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James Sunderland receives a letter from his dead wife, Mary, telling him to meet her in Silent Hill at their special place.

I never owned this game back in the day, but if I did, I’d say this would probably be my favorite over Silent Hill 3. Though, it would be very close. It’s also unrelated to the story of the first and third game. What I like about this one the most is the story and psychological games it plays on you. But, Silent Hill 3 certainly has creepier enemies and environments over this game.

I’m playing the PC version with the Enhanced Edition Mod, which adds a ton of features, such as:

  • HD resolutions (with widescreen)
  • 60fps
  • Upscaled fonts, videos, and images
  • A lot more

I also have the noise filter turned on like I did for Silent Hill 3.

I also recommend checking out the playthrough by supergreatfriend.

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James Sunderland heads to Silent Hill after receiving a letter from his dead wife, Mary. She told him to meet her at their “special place,” but James is confused as to what she means since the whole town was special to them. Mary died due to an mysterious illness and the doctors couldn’t save her.

He meets Angela, a strange woman hanging out in the graveyard, telling him that there is something wrong with the town. Eddie, a man hanging over a toilet, barfing, claiming he didn’t kill anyone. Laura, who knows Mary since they were patients in the same hospital, and Mary treated her like her own daughter. And lastly, Maria who looks almost identical to Mary, but wears different clothing, and has the opposite personality.

Maria tags along with James as they track down Laura in the nearby Brookhaven Hospital. However, Maria gets sick and has to rest for a bit, while Laura locks James in a room as the hospital turns into the “otherworld” version, a darker, crustier, and more ominous version of the hospital. Maria finds James and is upset that he just left her there, that she could’ve died, and that they must find Laura as she really cares for her, claiming to have never met her. However, an enemy that James has been seeing on his journey, Pyramid Head, finds them and kills Maria. James is all alone and sees Laura escaping the hospital.

James makes his way to the Historical Society, but he keeps going further and further down. He sees Maria in a cell, but she claims she never died, asking him if he remembers the tape they made in the hotel. The tape him and Mary made, not Maria. James’ mind keeps playing tricks on him. When he finally gets to Maria, she is dead.

He comes across Angela and Eddie again in the labyrinth. Angela is struggling with the memories of what her father did to her when she was young, and Eddie killed multiple people because he feels insecure about himself and others making fun of him. Unfortunately, James has to put an end to Eddie by killing him.

James finally makes it outside and heads for the Lakeview Hotel where he finds the tape that Mary and him made together. Upon viewing it, he remembers what really happened, that he killed his wife and has been looking for her ever since, blocking out the memories of him killing her. Yet, Mary’s voice continues to call for him.

He continues forward, seeing Angela on a burning staircase as she wants to die. Then sees Maria being killed again by two Pyramid Heads. It’s very clear at this point that James has deep regret about killing his wife as he keeps seeing someone that looks just like her die before his eyes multiple times.

As James continues on, he remembers a conversation between him and Mary where she wishes she was dead due to the health problems she’s having. She is having a meltdown since she both wants James and doesn’t want him at the same time. He then finally sees Mary.

There are a total of six endings in the game! Three are normal endings that you’re able to get the first time playing, while the other three require a previous playthrough and more effort. Getting the three main endings can be quite difficult since the criteria is very specific. More info can be found on Silent Hill Memories and GitHub.

Mary is by the window and claims that Mary is dead and James killed her. But, it’s actually Maria who looks even more like Mary. James says he’s done with her and she gets angry, saying he needs to die. He kills Maria this time. James is then by Mary’s bedside when she was still alive, but slowly dying. He apologizes for killing her, saying that he didn’t want her to suffer, but also admitted to hating her for taking away his life. She asks him to go on with his life. He and Laura are then seen in a graveyard leaving Silent Hill behind.

Mary is sitting on a bed and says she’s been waiting, but is upset that James killed her. He admits to having some hatred towards her for how she negatively changed his life. Mary becomes hostile and is angry that he favors Maria over her. After he kills this version of Mary, him and Maria are in Silent Hill and he realizes that Mary is gone and that it was all in his head. He wants to be with Maria instead and the two of them head off, but Maria coughs, implying that maybe she has the same illness as Mary.

In Water
Mary is by the window and claims that Mary is dead and James killed her. But, it’s actually Maria who looks even more like Mary. James says he’s done with her and she gets upset and desperate. He kills Maria this time. James is then by Mary’s bedside when she was still alive, but slowly dying. He apologizes for killing her, saying that he didn’t want her to suffer, but also admitted to hating her for taking away his life. He realizes that life isn’t worth living without Mary and the constant guilt he has, so he picks up Mary’s dead body drives both of them into the water, which kills him.

