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Gaia is a world run by the elite that conspire to undermine the health and wellbeing of the world and its inhabitants. You've come here for a specific purpose, but you forget what it is. It is time for you to remember why you came to Gaia.

I first heard about this game through Jeff Berwick of the Dollar Vigilante. I follow him on Odysee and he mentioned this game and is actually in it, along with many others that I’m not familiar with. I checked out the game and bought it, but didn’t know too much about it outside the screenshots and trailer videos. It’s not a well known game, and there really aren’t any playthroughs of it, so I wanted to play it and see what it’s all about.

There are many funny references in the game, most of which are obscure. If you really know what’s going on, then you get the references. There is even an amazing TV to watch the mainstream media, and it’s filled with the most brain damaging content you could ever imagine!

By mid-August 2023, the website for the game was no longer active. But you can view an archive version of the website on the Wayback Machine (the link goes to the Red Pill page as the game recommends at the end).

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Gaia is a world run by Kings, elite Peadovores, Banksters and Corporacrats who conspire to undermine the health and wellbeing of the world and its inhabitants. The age of Yuga ended in 2030 with the joining of three kingdoms, Rockefeller, Rothchild, and Fawkes. Kali 1 was the first year of the new Empire now under a one world government. They turn their attention to Gaia, which lived outside the Imperial system. By Kali 53, an underground Rebellion movement started because many were becoming aware of the dark side of the global Empire. General Berwick united all Gaian’s into the Rebellion force. In Kali 67 it was time for the global uprising. The Empire was in retreat as the uprising was unstoppable. However, a novel sickness, Rona sickness, suddenly swept across Gaia, making it impossible to fight. The Empire rapidly created a cure and distributed to their armies first. Berwick was suspicious of the timing of these events. The Rebellion went back underground and the Empire started to take control again. Berwick knows that if it wasn’t for the Rona, the Rebellion would’ve been victorious, and is hoping that the Rebellion will resurface to free Gaia from the Empire.

You wake up in the flaming ashes of a crashed Vimana, you are the only survivor of the wreck, now suffering from amnesia. The Vimana was sabotaged by an unknown force. Upon waking, you meet a young man named Ruby and your memories start to come back. Your name is Dandix and you were sent here for a specific reason and must find General Berwick, the man who started the Uprising of 67. The Imperial Guards sense there was a survivor and will stop at nothing to make sure you’re not successful with your mission.

Dandix meets a mysterious man named Ole who knows General Berwick very well. Ole says that Dandix was made from that which is not natural, was raised by the dark, but serves the light. Later, Dandix and Rudy meet a woman named Lucy who works for Jay, a man Dandix and Rudy are looking for. They help save Lucy’s brother, Sig, who was held captive, and he helps them all escape when guards are after them. Prior to know that Lucy and Sig were related, Rudy felt he needed to compete for Lucy’s heart, as he is romantically interested in her.

The three others are all orphans from the war long ago, and maybe Dandix is as well, but he starts to contemplate his intentions and if he’s really a sky person, which are directly linked to the Empire. The person behind the scenes of all of it is Archon. But, since Dandix lost his memory, he doesn’t remember any of it. The truth is that Dandix is actually a MK-ULTRA sleeper agent from the sky people, and Lord Archon, sent to kill Berwick and return to home base with the intel he’s gathered. But, will only remember his mission once within the base or upon seeing Berwick.

They all go visit Ole who needs to unseal a teleportation scroll for them to travel to Vanguard to see Jay. He mentioned that all four of them are linked like a chain in this cycle, meeting earlier this cycle, and hope it will be the last time.┬áHe also tells them about “The Watchers” or observers of the world that only they can see. He refuses to say anything further as if they knew the truth, then they wouldn’t exist.

They meet Jay and tell him everything. So, Jay heads for the main Rebel base to tell Berwick, and is gone for a few days. Upon coming back, he has a plan to save the children from the local church. The group stake out the place and find the Peadovores sacrificing children and drinking their blood or adrenochrome. But, the real culprit is Count Ghislaine in her castle on Epstein Island. The group travels there to save more kids. However, a gate controlled by Zion is preventing them from saving the remaining children.

Upon getting to the underground base on Epstein Island, Dandix finds a terminal that connects him with the sky people. They refer to him as Ultra Particpant 108 and ask for a status update. Dandix replies that phase three is complete and target alpha is in progress. After the conversation, he snaps out of it, not remembering what he just did. He then uses a teleporter to go to Zion where the sky people are. An android gives him a blue pill that will allow him to recover his lost memory, and a wrist band that’s used as a tracking device and a way for him to contact Zion. He heads back down to his friends. They claim he’s a spy, but plan on using that to their advantage to trick the sky people. They save the remaining kids from the island and return to Jay, who also agrees and says to keep this plan from Dandix.

