Haunted PS1 Madvent Calendar 2020

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The Haunted PS1 Madvent Calendar 2020 is a collection of 24 holiday-themed games that resemble PS1 titles.

The Haunted PS1 Madvent Calendar 2020 is a collection of PS1 style games, mostly with a Christmas theme. It is similar to the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc 2020 but more of a Christmas theme. There are 24 games, one for each day in December leading up to Christmas, including a special bonus credits sequence. Some of the games are super short, while others are a bit longer.

This application is a front end for all the games, but unlike the 2020 Haunted Disc, the experience is a bit more streamlined. Although, it still loads up the games independently, but there are no longer any Unity settings that appears before some of the games.

My personal favorites are RIP, Godforsaken Hole Called…, HWÅJÏLGÜJÏ, SMS, Paralysis Penguin, Down in the Dungeon, and The Snow of Basidia.


Story: Explore what appears to be vacant apartments or homes ripping sheets and walls to get to a void to proceed to the next one. The game ends when going through enough rooms and returning back to the main room with the entrance open and lit up.

Gameplay: There are several rooms to find a spot of the wall or area to rip open to enter the void to get to the next area. To find it, the character can pound the wall to see if it’s tearable. The void can also change color if not tearing and pounding enough, returning the player to the beginning.

Graphics: Very much like a PS1 game where everything is blocky and blurry. It’s actually very hard to see what’s going on with how dark it is as well.

Sound / Music: There is no music, but a slight ambient sound in the background, with a nice tear and pound sound effect.

Screenplay in Autumn

Story: Beginning in Autumn, the character enters a bunker and tells his Japanese mother that he will return from war with medals. A few months later in Winter, he returns but his mother can barely see and hear him, and then he is gone. It ends with an applause from the audience.

Gameplay: When entering the bunker, there is a stage that the character stands on and text guides the story. When the text says to look at something or exit the stage, the character must do that to advance the story.

Graphics: Beautiful nature scenery, then the creepy looking bunker that has the stage inside of it. The props on the stage are 2D cardboard cut outs which still look quite amazing.

Sound / Music: There is a beautiful orchestra. track that plays on the nature scene, then ambient insect sounds when on the stage.

December 3rd

Story: It is December 3rd and a man is alone on a boat, riding around to remember what happened in the past and the loss of his parents, contemplating suicided before he ends it.

Gameplay: Ride around on a boat looking for three memories to complete the story, but it’s quite difficult to find on the ocean because it’s too dark. I was not able to find all the memories, so had to read them from a completed video.

Graphics: 20fps PS1 classic graphics! Looks identical to an old game. The snow looks like confetti, but it is dark out on the ocean.

Sound / Music: There is only ambiance of the boat engine and water, creating a relaxing environment.

Godforsaken Hole Called…

Story: There does not appear to be a story, but it uses a monologue called “Not I” by Samuel Beckett from 1973.

Gameplay: Control a ball and navigate a maze trying to get closer to the source of the voice of “Not I.” When the ball reaches it, a door opens where it has to navigate in reverse back to the start as the dialogue talks in reverse. When getting back to the beginning the maze switches up and there are columns of the lips from “Not I” and breathing in the background.

Graphics: Green and black is all you see. A mist covers the maze making it hard to see. The lips from “Not I” are quite creepy and unsettling.

Sound / Music: A dark ambience plays in the background with the echo of the marble ball hitting the edges of the maze. The voice of “Not I” is very weird if it’s the first time hearing it, even creepier in reverse.

Artists of a Dead World

Story: Not quite sure what the story is for this game. The playable character is Winter Wise and is in some kind of dungeon with a few other characters to talk with who indicate that certain districts are closed off. There is also an occasional earthquake.

There are four ways the game can end:

Ending 1 – Just explore the main rooms and go back to the entrance where you started and Duke stops you with his guards and says he doesn’t want you discover his base is a front for something more interesting.

Ending 2 – Jump over the fence in the computer room (very hard to do) and head into the green light and be transported to a floating platform room with weird letters (than can be decoded somehow).

Ending 3 – Everyone is gone and the screen has a static filter on it, but the computer gate is also gone so repeat the same steps for Ending 2 and be transported to a different room with a black and white bridge with a person who is being held up by what appears to be a crane.

Ending 4 – Everything is psychedelic and colorful, and the gates are gone, but not many places to go. Entering the door that was guarded leads to a black and white brick path with words indicating to not return here as there is nothing of value here or can be saved, but to remember what happened and not allow it to happen again.