You must complete the game at least once and then replay and collect four items. By doing so and defeating the final boss, you’ll get this ending. Mary is by the window and James immediately recognizes her as Maria, saying he’s done with her. She gets upset, but James kills her. He takes Mary’s dead body to an island on Toluca Lake to perform a ritual to bring her back since he cannot live without her.

After completing the main game and sub scenario, Born From a Wish, you can pickup the blue gem in the bathroom at the beginning of the game. By using it in three spots, James will see UFOs flying above him. He then sees aliens and Harry Mason from the first Silent Hill game (who was also abducted). Harry asks James if he’s seen his daughter, Cheryl. James then asks Harry if he’s seen his wife, which then the aliens zap him with their laser, abducting another victim.

After getting the three normal endings (Leave, Maria, In Water), or just the Rebirth ending, you can pickup a dog key from a doghouse. After James watches the tape in the hotel, he can use the key to enter the Observation Room where he finds out the truth of who’s been running the show. A dog named Mira! The credits music and videos that play are absolutely hilarious.

(I used saves from Silent Hill Memories to show off some of the endings and give me a completed save. The 10 star rank save is not accurate on the site.)

Born From a Wish

There is a sub scenario where you play as Maria, called Born From a Wish. It takes place prior to the main game, right before she meets James at Rosewater Park. She expresses her deep concern for being alone and feeling pain.

She makes her way to a Mansion and finds a corpse out front. The home is owned by Ernest Baldwin with his late daughter, Amy. She hears the voice of Amy, telling her to give her father a birthday card. Upon doing so, Ernest reminisces over Amy and how long it’s been since she died. She died by falling out the window ten years prior. He is also surprised that Maria can hear him, maybe implying that he is also dead. He won’t let her see him.

He wants her to go to the neighboring apartment and find a white liquid to perform a ritual to bring Amy back from the dead. After she gives him the liquid, he says that it was the only item he couldn’t get to perform the ritual. He tells her that the Gods of the town are alive and well, and that she should feel it since she was born here. He warns her about James. Saying, “Maria, you’re…” before Maria cuts him off saying he doesn’t know anything. Maybe Maria is the reincarnation of James’ dead wife, Mary, and the resurrection ritual was performed on her, hence the name, “Born From a Wish.”

She checks the door that Earnest was hiding behind, to find no one. He likely was the corpse out front. She leaves the mansion and puts a gun to her head, but cannot bring herself to pull the trigger, and throws it away. She then makes her way to Rosewater park to meet James.


This is a horror game where you control James from a third person perspective. The camera can change position at times, but you can put the camera behind him most of the time. James starts out without any weapons, but will quickly find some when enemies start to appear. You can use melee weapons or ranged guns. You can move during combat, depending on the weapons you’re using. Enemies also respawn depending on the difficulty you choose. I don’t recall this being a thing in other Silent Hill games, and it gets quite annoying.

Playing on hard difficulty, James will bump into walls which stalls him a bit. There are some puzzles, but nothing too difficult unless playing on harder riddle levels, which the puzzles can get quite complex and difficult to decipher. There is also an extra riddle level where the puzzles get even harder. The only way to access extra riddle level is to complete the game on all riddle levels, and then choose action level and riddle level hard and it will alternate each playthrough between hard and extra.

There are a few bonus weapons, such as a chainsaw and Hyper Spray, but both can be difficult to use. The best option is to use guns with the bullet modifier to pick up 3x the number of bullets. This is especially useful on harder difficulty levels since the enemies and bosses are very hard and take many hits to defeat.

Playing as Maria is about the same as James, but she seems to run a bit slower. She has two weapons, a revolver and a meat cleaver. The cleaver doesn’t do much damage so it’s best to use the revolver.


It’s a big step up from the first game since it went from PS1 to PS2 which allowed for much scarier monsters and environments. There is intense fog in the town. The noise effect dims the contrast a bit, making it appear muddier and more distorted. Overall, it’s a dark game, so don’t expect any bright colors. Even the pre-rendered cutscenes are dark.

Sound / Music

The soundscape is horrifying and really makes the atmosphere of the game. It will make you scared of things that aren’t there. The music is creepy, and will play psychological games on you, since some of it sounds like noises.


Game Info

Developer: Team Silent
Publisher: Konami
Release Date: September 25, 2001
Published: (updated: )

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