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McPixel is a hilarious point and click puzzle game where you have 20 seconds to save the day.

Words cannot express the strangeness that is McPixel. You have 20 seconds to save the day in the strangest way possible. It’s simple, but funny.

I first heard about it from another person I follow, supergreatfriend. Around the same time I also watched a playthrough by RockLeeSmile. Since then I have watched numerous others play too.

I’ve completed all the levels on the Steam version, but back when I played the original when it was a standalone game, there was one level that had so many options that it was near impossible to get perfect. That was fixed on the Steam version and it’s much easier to complete.

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You are McPixel and here to save the day from disaster. But why do these people call McPixel? You’ll have to play and find out because the answer is revealed. It’s pretty good!


Click on an item, combine it with another, and watch what happens until you solve the problem. However, the solution is not obvious. The scenarios are so strange that you will be wondering what’s going on.


This game has pixelated graphics, made of high quality pixels. Surprisingly, the higher the resolution, the slower the game runs, likely due to the engine it’s using. There are also several filters to change how the game looks.

Sound / Music

There are no sound effects in the game besides the opening scene. Everything else is music. There are six tracks in the main game. These are available (along with three bonus tracks) on Bandcamp.


Game Info

McPixel (Cover)
Developer: Sos Sosowski
Publisher: Sos Sosowski
Release Date: June 25, 2012
Platforms: Computer, Mobile
Published: (updated: )

Point & ClickPuzzleSide Scroller

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