Haunted PS1 Madvent Calendar 2021

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The Haunted PS1 Madvent Calendar 2021 is a collection of 24 holiday-themed games that resemble PS1 titles.

The Haunted PS1 Madvent Calendar 2021 is the second installment in the Haunted PS1 Madvent Calendar. It’s a collection of PS1 style games, mostly with a Christmas theme. There are 24 games leading up to Christmas Day. The games vary in length. There is also a really cool trailer that’s included as the intro of the game.

A few of the games were incomplete in the collection, such as day 16 which was initially going to be “I Love Toys” by MapleSerum. But never made it to the final release due to time constraints and other issues. Furthermore, day 8 (BÅÅBÖSÅÅNGJÅÅR) and 17 (People’s Tree 2021 + Where’s Home?) were suppose to receive an update. I waited a few months for the update and nothing came. So, it may update later, or not at all. “Where’s Home?” was going to be included, but it’s missing from the collection due to not making it in time. On the game page for Where’s Home, it indicates it opens on December 25th, 2022. Guess I’ll have to revisit it later.

My personal favorites are BÅÅBÖSÅÅNGJÅÅR, JSON: VR Sandbox, Warped North, and Family.


Story: There is much more involved than last year’s edition of RIP. This time to exploration starts in what appears to be a garage, and then an apartment, but expands to a creepy cellar with spider webs, skulls, candles, and coffins. Upon getting to the final room, the man enters the coffin and closes it on himself. The whole time some strange static glitch like thing is chasing the character, making a weird sound.

Gameplay: Knock on walls and start ripping your way through them to drop down into the void, all while a strange static thing chases you. Getting hit by the static thing starts the level over again from where you last fell down.

Graphics: You want to move really far away from the screen since the graphics are so pixelated that it’s hard to see up close. So move away and look at it in a smaller window. It’s super pixelated and dark.

Sound / Music: The sound of ripping the walls open, walking, and moving through balls is all that’s heard. Oh that and the creepy glitch thing that chases you makes a weird noise.

Knight’s Fly

Story: A knight sets out on a nice fly to collect rings. Upon doing so, a giant knight falls to the island from the sky and destroys it. The perfect story.

Gameplay: Superman 64…Although it’s probably away better than Superman 64. Fly around collecting rings, going through gusts of wind to gain momentum. There are three special rings to collect, which is what you want to go after first since it allows you press a button to ascend, making it much easier since you gradually fall normally and landing on the ground makes you start over, but retain the rings you’ve collected.

Graphics: There are some Nintendo 64 resemblance, but has pretty good sharp graphics.

Sound / Music: There is a midi piano playing in the background, and you can change the song. There is also a nice sound of a breeze from the wind.

The Arrogance of Man

Story: On a snowy night, the character’s car shuts down and all they have are flares to traverse a path in a blizzard. They don’t have much time before death comes, but there is no avoiding it. At the end, they feel heavy and lay down. There is another ending when going as far as you can, and a car appears and hits the character.

Gameplay: Walk a path in the middle of a blizzard, as you slowly begin to freeze. Flares will keep you warm, so shoot them when you can, picking up more as they appear on the path. There are some emergency kits along the way in a box that have hand warmers. But, that eventually stops.

Graphics: The entire screen is red. That’s basically the only color in the game. It turns completely black when you run out of flares and are then unable to see.

Sound / Music: The only sound is that of the wind and shooting flares.

Banana Bam

Story: A banana must kills plant monsters. Why? No idea! It’s a top secret mission.

Gameplay: Play as a banana and run room to room and shoot 15 plant monsters within three minutes. It’s extremely short.

Graphics: Colorful and PS1 style graphics. Nice and blocky around the edges, but clear enough to tell what everything is.

Sound / Music: It has some groovy music to jam too when killing plants.

Gardens of a New World

Story: Winter Wise is back and in the same world as from last Artists of a Dead World year’s Madvent Calendar. Apparently a new world has formed, and some of the characters like it, while others do not. Everything seems off and out of place. At the end, a man named Duke blames Winter for the strange things happening in the world after he saw Winter sneaking around in the crypt district talking to witches. His dad is some weird creature. Winter then gets teleported to a black and white road with a long haired, four eyed monster with wings at the end that speaks a cryptic language.

