Samurai Jack: The Amulet of Time

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Samurai Jack has been sent into a twisted future by Aku, and it's up to him to find the missing parts of the Amulet of Time to return to the past and defeat Aku.

I liked the show back in the day, thought it was a bit creepy for me and I don’t remember much. But, I really liked this game back in the day. I ended up completing it 100% and it didn’t take me long to do so.

This game was played using the Game Boy Advance emulatorĀ mGBA, inĀ RetroArch.

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Aku has sent Samurai Jack into the future were the world is corrupt and twisted. Jack must find the missing pieces of the Amulet of Time to return back to the past and defeat Aku. Jack travels to a castle, fire mines, ice temple, and Neo-Retro-Tokyo to gather the Earth, fire, ice, and wind gems. With all of them collected, he seeks the help of a scientist in Neo-Retro-Tokyo who finds alien writing on the amulet, likely on how to use it. He tells Jack to go to Aku’s city and find his friend who can read it. However, his friend says Jack has to be in a specific location for the amulet to work. This location is at the top of Aku’s private tower.

Jack heads straight there, thinking it could be a trap. He faces off against Aku and defeats him. However, Aku does one final strike against Jack, activating the amulet and sending Jack back to the past, where he began his journey. This time, however, the amulet is missing…


This is a 2D adventure game where you control Jack, fight enemies, pickup power-ups and abilities, and make progress on an open world map that slowly becomes more accessible to you as he gets new skills. There is some backtracking, but it’s not bad since once you clear an area, it’s easier to move straight through it due to shortcut passages that open up. It’s only when you’re going for 100% map completion is when backtracking can be annoying. Once you get to a certain point in the game, you’ll meet the Canine Archaeologists who can open passages to allow for fast travel to various parts of the map. Getting to some of these locations can be a chore, so some of them are useless. Also, there are no important warps in the main town area.

Jack has various stats, such as health, which will drop as enemies attack him. Special which drains as he uses special abilities, but will slowly replenish over time. And various elemental attack and defense stats, such as mech, earth, wind, fire, ice, shadow, and light, which will do more damage to enemies if the attack is high and less damage to Jack if his defense is high…or so it should. Sometimes the damage increase/decrease seems so minor that you wonder if it’s even doing anything.

There are various items in the game that can heal Jack, both his HP and special, but some can even give him a permanent stat boost. There is also plenty of equipment he can wear that give various stats. If you collect at least two of an equipment, you can go back to the training area to turn them in for something more powerful. Also some nice features is a map to view areas you’ve been and haven’t been yet, and a mission log to see what missions you still have to do. There are also save journals in various locations on the map that will refill your health and special meter when you stand in front of it.

Attacking enemies can be done in all directions. Just keep pressing the button, or hold it down, and he does endless combos, and if an enemy comes from behind, hold the direction button facing the other way and he’ll stab the sword behind him and turn around, all while standing in position. It’s really good when taking out swarms of enemies that approach from all sides. He can attack upwards too by pressing the button in the direction. Jack can also guard to block damage.

Jack will acquire various items, such as a bow and hammer, which he can use for combat, which is not a good idea, or for the intended purpose of opening up passages. Using these items will deplete his special meter. He also gets powered up by the gems he finds for the Amulet of Time. He can find the Earth, fire, ice, and wind gems that will allow him to charge up his sword and perform a ground attack (to open up loose passages on the ground), a fire attack (to melt ice blocks), an ice attack (to freeze water), and tornado attack to puch back enemies. They all use special and are basically useless in combat since it takes too long to charge them.

Enemies vary from spiders, weird clown things, robots, and ninjas. Combat is very repetitive since enemies respawn when you leave and re-enter a screen. There are a few bosses in the game as well, including a secret one, the Scotsman, who only appears on a bridge during a second playthrough.

Once you complete the game, you can restart with your health, items, and equipment. You can keep doing this to eventually max out your stats. The only real change is that it’s much easier on a second run.


The graphics are not the most impressive for the Game Boy Advance. Some of the colors are a bit muted, bland, and repetitive. But, some of the environments, such as the village ice temple, and Tokyo, look really good and detailed.

Sound / Music

“Gotta get back, back to the past, Samurai Jack.” Yes, the iconic Samurai Jack theme song is featured on the title screen. That’s the best track. The other music is decent and fitting for the game, even being a bit catchy at times.

Game Info

Samurai Jack: The Amulet of Time (Cover)
Developer: Virtucraft Studios
Publisher: BAM! Entertainment
Release Date: March 25, 2003
Platforms: Game Boy Advance
Published: (updated: )


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