Haunted PS1 Madvent Calendar 4: End of the Line

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The Haunted PS1 Madvent Calendar 4: End of the Line is a collection of 24 holiday-themed games that resemble PS1 titles.

The Haunted PS1 Madvent Calendar 4: End of the Line is the fourth installment in the Haunted PS1 Madvent Calendar. It’s a collection of PS1 style games, mostly with a Christmas theme. There are 24 games leading up to Christmas Day. The games vary in length.

The game starts out with more story than the prior installments, and features an amazing intro music video. It’s super catchy! The overall story is that Gifty has returned, and is wreaking havoc on his friend’s Bitey and Sonya life (in the room from Silent Hill 4). Skully comes out and suggests taking Gifty to the North Pole to get him fixed to calm him down. Mook Spookem, who lost the mayor election, crawls through an opening in the wall from the neighboring apartment and says he bought six tickets to the North Pole. They all board a train and head there.

As they approach the North Pole, the train will not slow down since Gifty has hijacked it. Mook Spookem jumps off the train and explodes, while Skully teleports away. All that leaves is Bitey and Sonya, which stay on the train and die in the impact…or do they? During the credits sequence, Bitey and Sonya escape the train and are looking at the damage it did to the North Pole. They both start to leave as Gifty comes after them, saying they cannot leave, claiming Bitey is a horrible mother. Bitey says that she did her best and that he is someone else’s problem now, since she’s done with him. She no longer will be his keeper, implying that she’s done with Gifty, the symbol of Madvent. The director and voice of Bitey, Vladimere Lhore, has a personal message saying they are stepping down and Madvent will have to get a new director if it’s going to continue. They have a few games on Steam ready for release.

My personal favorites are This One’s From Santa, Yuletide Machine, A Match Made in Hell, What They Gave Us, When Hell Freezes Over, The Branco Burial, Scary Stories, Outpost #0, It’s a Gift!.


Story: It’s time once again to rip through the fabric of space and time. After collecting some items, a radio is built and starts speaking in a foreign language. To be continued…

Gameplay: Rip and tear open the walls like presents. Pound your fist to see what walls or objects can be ripped. Pounding may also cause a water dropping sound effect in a nearby location you can rip. You can jump and duck to help you navigate better. And the anomaly is still chasing you in most areas, so be quick or you’ll repeat the room. What’s new with this version is that you can pickup items that are required to progress, such as picking up a box and using it in another room to hop on to cross a fence. And collecting other items to build the radio.

Graphics: The game looks super crusty like the prior installments, definitely looking like a low-res PS1 game. However, I think it actually looks a bit better and cleaner in some areas.

Sound / Music: Not only is the the usual ambience, but there is some background music. It’s not much, and repetitive, but at least there is something.

This One’s From Santa

Story: A mobster, Don Nievecare, has taken over Santa’s workshop, so Mr. Elfy negotiates with the mobster. Mr. Elfy has to deliver presents to the kids, but also kill other mobsters. He’ll free Santa after Mr. Elfy completes a few tasks. The story ends here in the first iterations of the game, but an update added the following: Salt Lick “Slick Gelido” and Pepper Mint come in and shoot Don Nievecare and Santa. So Mr. Elfy flys away, and is greeted with Santa’s reindeer. A present for Mr. Elfy from Santa awaits, and it’s a machine gun. He heads to the headquarters of the mobsters to gun them down. After doing so, he returns to Santa’s workshop and Santa miraculously is still alive. He was then arrested for public indecency and dissapeared before his trial.

Gameplay: You’re on the sleigh as the reindeer is walking down the street. You can control its speed. Shoot presents at doors and garages, but then throw coal at the mobsters to kill them. It is pretty lenient, giving you unlimited presents and coal to shoot, and if you miss, the stage will loop so you can complete it. The only thing is the time limit. But, after your first lap, the reindeer can run. There is also a boss fight that was added in later versions of the game where you have to shoot the mob boss car.

Graphics: It’s like a Nintendo 64 game, and the graphics look pretty cool.

Sound / Music: The music definitely gives off mobster vibes. Also, some of the dialogue from the characters is hilarious.


Story: A person is in a mystical land and finds a portal to a different world were some entity gives him an artifact and says to never return. He finds another strange portal with another abstract creature that gives another artifact. Going through another portal, the person comes to some dilemma and possibly dies, I don’t know.

Gameplay: This is an old school point and click game with a clickable arrow grid system. Click on the arrows to move your character, or the edges of the screen, and your inventory to use items you’ve picked up.