Gameplay: Run around, finding characters to talk with. There is some difficult platforming, but it’s completely optional. There are TONS of secrets, and I didn’t even find them all. There is even a hidden QR code that goes to crouton.net at the very end if you turn around from the brick road.

Graphics: Cartoony graphics, with a PS1 feel. But what really makes it stand out is the endless looping of the environments. Want to get up higher? Fall and land on where you want to go since falling is endless and loops. This is how the secrets are found. There are a lot of stretched out textures, likely due to how the game constantly loops.

Sound / Music: There is some music that plays from certain spots depending on the location you are. But, it appears to come from a source, instead of a background element.

Shadow of the Elders

Story: The orphans of Elmoria are in need of presents. With an electric sleight, the playable character delivers them. Upon giving the gifts to them, a story is told, either by the kids, or maybe the character. It beings with “When I was a child, my mother would tell me bedtime stories about the world Elmoria.”

Elmoria is where the game takes place. The Elders put together the islands, and upon death would give birth to the children of the island. The Elders also left behind a powder called ‘shadow’ that the children would consume to take their place. They also developed telepathy and telekinesis.

However, the Alaraand Imperium seized control over ‘shadow’ and eventually made The Elders extinct. The emperor turned half the planet into cities. Nuclear war broke out due to corporate greed. And once the radiation subsided, harvesting for ‘shadow’ resumed. However, due to radiation, the drug mutated and turned the oppressors into Elder children.

This is the end of the story in the game, suggesting that the children that are being given presents are the Elder children that once took down the city.

Upon reaching the city, a line of Elders await with shotguns, with one at the end. The last gift, and as the box opens, it’s a new island. Indicating that these are the Elders, recreating their world.

Gameplay: Fly around in a ship, that controls extremely poorly. Collect gifts on the island, some are in weird spots that make it impossible to get. There are many island, but the only ones that are relevant are the first four to get the story. The number of kids on each island varies, as does the presents. After you’ve gotten the story, the signal light is available. Use it to find a spot far into the distance where it blinks fast. That is the city. The trip is so long to the city that it makes it seem almost pointless even going since it doesn’t feel like anything is happening. But, the sleigh will eventually get there.

Graphics: The terrain on the island are very blocky and rough, making it hard to land. The islands and water aren’t too impressive. But, the city is quite impressive to look at.

Sound / Music: There is some music, but not much. It’s decent, but nothing too special. It plays occasionally during certain points in the game. There is also the hilariously loud crash sound that the ship makes.

pier game

Story: The story is more of a short anecdote about autumn told in text when winding up a fishing rod that is connected to an open door of a lighthouse. Upon reaching the door, it slams and the game ends. The message reads as follows:

So, it was a few months ago, just at the end of summer. I always get anxious when it starts getting cold. I suppose I want summer to last just a bit longer. So I took an impulse trip to the beach just on my own. And I walked up the pier, and just sat there for a bit. Watching the waves. Felt the wind. Something draws you to the furthest point. There it’s just you. And the sea.

Gameplay: There is a fishing rod connected to an open door lighthouse. All you have to do is press the arrow keys clockwise in order to wide up the rod. It’s quite difficult with just the keyboard, which is why I bound the keys to the controller, and it’s still difficult.

Graphics: There really isn’t much involved here. It’s a cloudy day, and the fishing rod connected to the lighthouse has a red string. Both the hand and fishing rod look relatively real.

Sound / Music: A song plays when winding up the rod, and if you’re consistent with it, then you’ll be able to hear the song uninterrupted.

BÅÅBÖSÅÅNGJÅÅR (Korean for Idiot Box)

Story: You’re having a great time watching old VHS tapes of yourself doing some Christmas shopping at a mall. The strange people you meet make you feel nostalgia. There is no ending to this game. It’s a small mall with a few characters to talk to.

Gameplay: Run around the mall, talking to characters. There are some running shoes to move faster. The dialogue is very strange, and quite humorous.

Graphics: A unique art style with block-like characters, strange environment, and a VHS-like filter applied on the screen.

Sound / Music: There really isn’t much of any music or audio in general. There are some sound effects of the characters talking and you running, as well as mall ambience but that’s about it.

