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Three years have passed since the tragic incidents of Eve during Christmas 1997. Aya Brae now works for the FBI and is investigating strange new Neo-Mitochondrion creatures that have suddenly emerged.

I saw and heard a lot of things about the first Parasite Eve game, but barely anything about the second one. So, I wanted to give it a try, and it is quite a bit different from the first one. Overall, I think both games are great in their own way. I think the story of both the games are on par. But, I dislike the backtracking and slow progression in the second game. You enter an area and spend hours before you can fully explore the entire thing since much of it is locked off. The combat is on par with the first game, despite it being different. Music, however, is far better in the first game. But, the second game is creepier and has a darker theme. Also, if it’s your first time playing the game and you know nothing about it, don’t be surprised if you get the worst ending and struggle later in the game, unless you severely conserved your resources. It’s not beginning friendly.

This game was played using the PlayStation emulator, DuckStation. I increased the resolution and PGXP is on. Widescreen doesn’t work for the game as the background are static images.

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The game takes place nearly three years after the first game, where Aya Brea, once a NYPD officer now working for the FBI with MIST (Mitochondrion Investigation and Suppression Team), discovered that the nightmare from Christmas 1997 with Eve was not over. She must search for answers about strange Neo-Mitochondrion creatures (NMC) that recently started popping up, and what is controlling them. Her comrade, Pierce, providing insight into what she finds on the field to help her figure out what’s going on.

The first place of destination is the Akropolis Tower where the SWAT team has been completely eviscerated by strange creatures. She finds a human that transforms into a NMC, with a metallic implant behind the ear. This implant and the monsters that are being controlled by it, seem to originate from the Mojave Desert. She overhears a SWAT officer talking with someone about blowing up the entire building, and No. 9 will be a diversion so MIST doesn’t stop them. She later meets No. 9 and manages to escape before it goes up in flames.

Back at MIST, the director, Eric “Hal” Baldwin, has a new mission for her: to investigate strange animals in the Mojave Desert in Dryfield, Nevada. Upon arriving, she finds another human transforming into a NMC, while others begin to roam the area. The only survivor seems to be a man named Gary Douglas, who runs an auto shop and has a dog named Flint. But she also meets another man, Kyle Madigan, who is a private investigator looking for a shelter in Dryfield.

Aya comes into contact with No. 9 again and goes unconscious, having a vision of a little girl that looks just like her younger sister, Maya, who died many years prior. She awakens with Kyle pointing a gun at her, and she sets his arm on fire, effectively stopping him. Later, Aya goes to sleep and has a vision of the little girl in a facility with several No. 9s around her. Upon waking, Dryfield is attacked by a gigantic NMC that breaths fire. She takes him out and saves Flint. If she fails to kill the NMC in time, it retreats and Flint dies. To get the best ending, it’s important to stop it in time so Flint lives.

When heading for the shelter, Aya and Kyle are attacked by a group of NMCs and Kyle is presumed dead, leaving Aya all alone as she goes through the mines into the shelter. Aya recognizes the shelter from the visions she’s had of the little girl. She continues to have them. The shelter seems mostly abandoned. She reads a diary from Fred Bowman, a mad scientist who became a test subject by becoming a NMC, essentially turning into an ANMC (artificial Neo-Mitochondrion creature).

Kyle wasn’t dead after all and joins her through the shelter. If Aya returns to the shelter, she will not be on the best ending path. If she solves the full moon puzzle and goes through the door, she’ll be headed for the best ending. The full moon door leads back to Dryfield, and Aya finds Pierce’s truck. After searching, she finds him injured. To get the best ending, she must get him three bags of ice.

After she’s done helping Pierce, Aya heads back to the shelter to meet up with Kyle. However, she finds vials of cultured cells of Eve and herself. They were using their cells to turn humans into ANMCs. If on the good path, Pierce will enter the shelter at this point. Pierce discovers a secret facility below the shelter, Neo Ark, a greenhouse with an artificial sun for breeding ANMCs. All ANMCs created there have the implant Aya found earlier. Pierce has unfinished business in the shelter, implying he knows more than he’s letting on. She then enters Neo Ark and finds that the place is like a zoo for ANMCs. The facility is used to create them, where they’ll never die of old age. Human experimentation gone wrong.

Inside the facility are two gigantic ANMCs that are power generators for the entire facility. She destroys them to cut off the power supply, but there is still a huge source of energy she is sensing from somewhere further below. She returns to the shelter and GOLEMs have woken up. They are the same creatures that No. 9 was. To get the best ending, it’s important to go check on Pierce at this point.

She travels to the depths of the shelter to find a little girl, the one from her dreams. The little girl is Eve and she is being used by the organization that owns the shelter to control ANMCs, and is a clone of Aya. If going for the best ending, the phone in Eve’s room will ring and it will be Pierce asking her to come back to see him. She must go as soon as she can. On her way back, Eve gets captured by one of the GOLEMs. That was the plan all along, and they used Aya to retrieve Eve, the “Queen.” He escapes to the helipad with Eve.

Aya makes it back to Pierce, but he left behind a note indicating that someone was leaking MIST’s data on NMCs to the shelter. The likely culprit being the leader of MIST, Baldwin. (It’s important to read the note and call MIST right after for the best ending.)