Gameplay: First person view with super crazy jumps and platforming that has to be done to get to the secret areas. I am not a fan of that platforming since it’s quite difficult. But, just walk around and jump is pretty much it.

Graphics: Rather muted and blurry graphics until going for Ending 4 where everything gets psychedelic. There is a static filter on the game, almost like an old VHS.

Sound / Music: There is some music that plays in certain areas (mostly just ending 4), as well as a rumble of an earthquake. There is some ambients of a computer or some electrical system.

Six & Six

Story: It’s cold and the end of the world and you don’t have a care in the world. All you want to do is fish and see how long you can survive.

Gameplay: Fish, cook, eat, repeat (until you die). The more fish you catch and eat, the longer you will last, but will eventually freeze to death as the game closes.

Graphics: Grainy game that gets cloudier and blurrier as frostbite begins to set in.

Sound / Music: There is just an ambient wind, pond, and fire crackling sound. In addition to a very strange eat fish sound. 🤨

HWÅJÏLGÜJÏ (화질구지 Korean for Image Quality)

Story: An incident has occurred were a substance exploded and people were exposed to a substance that was described as not belonging to this world. Residents near the explosion site were advised to go to a shelter to eliminate any risks of chemical contamination. There are several characters in the shelter that don’t quite know who they are or why they are there but want to return to normal life.

It is later revealed that a man named Zach created an upgrade liquid that can upgrade the human the details and fidelity of whatever it’s applied to like upgrading the components of a computer. The main character encounters Zach who tells him that the work has begun and the work will be competed upon finding three metamorphosis. This metamorphosis he is referring to are people who have come into contact with this substance he created and was ‘upgraded.’ It is revealed in Zach’s journal that he created the explosion to generate new subjects.

Upon finding them all, the main character meets Zach who says that we are the catalyst who outperformed all the others and is suitable for his future works. He wants to enter into a new era and enhance all life to the new world.

Gameplay: Move the character with a weird camera that floats around. There is tons of reading in this game to get the story across. Talking to characters and reading journals will get the answers to the story.

Graphics: The colors and geometric shapes are wacky. Things are not quite right as it doesn’t quite make sense what you’re looking at. There are various filters that can be turned on and off in settings, such as PS1, VHS, and motion blur. I turned off motion blur but kept the others on, making the game look a bit muted and dull, which is the desired effect.

Sound / Music: The sound is very low, especially the music. The sound effects are louder, but the music is barely audible. The sound effects are relatively strange the further you progress in the game.

195 Hours in the Cold

Story: A man travels through the snow for days and reaches a bar he use to be at a long time ago, 195 Hours. Things are familiar, but some new things have been built. There is no one inside and things aren’t quite right as a strange music is playing. There seems to be some story regarding the character joining the Corps and the owner of the bar who had more sorrow than him. After going through a strange static door, everything is filled with static as a head connected to wires and machines awaits before the character. This is apparently the man’s father who died, and it appears the playable character has too.

Gameplay: Explore around in first person view collecting blocks of static to open the static door. Some of the static pieces are hidden, but there isn’t much to explore

Graphics: Amazing 3D graphics with lens flares and vibrant graphics. The graphics are quite impressive and definitely do not look like a PS1 game.

Sound / Music: Really weird music that plays in the background that you can’t figure out where it’s coming from. Everytime you get close, it’s not there.


Story: Our character is stuck on a train in the middle of nowhere that will no longer move, while we were on our way home. Our mother keeps texting us, worried, but we do not reply. Because of how worried she is, she comes to find us. It takes only a few seconds for her to find the train, get in, keep sending messages that she is inside getting closer to us. When she gets to the door, she asks us to meet her there. An untextured gray figure awaits at the door. Once we get to the door, she sends another message saying that we are now free from the horrible human. “Let’s go home, my little phone.” It appears she was the mother of the phone, not of the human.

Gameplay: Walk around answer SMS text messages from your mom. That’s it, until…mom appears.

Graphics: PS1 style with blocky textures, but it’s mostly dark.

Sound / Music: Classic text message sound and vibration of the phone, but then music picks up and it’s quite unsettling.

Paralysis Penguin

Story: Astro awakens and everyone tells him that grampa is coming soon. There are three areas. The first has a blue dog that tells Astro to save the minks before grampa gets there. The minks try to kill themselves supposedly, but after saving them, the dog puts a gun to his head and Astro awakens in a new area.

