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Hunted and alone, a boy finds himself drawn into the center of a dark project.

This is a game by the same developers of LIMBO. I enjoyed that game, but this one was even better. I loved the dark environment, almost too dark at times, and the ambient music that is both eerie and relaxing. Even the depth of the story is impressive. There are tons of secrets in the game that indicate that something much deeper is going on. I found some of these obscure discoveries here. There is tons of information on this page that go much further in-depth about the game and the secrets it has, leading to the story being much deeper than what it appears on the surface.

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The story is not apparent in the game, but the game page indicates, “Hunted and alone, a boy finds himself drawn into the center of a dark project.” He first enters a farm area where there are dead pigs and what appear to be parasites in them that have either killed them, or control them. Then there are people who look like slaves, mindlessly following orders. He can even control them using a device.

As he goes further and further down, he discovers an underground artificial forest and water passage. He comes into contact with an underwater creature that suffocates him, but he gains the ability to swim and breathe underwater. He eventually makes it to the primary research facility where people are, and they do nothing to stop him, almost guiding him to the location he’s meant to be. The boy witnesses a horrific sight. A creature in a tank that has mind control devices connected to it. The creature appears to be an amalgamation of various parts of humans. It’s a blob that has hands, legs, and heads sticking out of it.

The boy goes into the creature and becomes one with it, destroying the entire facility. There is a replica of a shore with a mountain side, trees, and a sandy beach area. And when the creature escapes, it ends up on that exact shore. Perhaps the creature was controlling us, and we were controlling the boy to get to the creature to free it, but the people were also controlled allowing it to happen.

There is a secret ending as well when getting all the secrets in the game and pressing a lever in the underground bunker in the farm. It’s a mind control device that’s connected to a bunch of computers. The boy unplugs the computer and everything shuts down, including him. This may signify that he too is part of the experiment and is being controlled, guided to the facility. But, he put a stop to it before it could progress any further.


The gameplay is very simple. You move, interact, and jump. That’s basically it. This is primarily a puzzle game where enemies are after you, obstacles will kill you, etc. Move boxes to climb on top to progress, and control other people to help solve the puzzles. The game gets more complex as it goes along, but unlike LIMBO, it’s primarily puzzle based and less so platforming. This makes it easier and more enjoyable. Furthermore, checkpoints are very lenient and if you die, you’ll basically begin again right where you left off.


The environment is dark and ominous. You really have to look closely to figure out what some of the items in the environment are. Primarily because it’s so dark and hard to make out what things are. You really want to pause and just admire the scenery and take in how creepy it all is.

Sound / Music

While there isn’t much music, it’s mostly ambience which is super creepy and fitting for the game. It can give you chills when you hear it and see what’s going on in the game.

Game Info

Developer: Playdead
Publisher: Playdead
Release Date: June 29, 2016
Published: (updated: )


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