There is also a secret game that can be played, like Galaga, by putting the green teardrop into the water.

Graphics: The style is quite low res and has an interesting color pallet.

Sound / Music: There is minor ambience that plays in the background.

Retro Cruise

Story: “In the retro, nobody can hear you cruise.” There is no story.

Gameplay: You’re on a jet ski and there is a wall of green upside down pentagrams and one to three red upside down crosses. You want to drive through the crosses for combo bonus points, but you can switch the colors on your jet ski to drive through the green, but will completely lose your combo bonus, and get only regular points. If you don’t drive through the correct color, or crash into walls, you’ll die and have to start over. There is no end, just see how many points you can get. However, there is a progress bar at the top of the screen. The game ends when it fills up.

Graphics: It looks like a modern game with a filter applied.

Sound / Music: Rock music that picks up as you continue on your cruise, which is pretty good.


Story: Santa has died and the source of his power, his hat, has been stolen and locked inside a fortress in Antartica. Bloom is up for the task of retrieving the hat. However, another bounty hunter, Snow, tries to steal it. However, Bloom gets to it first and Snow is chased away by a gigantic snowball. However, Jennifer (from Jennifer’s Nonsensical Christmas Adventure) busts out of the snowball. All three become lost and the hat is gone. However, Bloom manages to find the hat, but not without Snow and Jennifer right behind them ready to take it. A monster appears and snatches the hat.

A choice is presented of who you want to face off against the monster:

  • Jennifer – Snow shoots Bloom while Jennifer escapes from the monster’s grasp. She makes Snow disappear and faces off against the monster. Upon defeating it, she escapes to the surface. Will she be able to continue Santa’s legacy? Only time will tell…
  • Snow – Snow shoots Bloom while Jennifer is dragged into the unknown. Snow is the only one left to face off against the monster. Upon defeating it, she escapes to the surface. Will she be able to protect the hat? Only time will tell…
  • Bloom – Jennifer escapes from the monster’s grasp and makes Snow disappear. However, the monster grabbed Jennifer again and pulled her into the unknown. Upon defeating it, she escapes to the surface. Will she use the hat for good? Only time will tell…

Gameplay: Walk around in first person and avoid traps. If you run into one, you’ll die. You play as different characters with different obstacles to avoid.

Graphics: It does not look like a PS1 game, but rather like untextured snow and ice blocks, mostly blue and white.

Sound / Music: There is some nice music that plays in the background in the beginning, then picks up as the game progresses and the action sequences get more difficult.

Snow Dust City Station

Story: This is one of four rest stops you make on your journey to the North Pole. According to Bitey, Gifty has taken over the train, but it’s not shown.

Gameplay: Just walk around talking with people. There are various nobodies around to talk with, but also your own crew that you are traveling with. I love how you can walk right into oncoming traffic and sit there as the cars drive under you.

Graphics: The graphics looks nice, with a PS1 style. It’s mostly brown with heavy snowfall.

Sound / Music: Nice Christmas music plays in the background.

Yuletide Machine

Story: Santa’s reindeer are not real, they’re a figment of the children’s imagination. Santa’s sleigh is run by an engine. But, it’s running out of fuel. The elves better have some ready. Christmas is saved if they can make it in time. Though, I don’t think there is a punishment for taking too long.

Gameplay: You must get the fuel ready before Santa’s arrival. It’s a very specific mixture of 20g Coal, 10kg Refined Candy Cane, 2pc Steel Snowflakes, and 60L Kerosene. Figuring out the controls and how to play is the hard part since there are no instructions. Just hop in and see where to dump stuff. There is a lever to dispense your main ingredients, but you have to make sure it goes into a bag. From there, some items may need to be crushed or pressed before they can be combined into the main mixture.

Graphics: The way the game starts with a weird, demonic Santa who has a massive engine attached to the sleigh is downright creepy. The game is crusty and rusty looking, and is quite scary looking.

Sound / Music: The soundscape is ominous and the voiceover makes it even creepier.

A Match Made in Hell

Story: You’re a skeleton man in North Brimstone Valley, Hell, and must match up demons on dates before hell freezes over, Christmas Day. You meet a bird, Greetingsbird Aple, who is the matchmaker and just needs the information necessary to match the demons. Collect info on them to match them correctly. Nothing major happens if you get it wrong or right, unless you give the duck as a gift.

