incredible defense and a special ability. There can be only one of these units out at a time. For instance, the Vikings have Helga who can sing and make all units within range attack quicker.

Units among factions can be mixed and matched as well. When you have Persians and Vikings working together, you can use both units. Also, each faction has a super powerful mana unit that does massive damage across the entire field.

The game also features native controller support, which the first game didn’t offer. It’s relatively easy to bring out troops and use mana, and even scroll from the left to right side all with the controller.

There are 15 stages during the main campaign, but several free battles and bonus stages, increasing it to 30 stages. Each stage has a main objective, in addition to a bonus objective, and a timed challenge. Completing each one will grant you a medal for that stage. Since there are 30 stages, there are a total of 90 medals that can be obtained.

There is also custom matches that can be done locally or via AI, where parameters can be customized, such as starting gold and mana, in addition to the level. There is an online mode, but I could not connect with anyone to play a match.


While it’s just cartoon looking graphics, they look quite amazing. The lighting and shaders applied to the game really bring out a great looking atmosphere. The backgrounds are very detailed and the sprites look crisp and sharp.

Sound / Music

Unfortunately the gold diggers no longer say, “I love gold.” But, there are some other hilarious lines such as “My hammer puts all the boys in the yard,” and “Ow my beard.” The music isn’t too memorable, but fits the game with the classical sound that fits the faction you are playing as, and the environment you are battling in.


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Swords & Soldiers II: Shawarmageddon
Developer: Ronimo Games
Publisher: Ronimo Games
Release Date: November 6, 2018
Published: (updated: )

Side ScrollerStrategy

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