When Aya reaches the surface, a group of GOLEMs form their attack, but the military comes in and takes care of them. For the best ending, it’s important to give Flint (who’s at the surface) Eve’s teddy bear that Aya finds so he can help her find Eve, despite stopping at an injured soldier in the shelter. As well as going back to the shelter where the GOLEMs came from to save Pierce again who has been locked in the GOLEM freezer.

During Aya’s final cleanup operation, the president of the United States orders a strike from orbit to destroy the whole region to save the rest of the country from NMC infestation. And when Aya finds Eve, No. 9 and Kyle are around her and she’s controlling an ANMC. Kyle was a traitor, looking to guide the evolution of mankind since he felt it was unhealthy that humans dominated the world. ANMCs were the answer, to kill off some of the humans. Kyle shoots Aya in the arm, and then immediately turns on No. 9, killing him and the ANMC that Eve is controlling. He reveals that he was sent here by the president to learn more about the shelter. Right after, the airstrike on Dryfield commences as the entire place is destroyed. The ultimate ANMC is then born, and after Aya defeats it, it absorbs Eve, becoming even more powerful. Aya defeats her too and passes out.

There are three endings to the game, but technically they’re all the same ending, but depending on your actions will determine how much you see of it. The worst ending will only see the first part, while the normal sees the first two parts, and the best ending sees all the three. Here is a guide to get the three endings.

Bad Ending (Medical Rescue)

Kyle awakens Aya and says Eve is fine. Medics come to save Aya and Eve from the wreckage.

Normal Ending (Washington Debriefing)

In Washington, DC, the president is thrilled to know that the disinformation campaign worked to avoid the truth of the Ark lab from getting out. Kyle resigns as well. The president is concerned since Kyle knows too much.

Best Ending (Epilogue)

A year later, the FBI arrests some of their own men and some MIST agents, and classifies all information regarding the case. The public story to cover up the event is that of a cultist uprising that was suppressed. Other members of MIST unite and form a group to disclose the public about MIST and the NMCs. Dr. Maeda and Pierce form a team to research neo-mitochondrial DNA over a timespan to track their evolution within the human race. Eve becomes Aya’s younger sister and is going to school and lost her neo-mitochondrial powers. Gary Douglas rebuilds Dryfield. And Kyle vanished, but Aya will continue searching for him. Aya and Eve then head for a museum where they see Kyle.


The game is more survival horror than the first one, but still retains some of the RPG elements, though minor. Many things were scrapped, such as Active Time (AT) — when you can attack, abilities on weapons that can be transferred, increasing stats of weapons, and other stat and inventory boosting abilities that use your BP (bonus points). Rather, BP is used as a currency to purchase items from shops. You can also attack at anytime and don’t need to wait.

Inventory is very limited. But, you can attach things to your armor to bring them into battle with you, such as healing items. And can use belt pouches to increase the number of attachments available on your armor. Items equipped can also act as stat boosts depending on the item. If you don’t have an item attached to your armor, you won’t have access to it in battle, which includes ammo. Also there are some items that are marked with a question mark, and it’s important to look at them to determine what it is.

Aya has new magic skills, referred to as Parasite Energy (PE). However, she has a bunch of new ones. They are element based, such as fire, water, wind, and earth. All except pyrokinesis are initially locked but can be unlocked by using experience points gained in battle. Experience points can also be used to level up the attacks, with a max of level three. Each element has two skills that can be upgraded by default, and when both are maxed out, a third appears that can be upgraded. Different attacks will have different ranges and areas of affect.

The text dialogue will sometimes advance on its own, which can be problematic since sometimes it will go by way too fast. This primarily seems to happen during text cutscenes. Otherwise, it’s manual text advance. And Aya has TONS of things to say about almost anything she can interact with. There are a lot of thing to look at and she has opinions about all of it.

There is actually a map in the game now, which comes in hand to determine rooms you haven’t been in yet, or where NMCs have respawned. Enemies will respawn in certain areas after plot points in the game, and that room will be marked on the map in red. But, there will be rooms you will be ambushed and they are not marked on the map. It’s important to kill as many creatures as possible since there are no random encounters in the game.

It’s extremely important, especially early on, to be strategic with weapons, ammo, health supplies, and the parasite energy you upgrade since that’s when it’s most crucial. If you’re not prepared, you can leave a battle by going through the exit, but will lose BP and not gain any experience points, making it even harder to level up and buy the items you need. There may come a time where it’s impossible to advance with your limited supplies and you may have to start the game all over again.


The backgrounds are static images and are low-res, while the character models stand out if playing at higher resolutions. There is a HD texture pack that is showcased here, with a link to download in the description. However, it doesn’t include all assets in the game, so I didn’t use it. Overall the game is dark in some areas, and due to the low resolution, hard to determine what some things are. While there aren’t many, the FMV cutscenes really look nice in the game.

Sound / Music

Music? What music? It’s basically non-existent and the environments seem empty. The music in the first game was great, but this one is lacking, and it is a different composer and different tone. While it fits the creepy atmosphere of the game, there really isn’t much music that isn’t ambient tracks.

Much like the first game, there is no voice acting…mostly. You can count on one hand the amount of random voice lines that happen throughout the game.


Game Info

Developer: Square
Publisher: Square
Release Date: December 16, 1999
Platforms: PlayStation
Published: (updated: )


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