Gameplay: Walk around talking with demons, getting information about them, and getting items to give as gifts, and locations to go on dates. Once you have enough info, go back to the bird and make the correct choices to match them. The dialogue in the game and the descriptions for items and locations are absolutely hilarious. (The elites don’t want you to know this, but the ducks at the park are free. You can take them home. I have 458 ducks.)

Graphics: The style is interesting. A bit cartoony as well.

Sound / Music: There is some music in the various locations that’s fitting to that area, some if it it pretty good, but has a very short loop.

What They Gave Us

Story: You wake up in a science facility where it’s cold and snowing outside. There are notes all over the place regarding a failed experiment and the scientists had to evacuate. Strange creatures watch you as you fix a generator and then take medication before entering a ship, which is a monster’s belly.

Gameplay: This game is spooky. Walk around reading notes, finding pieces of the generator to repair it, then finding the medication to take, and then entering the ship. It’s a simple game, but also quite creepy. The main problem is that mouse sensitivity is really low, and there is no setting to increase it.

Graphics: The game is scary and it isn’t even super dark. It’s relatively dark in the science facility, but outside it’s bright and snowing, for the most part. There are lights on the path that make areas brighter, but going too far away from them makes it darker. It gets even lighter when you fix the generator.

Sound / Music: The atmosphere is spooky. The sounds of the watchers really makes it seem like something is around the corner ready to attack.

When Hell Freezes Over

Story: It’s snowing in hell, and Holliferax, a worker in hell, must check the situation. After melting some snow, there isn’t much to worry about, so it’s back to the usual work.

Gameplay: Play as Holliferax, talking with people and solving some puzzles.

Graphics: While the game is mostly dark, and has a slight PS1 style, it also has a level of cuteness to it. The characters are mostly chibis while their model for dialogue is an anime style.

Sound / Music: The music is alright, fitting for the game, a bit Hell-like. The shop music is really interesting.

Terror on Tromos 5

Story: It’s 2056 and contact has been lost with the mining colony on the asteroid Tromos 5. You must explore it and see what happened. Unfortunately the ships are all wrecked and no one appears to be alive. Many notes are left behind about strange occurrences that happened regarding people coming down with space sickness and people having conversations with things that aren’t there. Aliens start to appear and you must defend yourself. Not long after, the station is going to collide into a planet, so you must quickly start the drills for a fuel source for the ship and escape.

Gameplay: Walk around the abandoned space station and spaceships and try to uncover what happened by reading notes and platforming in space. You have a raygun to shoot objects and aliens, and the mag pull ability, which acts like a grappling hook, which will help you traverse space, and thrusters on your spacesuit which helps you move around quicker. Because you’re in space, the controls are quite floaty, and if you leave the station area, you die and have to restart from the last checkpoint. You cannot shoot your raygun too much or else it’ll overheat. And if the aliens injure you, there are health kits around to heal. The game is extremely difficult and the checkpoints are unforgiving. If you lose too much health and make it to a checkpoint, you will not regain health. And when you make it really far, killing a bunch of enemies, and yet there is no checkpoint and you have to redo everything you just did again and again, it can get quite frustrating.

Graphics: The game looks a bit cartoony, and gives off vibes of a time from long ago, like the 70s or 80s. It honestly reminds me a lot of the first-person PS1 game, Blasto, except with better graphics.

Sound / Music: The music really fits the game, sounding like old space music.

Frost Bite Forest Station

Story: This is the second of four rest stops you make on your journey to the North Pole.

Gameplay: Just walk around talking with people. There are far less people at this station than the previous one. There are some nobodies, but also your friends. And a special cameo by a certain squirrel and possum from a prior Madvent game.

Graphics: The graphics look nice, with a PS1 style. There is no snowfall and the station is in the middle of the woods. It’s mostly quiet and desolate.

Sound / Music: Nice, relaxing Christmas style music plays in the background.

The People’s Sky

Story: There is no story.

Gameplay: Look at the stars and the messages people have created. You can create your own star as well, with a nice little message.

Graphics: Compared to ‘The People’s Tree’ which the developer had several versions of in the prior Madvents, this one is much less cluttered since there is no tree. It’s an open sky with the stars above.

Sound / Music: Nice relaxing music plays that is different from the prior installments of versions of this game.

Ghost Cannibal

Story: Psychic ghost hunters enter a cursed graveyard to search for the ghost cannibal to banish it once and for all. Banish all four ghosts of Christmas and enter the door to light the top of the Christmas tree.

