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PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate is a tower defense game where you control Tikiman to protect your flock from enemies.

PixelJunk Monsters was a game I initially played on the PlayStation 3 as a demo, but later purchased it, along with the Encore DLC, shortly after. It’s a fun tower-defense game where you have to protect your flock from a variety of enemies.

I have also played a few other games in the PixelJunk series, such as Racers, Eden, and Shooter. I have not played the others.

This game does support multiplayer, and my sister and I have played through all the levels together. It’s unclear how the game changes from single to two player. The enemies may be slightly tougher, but I am not sure.

During my playthrough, I did all the medal challenges and unlocked a bunch of stuff in the Tiki Hut. After looking at this, there was a hidden ice boss that was never released. Furthermore, after I dug deeper into the game files, I found that each enemy had a name.

Pines (First Enemy)
Sycamores (Flying Enemy)
Giants (Golem)
Scuttlers (Crab)

Thumper (Easy – Idol)
Tangler (Medium Boss)
Hoofaloomp (Hard – Snail)
Lofty (Flying Boss)

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There is no story immediately present in PixelJunk Monsters. Obviously the underlying story is to protect your flock against enemies, but it’s not clear why the enemies are trying to attacking your flock. Furthermore, each enemy has the same mask on them, which also is not clear to what the meaning is.


You control Tikiman and have to build various towers on trees to combat enemies. Each enemy has a weakness. Some enemies even have shields and barriers to protect against what you thought was their weakness. This game can be mean and unforgiving at times, bringing in a huge amount of enemies you weren’t prepared for. An indicator of the next two waves is at the bottom left which will help you prepare though.

Coins are used for building towers, and gems are used to either unlock new towers for that map at the Tiki Hut, or upgrade existing towers. Each tower has five levels:
Green ➡️ Yellow ➡️ Red ➡️ Purple ➡️ Black

Depending on the tower, different things will be upgraded, such as range, power, spread, and speed. You can also dance in towers to upgrade them (much easier with two players).

The last wave of each level is a boss, and depending on the difficulty, it can move fast or slow. The boss is usually never a threat, but the cluster of enemies usually are.


The game has washed out graphics. Almost nothing is super bright or cheery, but rather looks like a dark cloud is always hovering. The enemies are cute, but don’t be fooled by their looks. I think the graphics fit the game perfectly.

Sound / Music

The sound effects in the game are quite interesting. The sounds the enemies make when dying are unique. The music in the game is done by Otograph. I enjoy the music and it’s memorable. There is a soundtrack available for purchase digitally, originally released on the PlayStation store. However, due to the continued updates and new levels since the soundtrack was released, several tracks are not available on the official album.


Game Info

PixelJunk Monsters (Cover)
Developer: Q-Games, Double Eleven
Release Date: December 6, 2007
Published: (updated: )

Tower Defense

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