My Setup

Know exactly how I stream and record, including the software and hardware!

Shadow – Cloud Gaming

I have a Mac, and they are not the best for gaming, not to mention the fact that not many games are available for Mac. I do not have super powerful computer either.

So I found one of the greatest services to play games: Shadow! Shadow is a cloud gaming computer with very low latency! You plan on a remote computer at a data center and the video feed is streamed to your local machine. The stream quality is adjustable from 5-70mbps. If you have reliable and fast Internet, you’ll be all set. The issues I’ve had with the service have been minimal. Most have actually been from my my Internet provider and wireless router.

Because Shadow is a remote computer, you can literally connect to it from any device that has the app, this includes mobile devices. Imagine being able to play your favorite computer games on your mobile device?

Not only that, Shadow is a Windows 10 computer, so you can install other software that isn’t games on it. You can use it for video editing even.

Use code 1D8C638 during checkout to receive $5 off your first month!

OBS – Streaming & Recording

I stream and record using OBS, which is free software to stream and record. The resolution on my Shadow PC is 2560×1440, which is what I record at in the HEVC codec. However, I only stream at 1280×720 resolution. I stream from the Shadow computer to retain the highest video and audio quality.

Useful plugins to help enhance my voice is a noise gate to remove background noise is Efektor Silencer. As well as the LoudMax limiter to prevent clipping. I also make sure that when I talk, the game audio lowers (referred to as ducking). This prevents the game from being too loud when I am talking. This is built into OBS and doesn’t require any additional software.