However, Ole shows them a vision of the truth, which is that Dandix is the one, along with another mysterious force, that sabotaged the Vimana. He was forced to take memory wipe pills, but upon seeing the MK-ULTRA programming he was under, the programming leaves his mind and he regains his memory, knowing he’s not actually a sky person, but an orphan like the others. They go and tell Jay which sends them to the Rebel base to meet up with General Berwick. Berwick shows them the book, “How Berwick Won the Uprising of 67.” In this book, it details how the Rebellion will win against the Empire, and said the four orphans are key to the success of the Rebellion. Berwick gave the book to them so they could travel back in time and give it to his younger self.

They set out to form an attack on the Empire, starting with Westminster Castle. After sneaking in, Dandix diverts the sky people to Fawkes City, so the rebellion can destroy Westminster. Some of the sky people suspect this is a diversion, primarily Malik and Revan (the right hand men of Lord Archon), and head for Westminster before it’s destroyed, confronting Dandix and realizing he no longer has his programming. During this time, the Sky people take King Guyu, the king of Westminster. He says the Watchers turned him to the truth. Lord Archon sends him into a parallel dimension.

After the castle is destroyed, they head for Fawkes City to let the people know they are free and to join the rebellion. However, time freezes when they are there and the Watchers come out and speak with them. Their names are Rithm and Algo and they help them escape the city as the sky people send a bomb to destroy Fawkes City, killing many of the rebels, and then blaming it on the rebels. With the rebels’ reputation tarnished, they head for Liberland and meet up with Max the Igan who indicates his people may help the rebels by joining their army. They also discuss the watchers. and Max indicates they follow their master, Solomon, which some say is an ancient god or demon, depending on who you ask. The people of Cydonia say Solomon is a demon and the Watchers are traitors. In ancient times, the Cydonians had seven arks filled with all life forms to repopulate the planet in case of a great cataclysm. However, a demon attacked and sealed them and their king, Ddewiswyd, inside Vault 7. The Cydonias have locked the demon away in the desert away to protect Gaia.

The gang then heads to Richford and finds a fellow rebel to help them with their mission of infiltrating the Bilderberger Awards and shutting it down. Dandix puts on a successful disguise and manages to sneak in. He destroys the place and escapes, while at the same time Berwick is meeting with the people of Liberland to help them join the Rebellion. The Watchers make an appearance and give Berwick intel that the Sky People only had one super weapon, and it was used to destroy Fawkes, thus they no longer are a threat.

The gang head to the Rebel base to tell Berwick that the mission was successful, but someone from Dandix’s past shows up, Sophia, whom he shared a special bond with, but were separated because they were in different parts of the sky people’s army.

A scientist performs a genealogy test on the four kids and determine that they are all siblings of the Ancients, who died 10,000 years ago. Dandix in particular has a unique code in his genes that can activate the Syamantaka warrior, a powerful living mech, and lead the army. During their travel, they find the lost ark, Vault 7. The watchers quickly notify Soloman that the Ddewiswyd group made it through the Knights of Cydonia. They hide in the lower levels as the group explore the upper levels. They find dead ancients in pods, and find themselves. They are clones of ancients, not time travelers.

The Watchers then head for Zion and inform Lord Archon that the Rebels are close to uncovering the Syamantaka and that their next location is within the Kayapo forest. The Sky people send their army to Kayapo. When the Rebels reach Kayapo, the villagers insist Dandix is the chosen one, and even have statues of him. Dandix is Ddewiswyd and opens the Temple of the Sun and acquires the Syamantaka Blade. However, the Sky people make their attack, but the blade Dandix wields is so strong that it can take down anything.

The Rebels and Sky people head for Dwarka where the Syamantaka rests, while a war is breaking out. General Berwick commands the Rebellion, as they hold back the Empire as long as they can until Dandix can awaken the Syamantaka army. He is successful at awakening them and they help with the battle on Gaia. The group also heads to Zion with the army. However, Dandix says he has a feeling to return to Gaia while the other three stay and fight on Zion.

The Watchers take Dandix to Vault 7 where Solomon awaits. Solomon is an ancient computer and was built in the time of the ancients, 11,500 years ago. The ancients were in a battle against the Archons, so the computer was built to help win that battle, which it did. Solomon also says Lord Archon is a relic of the ancient times. And admitted to destroying the Ancients. He zaps Dandix with electricity and takes the Syamantaka blade and the Uprising of 67 to perform a ritual to become the supreme ruler. Solomon laid dormant there for a long time until 33 years prior, Gaia moved through a nexus of energy and the system was turned on by General Berwick. At the very beginning of the game it showed Berwick and Ole turning on the system. Since then Solomon has been repeating cycles to build the Watchers and have the perfect plan in place. He orchestrated every event in Dandix’s life to make sure things went smoothly.