Madame Claudine’s Curious Curiousities

Story: A mysterious woman named Madame Claudine, who looks eerily similar to Granny from Zelda: Ocarina of time, has a Christmas present, but you have to work for it. Clean out her warehouse and she’ll reward you. Upon getting enough money for the Christmas present, she gives you a Big Mouth Billy Bass, how lovely!

There is also another ending, which is easier to get, which involves purchasing the lens of truth from her son in a side room of the warehouse, which also looks like a character from Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The son expresses extreme sadness from being here. Upon purchasing the lens of truth, you realize that everything you’ve been throwing away is actually human body parts, and the place you’re throwing it is a bunch of hands. Get close and the hands will take you too.

Gameplay: This reminds me of one of those idle clicker mobile games where you do a lot of work and buy workers and upgrades to make you earn more money at a faster rate. It’s basically like that, but the work is still tedious. You have three minutes to throw as much stuff into the endless hole as you can. Each item is worth 10 gems, so it takes awhile to get the 3,000 necessary for the Christmas gift. There are purple gems worth 50 gems to be found as well, which make it easier to get money since they respawn.

The gameplay mechanics and controls though are terrible. It drags on longer than it should, especially for the Christmas present. And, it’s so hard to pick stuff up and throw it. The items will go all over the place.

The man in the side room sells a bunch of cool stuff, like a cart, which is mostly useless, pegasus boots to run faster, and a power bracelet to throw things easier. All upgrades sound should similar to the Legend of Zelda games.

Graphics: It looks very similar to the Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo 64. Even the names of the upgrades are similar. It’s a nice style, but a bit dark.

Sound / Music: Even the music is a bit like Zelda games. Not quite, but the style is there.

JSON: VR Sandbox

Story: There really is no story. The game is mostly a simulation and wasn’t finished for the release of the Madvent Calendar.

Gameplay: There are multiple weapons that can be rewired and chained together with your phone. For instance, you could have a briefcase gun go off when a wire is tripped. This also applies to you, so if you need to get past an area, deactivate the items. You can reset the connection or chain one to another in an order that would not work or set off the gun. And you also have a standard pistol gun. There are various enemies to play around with and try different combinations with the weapons that are available. There are two stages, with the second one not being fully finished.

Graphics: The first stage is mostly all black and white with blocks. There isn’t much interesting about it. However, the second stage looks really cool.

Sound / Music: There is no music, just a few sound effects.


Story: Play as a baby possum and explore a haunted hotel lobby for artifacts from the past. There are various things to pickup to give to your friends and your mom, who is sick. There is nothing haunted about the lobby as nothing really happens.

Gameplay: Jump and run around looking for items to gather. It’s a short game with not much involved.

Graphics: The one really captures the PS1 vibe with the blocky crusty textures. The most horrific thing is the squirrel. Gosh that thing is creepy.

Sound / Music: There is an annoying and loud Christmas themed track that plays in the background. I’m not a big fan of it.

A Gift

Story: Some strange creature wants to open your gifts. Don’t let them!

Gameplay: Your gift is in the center and hands of different colors will come from various sides to steal your gift. Change the color of your light and shine it on the hand to make it go away. If the hand gets your gift, it’s over. It’s actually very easy and the lights turn on when it’s done.

Graphics: It’s pretty creepy looking, but nothing too special. It’s a simple room with a flashlight that you can change to various colors.

Sound / Music: The sound of the hands are really creepy. It’s directional and will indicate where the hand is in your headphones.

Extremely Cool Downhill Skiing with Jaska

Story: Boot up your old computer and play a skiing game while a sauna demon chases you. If you get hit by the demon, you die. Make it to the end and become the best skier, and the demon will still kill you. However, if you get a high enough score, the demon won’t kill you and you’ll wish for summer.

Gameplay: Ski down a hill while a demon chases you. You can move left and right to gain momentum, as well as jump and go off ramps to do cool tricks. Halfway through, the gameplay changes and you’re now viewing the game from behind the character. I never made it to this part since the controls and gameplay is so bad, that I kept falling off and getting killed.

Graphics: The game is played on a really old computer monitor from the 90s. Then when the game changes to when you are viewing the game from behind the character, it changes to playing on a PS1, with an old controller in hand and the screen is a red color. The screen slowly zooms in and out during both these segments.

