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It's 2003 in England and Fuller has to do his best to get to school on time. Can he do it?

What is this game? Is it a game? What is going on? Who knows, but you’re late to school so better get there on time. This game is very weird, one of the weirdest I’ve ever seen. I first heard of it when I saw supergreatfriend play it as part of the Xbox Live Indie Game collection. He didn’t say anything during the demo. But, when he played the full version, he did. Earlier versions of this game had many graphical and musical differences. Here is a video showing them with a link in the description to the list of the changes.

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It’s 2003 in England and Fuller has to do his best to get to school on time. Can he do it? Apparently he does and graduates as well…?


This is a strange game. It’s basically five levels, but only the second level is the one that’s challenging. It’s mostly just short mini-games. The levels are as follows:

  • Stage 1 – Drawl on the canvas as the Oscar brothers criticize your work. The level will end automatically after 30 seconds.
  • Stage 2 – It’s the opening weekend of Love Infinitely and you’re late for class, so you must rush to class before anyone notices you’re late. Walk on the street in a 2D perspective as a monster is right behind you, and moves exactly with you. There are obstacles on your path that you must avoid by jumping over, or spitting at to defeat (the enemies take multiple hits). It is very difficult to time your jumps perfectly to avoid the enemies. It earlier versions of the game, it was much easier as you moved faster.
  • Stage 3 – Feed balloons of soup to the crèche in their crib. There is a time limit and each crèche takes two balloons to be full.
  • Stage 4 – The principal wants you to terminate his star pupil, Daniel Girl. You do this by being in a club with massive strobing flashing lights and the kid moving from side to side of the screen, so you must time your aim to hit him.
  • Stage 5 – It’s summer and time to party! Kick the soda bottles while avoiding the women throwing cocktails so you can party hard!

After you complete it, you get a really bizarre conversation during the credits.

There is also another game mode, Chaos Defrost, which has massive flickering lights with a person talking about a snake in the background. That’s it. $5 wasted!


They are cartoon graphics that looks like it was done in paint. Interesting art style.

Sound / Music

The music is both good and bad at the same time. It’s weird, obnoxious, and catchy. The style is hard to describe.


Game Info

RE: Get To Schol On Time
Developer: GHXYK2
Publisher: Wainstop James
Release Date: November 5, 2011
Platforms: Xbox 360, Computer
Published: (updated: )


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