Gameplay: Wander around the forest and banish the spirits. You have health and stamina. Health can be replenished with various energy pools around the forest. You can fill over 100%, but once you do, your health will slowly drain back down to 100. Stamina is used for running and goes back up upon resting. Various spirits will come after you in the woods, and you have to press combinations of WASD to cast a spell to dispel it. The more button presses, the higher the combo multiplier. The enemies are very hard to hit. Once you kill the enemy, a flame will light up, and you have to do this four times, killing different enemies to get the flame to light. Some enemies take multiple hits and disappear after being hit, while others are much weaker. They can also attack you, so don’t die. The four enemies are some weird creature with a big juicy anus, a gigantic skeleton that comes out of the ground, a moose with a thousand legs, and a floating orb.

Graphics: The game is dark with muted colors. Perfect for a horror game. It really resembles a PS1 game since the textures will warp and wobble like a real PS1, except way worse. The atmosphere is spooky, but it’s also quite vast, making it easy to get lost.

Sound / Music: Where is the sound? I’m looking for you! It’s just sound effects.

The Branco Burial

Story: The story is convoluted and difficult to follow. Amadeus has sent someone to rescue a small village where snow is falling from the sky, signaling the end of time. Only one family can be saved, not all of them. The burial is in only two days, and this person, or rather thing, must try to keep a person warm, else they’ll be spending the rest of their time alone. Failure is not keeping anyone warm, while success is getting the items necessary for warmth for a person, which is tricky.

Gameplay: Walk around the small village, talking with people and getting items they want from the shop. Depending on the choices you make, you’ll earn currency (crystals) to make the proper purchases. This is tricky since there are a lot of things to miss which could screw you from getting the amount of money needed to buy the right item. You can return home to skip to the next part of the day, but you don’t want to do this since you’ll miss out on crystals to buy things. There are many different endings and ways to save certain people. Each of them have different items they need and some people don’t like others, and talking with certain people will close off a path to some others. It’s very tricky to get some people’s endings.

Graphics: The game has such a unique style. It’s a bit low-res and pixelated, but also has an interesting color pallet and overall style. The characters look really strange, bodies with glowing orbs as heads.

Sound / Music: The music is really nice. The village has some jungle vibes to it, and the shop has some other really good music.

Scary Stories

Story: You invited your friend, Andrea, over to your college campus for Christmas, but you’re snowed in. The power goes out so you both try to find the breaker. You begin to tell your friend some scary stories, but she says that all the scary stories involve a monster called Click Clack. She tells more about Click Clack, saying how it makes you not pay attention to it, it’s mundane, and yet familiar, like something from childhood. Suddenly Andrea disappears and then turns into the Click Clack and goes after you.

Gameplay: This is primarily a puzzle game where you explore the college dorm. You will tell stories as you’re walking about with Andrea. There are a total of three. The first puzzle requires you to get tools to break through certain areas. The next requires you to get a password from games on a computer to open a padlock, and then the last area is a square corridor where there is no way out.

Graphics: The style is simple, but also effective at being creepy. It’s low-res, has some color, but also dark and seems like something will pop out at you.

Sound / Music: There is no music, but most of the sounds are walking, some effects, and most importantly, the stories.

Outpost #0

Story: After waking up from cryogenic sleep, you notice something is wrong in outpost #0, so you must send a distress signal to warn others. You find a note about a humanoid creature that was found during a dig, but someone stole the sample. When you try to send the signal, you get an error and must go outside in your spacesuit to fix the antenna. But, something happens and you die and transform into a creature.

Gameplay: Walk around the space station, collecting keycards and shooting enemies.

Graphics: The style is really interesting. It’s mostly red, with some blues, and looks a bit like a cartoon. There are outlines around some items, such as your gun and the enemies, which give it this look. The animations of the cartoon assets are also interesting since it’s a lower frame rate than the game, making it look like a cartoon. It also has a cutscene that’s a cartoon.

Sound / Music: There really isn’t any music, but the sound effects of the enemies are pretty creepy.

Chilled Coast Station

Story: This is the third of four rest stops you make on your journey to the North Pole.

Gameplay: Walk around and talk with people. It’s become even more desolate since only your friends are with you now.

Graphics: The graphics loo nice, with a PS1 style. It’s snowing by an ocean side.

Sound / Music: There is some light relaxing music playing in the background.

It’s a Gift!