Sound / Music: The boot up sounds of the computer are authentic sounding, and bring back the memories of the hum of the old computers. There is some 8-bit music that plays during the skiing session.


Story: A diorama about a brown dwarf. The story is told in text.

An immature amalgamation drifting through rotting clouds. An ember amongst ash, drawing to it moths. Those forgotten by the living, unneedingly perpetual. The Greatest Door was shut. Everyone left. Everything stayed behind. Heat death approaches. A calm quiet enveloping eternity. Eventual silence.

Gameplay: There really isn’t anything to do. It’s just a floating brown dwarf and text. Click the text to advance it.

Graphics: The planet is red and spinning, while something begins drifting towards the planet.

Sound / Music: There is a relaxing ambient track that plays during the entirety of the game.

Warped North

Story: An alien crash lands on an arctic continent, the North Pole. An AI companion named COOK.ie is connected to your cerebral cortex and grants you the ability of inflate, magnify, twist, drag, and revert. But tells you not to use on anything living. Naturally you disobey. The first elf greeter talks smack about you, saying that you’re so ugly that he wishes you died in the crash that you just had and are traumatized about. The elves don’t seem to like Santa. The game ends when the screen goes dark and an elf laughs after what sounds like stabbing the alien, saying that it’s his job to put a stop to this.

Gameplay: Use your otherworldly powers to destroy the elves. When you have killed them, you can revert them so they can experience the pain again, and again, and again. Well, that’s not all you do. It’s also a puzzle game where you use your various powers to solve puzzles, move objects, and press buttons.

Graphics: Icy cold snowy landscape with vivid purple colors. It looks pretty cool.

Sound / Music: There is no music, but the sound effects are pretty good and remind me of old N64 games.

A dream within a dream

This title was originally suppose to be “I Love Toys” by MapleSerum.

Story: There is no story.

Gameplay: Explore the mountain where all the Madvent game doors are. When you get to the top, it says, “Get out.”

Graphics: It’s cool to see the game doors up close, but there isn’t much else to see.

Sound / Music: The wind howls, that’s it.

People’s Tree 2021 + Where’s Home?

Story: There is no story.

Gameplay: There are two stages, but due to time constraints of the developer, “Where’s Home” didn’t make it by Christmas day. However, People’s Tree 2021 is a sequel from the prior year’s tree where you create ornaments with a message and put it on a tree for people to see.

Graphics: The tree is in a nice cozy room, safe and warm from the snow outside.

Sound / Music: There is a nice Christmas tune that play.

untitled (Egogia)

This game was unplayable because it would not connect.

Story: You find yourself in a strange black and white wireframe room with a strange television man type thing. He can exchange ego for various stat upgrade, such as increased vision, capacity, and activate additional terminals and open a door to leave. There is no end to the game since going through the door leads to a dead end with a message saying the map isn’t here.

Gameplay: Enter a terminal and collect little round balls, known as ego. They are often in a curved line, so follow them in 3D space to get as many as possible. Crashing into the walls, which is easy to do since everything is wireframe, will eventually take you back out. You can then exchange your ego points for upgrades.

Graphics: Everything is black and white and wireframe mode. There is some color of the terminals and when getting hit, but that’s about it.

Sound / Music: There is some interesting music in the game, very experimental.

Oberon’s Wake

Story: A game within a game. You’re in your cozy cabin from Down in the Dungeon and actually playing a PS1 game. But first, you put in some GameShark cheats to have unlimited health. The story of the game is about the King of Elfland’s demise and you taking over the area by killing all living things. Suddenly when playing the game, the power goes out and all you have is your dog Max to pet, and look at some old things from the 90s (it appears to be 1996). Take a nap by the fire for a bit, and the power comes back on.

Gameplay: Control Oberon who has three weapons, a pistol, shotgun, and machine gun. There is a cool down between each shot, besides the machine gun. Fly around avoiding enemy attacks, but you don’t really have to, but will still be stunned. The game is on rails, so it will move you as you kill the enemies in that area. Some of the enemies go off screen and it is problematic since you can no longer attack them.

Graphics: Very basic graphics for the game itself, but then much nicer and nostalgic when the power goes out. Looking at an old magazine, some familiar games appear from the N64, Genesis, and Gameboy.