Solomon orders the Syamantaka army to turn on the Rebels as they begin to attack both sides. Rudy, Lucy, and Sig manage to escape the army and head to Lord Archon. However, he plans on crashing Zion into Gaia, destroying the whole planet. The ancient that Solomon cloned Dandix from, Ddewiswyd, build a failsafe into Vault 7 that when Solomon would upload his consciousness outside the vault a mech so powerful would come and destroy Solomon. He says to Dandix that if he destroys the mech, he will upload his consciousness into Zion and stop the collision with Gaia. But, if he doesn’t, the cycle will repeat once more.

Dandix makes the tough choice the kill the mech, but he’s met with a quick death as Solomon immediately kills Dandix. However, before things could progress, Ole comes in and stops him from transferring his consciousness to Zion, which Solomon wasn’t expecting. Ole resurrects Dandix and gives him a self destruct sequence to destruct Zion. Ole sacrifices himself so that Dandix and the Rebels could succeed.

Dandix heads to Zion and activates the self destruct sequence and the group kill Lord Archon. Zion blows up, and the Rebels assume the Dandix, Rudy, Lucy, and Sig were all blown up with it. But, they managed to escape in time and join up with the Rebels. They plan on building a new world after defeating the evil that overtook Gaia.

There is an amazing credits sequence where each character gets an award and it lists the person who voiced that character. There is a post credits scene where the King Guyu, the king of Westminster Castle that Lord Archon sent to a parallel dimension, is floating through space is teleported into a spaceship as he’s greeted by a strange mech like creature. The creature says Lord Archon’s real name is Percy Wentworth, and he left about 10,000 years ago. The creature is part of a gimp group and ties up the king like a gimp.

The creature then checks Percy’s last known whereabouts. It shows the destroyed Vault 7 were Solomon was, but it’s completely submerged in water. Archon survived, or at least another version of Archon did. The gimp group teleports to the facility with Archon and setup base and plan on enslaving everyone on Gaia and making them gimps.


The game is heavily story based, and I’m sure the developers wanted it to mostly be story driven. It’s a classic RPG game made in RPG maker, so if you’ve ever played any games in the engine, it’ll look familiar. You primarily explore the world, talking with people, advancing the story, collecting Freedom Rings (Anarchy symbols). When a battle happens, you’ll fight the enemies in a turn-based RPG format where you and your opponent take turns attacking. The beginning of the game is very difficult since you seem very under leveled. But as you progress and especially if you grind for levels, then you’ll quickly be overpowered, yet enemies can still do massive damage to you, or zero, it’s weird. Fortunately you can save at any time in the menu so it makes it convenient when confronting harder enemeis.

Money is also scarce in the game, making it hard to purchase healing items. The other difficult part is that when you’re poisoned or get Rona sickness from an enemy, you’ll continue to have the condition and take damage, even outside of battle, until you cure yourself.

Battles can get a bit tedious as there is no way to speed up the game, and you have to sit and wait as each character and enemy takes their turn. After each battle, if you win, you will gain experience and acquire gold. Leveling up will grant you higher health, attack, defense, and other stats, and even additional abilities. These skills can be used in battle by using your TP, which regenerates over time, when you guard, and when you’re hit. Other skills, like magic, may use MP instead. Both require you have enough to use it, making it hard to pull off a hard hitting move if you’re lacking the points necessary to use the skill.

In addition to leveling up, you can also purchase equipment to increase your stats, but since gold is quite hard to come by, don’t expect to get the best stuff for awhile. Save up after grinding levels and you’ll get it. An easier way to get gold is with bounties. Return a bounty to the sheriff in the town to get a significant amount of gold. These are considered side missions since you don’t have to do them, but it’s important for gaining money. However, this quickly becomes irrelevant as bounties don’t pay much. The best way is to use the casino in Vanguard, primarily the slot machine that a woman is occupying. If you make her move with some adrenochrome, you can use the lucky slot machine and win bigly! Later in the game there is a tax collector that will ask you to pay money, and if you do and have a certain threshold in your wallet, then you’ll actually gain a lot of money. What’s good is that he never goes away so you can spam it to get tons of money.

The direction of the game can be confusing at times. There are many places to explore, and you don’t know if they’re optional or important for later. But, you can check Dandix’s status for the main quest only. There are also things to interact with in the environment that are not obvious, making it even harder to know what to do with some optional quests. And, you could completely miss the quest if you don’t know what to do.

At the end of the game you are awarded a high score of exp, karma level, and see how many freedom rings you got. I got 59,664 exp points, 44 karma, and all 108 freedom rings.


The sprites is crisp and pixelated. It looks like an 16-bit game, and the land and characters are beautiful and colorful.

Sound / Music

I’m sure the music in the game is stock RPG Maker music, but it’s still pretty good. There are some other tracks in the game that musicians can play, mostly from independent artists.

Game Info

Rebellion Gaia
Developer: Jiv Jago
Publisher: Jiv Jago
Release Date: June 29, 2021
Platforms: Computer, Mobile
Published: (updated: )


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