Story: It’s Christmas in 1991 and Timmy loves this time with the family. He awaits the most amazing gift, a wireless Light Gun. Suddenly the doorbell rings and a strange, large box is sitting on the porch. Upon opening the box, it’s a life size gothic maid doll that resembles Timmy, but in female form. The family locks it in a storage room upstairs and enjoys the rest of the day. Night fall comes and Timmy is thirsty, so he heads to the bathroom for a drink of water. When he leaves, the room with the doll opens. As he heads back to his room, he hears footsteps running downstairs. He takes his Light Gun and explores the house. It’s completely empty. The phone rings upstairs and as he’s about to answer it, a strange creature watches him from the window. Merry Christmas!

Gameplay: Walk around the home with your Light Gun. You can shoot it three times, but there is noting to shoot it on. I believe after enough time or when you’ve shot all three blades, the phone will ring.

Graphics: The game is dark and eerie. The home really resembles Christmas with the lights up, and it looks pretty. It’s creepy in a way since you have the darkness and the Christmas lights being the only source of light in most of the rooms.

Sound / Music: There is ominous music that plays in the background, along with some strange noises.


Story: The Colpo d’Aria (Hit of Air) is an endemic disease that can only be caught in Italy, just like Spaghetti Trees. It can cause muscular pain and stiffness. You have gifts to deliver to children of the town. Deliver presents to kids around the town and they may just give you a gift back, such as a gun. A dark story is revealed by the children as you deliver gifts to them. Apparently the children are taken to the church’s attic and left there. The journal of the children also reveal a lot of issues they have with their parents and how much they hate them.

Gameplay: Wake up, stretch it out, give yourself some nice autofellatio, and set off to deliver some gifts. Children live in igloos in what appears to be some space colony. You have to deliver gifts to five children. Each igloo you have to deliver to is marked with a green tree. In the church is a spider that takes a lot of shots to kill, and each time you shoot you lose some stamina. So, you may not be able to run after you kill it. But, you have to kill it to advance. You have unlimited ammo.

Graphics: Most of the assets are solid colors, and some assets are pixelated, such as your shadow. The style isn’t anything impressive. The village looks like mud.

Sound / Music: The floors are nice and sticky…I wonder why? They make such a nice sound when walking on them. The music is also really interesting and eerie.

Snow Swallowed Whole

Story: There is a blizzard outside and your car has broken down in front of an old cabin. Upon entering it, you go upstairs, only to be outside again. Two red glows in the distance draws you in. It’s a snow creature that eats you.

Gameplay: Just walk around and be devoured by the creature.

Graphics: It’s blindingly bright outside due to the snow, so you have your hand up to block some of the light and snow falling from the sky. The character appears to have a Santa suit on since it’s a plump red arm and black gloves.

Sound / Music: All you hear is the sound of the blizzard, even inside the home.

Cold Boot

Story: You laid dormant for what felt like an eternity, now you’ve awoken to a cold world, filled with creatures. The game has a story mode, but it wasn’t available when I played it.

Gameplay: In endless mode, you’re in a arena where spiders come from all sides. Shoot them with your gun. You have to manually reload. There are ammo and health pickups on the ground. The spiders will do damage to you quickly.

Graphics: The game is mostly shades of red and looks pretty bad, worse than a PS1 style, but resembles it somewhat.

Sound / Music: The game asks where you want your volume levels as soon as you open it. However, the volume is muted upon starting. There is some music in the background, but nothing too interesting. There is a horrific beep when you die.


Story: This is a sequel to the first game in this collection, RIVP-1. After building the radio last time, you’re going for something much crappier, a toilet! Get the seat, a flush handle, and tank. Upon doing so, you get flushed down.

Gameplay: The general mechanics of the game are identical to the first game, including going into graves. However, it has some cool new additions, such as a TV that opens up spitting out balls, creating a ball pit, for you to get to the opening you need. There are also more layers, so you’ll go down multiple floors.

Graphics: Just as crusty as ever.

Sound / Music: The music and ambience is identical to part one.

Frozen North Pole Station

Story: This is the fourth and final rest stop you make on your journey to the North Pole.

Gameplay: Walk around and talk with people. Only your friends are here. You can also walk on top of the water.

Graphics: The graphics look nice, with a PS1 style. It’s snowing heavily by the ocean. There is a boat in the ocean. Off in the distance you can see the North Pole, as the northern lights are above. Aurora Borealis? At this time of year? At this time of day? In this part of the country? Localized entirely within your kitchen? YES!

Sound / Music: There is some light ambient music playing in the background.

Game Info

Haunted PS1 Madvent Calendar 4: End of the Line
Developer: The Haunted PS1
Publisher: The Haunted PS1
Release Date: December 1, 2023
Platforms: Computer
Published: (updated: )


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