Sound / Music: The audio of the game is rather low quality. It’s quiet and muffled. Nothing spectacular.

Gunshot Bride

Story: Chloe Föhn’s heart was stole by her soon to be husband on their wedding day. The only way she can get it back is to take 1,000 lives. However, when she kills a few of them the game ends.

Gameplay: The game is extremely short. You have a sword and gun, while endless swarms of robot spider enemies surround you. Slice them up and gun them down. There is also a tougher flying enemy too.

Graphics: The graphics are very good in this game. First it starts off with a black and white comic book style story telling, with the red blood being visible. Then it suddenly changes to a 3D game during dusk. Really nice graphics.

Sound / Music: There is faint music but is drowned out by sword swipes, gunshots, and enemy attacks.

Mother Christmas

Story: The police are interrogating someone about the last time they saw their mother. It was Christmas eve and he wanted to catch Santa delivering gifts. He hides behind the couch and watches someone approach the tree. He calls out and then suddenly both parents are on both sides of the couch scaring him. He had to choose one. Choosing daddy and he’ll say to the interrogator, “I went to daddy,” while choosing mommy leads to him saying, “I promise I’d never tell.”

Gameplay: All you do is move left and right on the couch, and press buttons. There really isn’t any gameplay here.

Graphics: The style is very low fidelity and blocky, and yet it maxes out my GPU and doesn’t run full speed. It’s also quite dark.

Sound / Music: The best part of the game is actually the audio. The sound design is very good. The gurgling sounds of the character talking, plus the creepy sounds made when the parents scare you.


Story: A young couple are driving to the boyfriend’s family’s home. The woman questions the man about the family, and realizes that the parents are gone, and the sister is in a. coma at home. The house was also built by slaves. Upon entering the house, the woman realizes something is off. The sister looks unnatural and smells rotten. At this point, there are three endings.

Ending 1 (GET OUT – Good) – The woman leaves the home.

Ending 2 (Confront him – Bad) – Both the man and woman leave the home as dogs starts following them. They start growling as the bman turns into a wolf.

Ending 3 (Keep it to myself – Bad) – The sister, like a zombie, gets out of the bed and starts craving flesh.

Gameplay: This is a text based adventure. Simply advance the story and make a few decisions.

Graphics: There are mostly still images with some videos that play in the background. There is a lot of images overlapping, giving it an even creepier effect. Some of the videos and image are creepy. For some reason, the game is not centered on the screen, but more on the left.

Sound / Music: The sound design is pretty creepy. While it’s just music, the sound picks up whent he tension rises.

Atlas Gate

Story: A traveler is on an island and wishes to escape. He finds a man who says to bring him three artifacts that are not of this world. Upon doing so, the man prepares a boat for the traveler to leave. If the traveler gave the man all things that are not of this world, he ends up at a lighthouse, otherwise the traveler may be stranded on the ocean.

Gameplay: Walk around, very slowly, and look for hard to find items scattered about. There are some that belong and others that don’t. It’s really not worth it to find the ones that don’t belong since the movement is so slow that it takes forever to travel the world. The traveler has a sword, but it really has no value besides slicing trees.

Graphics: The game is mostly all black and white, mostly gray. It appears like newspaper all over the map. There is also a weird border around the game which I had to crop out.

Sound / Music: There is just an ambient music track that plays in the background.

24 jingles to bell

Story: Santa drank too much (again) and crashed his pimp car into an island, scattering all the gifts. A reindeer offers to collect the presents. However, Santa leaves before the reindeer finds all the gifts, leaving him all alone on the island.

Gameplay: Another collect-a-thon. Go around a huge, massive, island and collects gifs. It’s so easy to get lost since the environment all looks the same. There are some landmarks, but the island is so large that it becomes impossible to find anything. The reindeer has a health bar and enemies will drain it, as well as fall damage.

Graphics: The art style is cool, but it’s not good for a game where you have to traverse a huge terrain. The character models are also not fully filled in, meaning there are separations in their designs, which is intentional.

Sound / Music: There is some light relaxing music that plays, in addition to nature sounds. It’s quite relaxing.

Game Info

Haunted PS1 Madvent Calendar 2021
Developer: The Haunted PS1
Publisher: The Haunted PS1
Release Date: December 1, 2021
Platforms: Computer
Published: (updated: )


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