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Neverending Nightmares is a horror game where Thomas is stuck in a nightmare, unable to wake up.

The art style drew me in! Once I saw this game’s graphics, I just had to check it out. I didn’t know what to expect when I first played it, but I absolutely loved it. I didn’t realize how short it was, though. The game was mesmerizing to say the least.

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Thomas is in a neverending nightmare, unable to wake up. You’ll soon find that he keeps waking up. It’s also unclear how Gabrielle is connected to Thomas, however this is a story to form your own conclusions.

There are three endings in the game, and the order I got them in during my playthrough is what I consider to be from best to worst. The first one made a decent amount of sense, but the next got a bit more confusing and din’t clarify much, and then the last was completely dissatisfying.


You control Thomas who is exploring a house and psychiatric hospital. There are a few enemies you encounter along the way, which have different tactics to avoid. My least favorite is the blind enemy that you have to sneak past.

Thomas also appears to have breathing difficulties since he can’t run for more than a few seconds without getting out of breath.

The game did get a bit repetitious early on because it was room after room of practically the same thing.


I absolutely love the graphics! That’s what drew me to this game the most. Everything is black and white, except for things that are red (like blood), and door knobs. The graphics are sharp and quite mesmerizing.

However, the game does not save window and fullscreen settings, so I had to change it to windowed mode each time I played it. It also does not save graphics quality either.

Sound / Music

The sound design is dark and creepy. You can hear things chasing you, making you scared of what’s in the same room as you, As someone who love dark ambient music, the tracks in this game are very much to my liking. However, since most of the music is ambiet, they tend to not be memorable. You can find the sountrack on Bandcamp.


Game Info

Neverending Nightmares (Cover)
Developer: Infinitap Games
Publisher: Infinitap Games
Release Date: September 26, 2014
Published: (updated: )

HorrorSide Scroller

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