The second area contains Ninja Turtles and other characters that tell him that picking up penguins makes them paralyzed so he can stack them to get to higher places. Astro does and reaches a door to go to the third area.

The third area contains people around fire barrels. They all are excited to see grampa as he arrives. He’s a creepy old half-naked man with a fat belly that runs in the air, stretches his head out, and pushes it into our body. The game ends.

Gameplay: Move around in a three dimensional plane, but the camera does not rotate, which is incredibly strange. Just talk to some characters and pick up certain things. It’s pretty basic.

Graphics: Sharp, clear, and colorful graphics. The game looks really good if you like old cartoon-looking pixel graphics. Grampa is incredibly good looking.

Sound / Music: There is a weird ambient track that plays in the background, giving the game an eerie vibe. And the gasp of Astro waking up is really nice.

What Lies Within the Ice

Story: Travel a snowy forest until you find ruins. There is a red glow coming from the entrance to the temple with what appears to be an endless staircase going down. When finally reaching the bottom, a creature awakens from the ice with one eye and the game ends.

Gameplay: Travel around a maze of trees to find the temple. This part can be quite tedious since it takes awhile to find it, then once down in the temple, it’s just more walking.

Graphics: Slight PS1 style graphics with pixelation, but not too much. Overall looks pretty good.

Sound / Music: There isn’t much of any music, just some sounds of the trees blowing in the wind, along with a rumble of inside of the temple.

Eyes & Ears

Story: There is no story. The game is extremely short and ends when going outside into the rain near the fairies.

Gameplay: Use the directional arrows to move the camera in a fixed way. There are limited things to look at and it’s not really a game.

Graphics: Looks like a 3D modeled PS1 game. There are various models to use your eyes to look at, such as a fairy in a bottle, a frog, a fireplace, a wood doll on a stool, and Baldi’s Basics outside in the rain.

Sound / Music: There is an ambient hum in the background along with the sound of rain. Be sure to use your ears to listen closely!

You have reached the end

Story: There is no story immediately present. But the character is inside a dark cave and walks towards the light which turns out to be a waterfall. There is no way out, so they must turn around and go back, but it’s even darker. When approaching the darkness, the game ends.

Gameplay: Standing inside a dark cave, move around towards the light in a linear direction. Reach the end and turn around.

Graphics: Looks like a recording from an old camera. It’s pretty creepy. Also, the way the camera sways when moving left and right is really cool.

Sound / Music: The only real sound is the character’s footsteps walking, the waterfall, and a creepy ambience when having to turn back around.


Story: The character is in a teenager’s room, but it doesn’t appear to be his, rather a friend or sibling or something that he’s staying in. Nothing really happens until 10 minutes in where a rumble and light appear outside. Then the room gets psychedelic and really weird, filling with question marks, before the game eventually closes. The icon for the game in the launcher is an alien, so maybe an. alien invasion happened?

Gameplay: Explore the teenager’s room and look at various things for a speech blurb. There is also a small van that can be remote controlled to drive around the dirty room, and look at the porn under the bed. 😏

Graphics: The room is dark and the only thing lighting it up is the computer monitor. It’s hard to see and the room is mostly blue. Nothing really stands out about the graphics.

Sound / Music: There is no music until the alien invasion happens. Then the sound gets loud at there is a strange repeating bell sound.

Ski-street serenade

Story: A ghostly spirit sits on a bench and is very cold. He wand to be turned back into a human so he can play his accordion so he can make other happy. He feels happy after playing his accordion and then a Christmas tune plays.

Gameplay: Move around collecting three pieces of frozen fire, then three accordion parts to finish the game, all while avoiding a snowman that hunts you down. The snowman only moves when you are not looking at him.

Graphics: The colors are muted and there is a foggy haze. The snowman is pretty creepy, as is the accordion man’s big red nose. The frame rate of the accordion man is 10fps which gives him an interesting look.

Sound / Music: There is no music until the end where Christmas singing is happening. And the sound of picking up the frozen fire and accordion parts is a bit jarring.

Down in the Dungeon

Story: It’s December 16th, 1995 and it’s snowing outside and the character seems to be in a cabin in the woods. It’s filled with tons of old things that would be nostalgic for anyone who grew up in the 80s and 90s. These include an old TV with various shows and movies, a SNES with Yoshi’s Island, vinyl albums, computer with games such as Doom and SimCity 2000.

To end the game, get into bed after closing the doors to the bedroom. Fall asleep, then be awakened by your dog Max as he hops up on the bed.

Gameplay: Explore around the cabin interacting with various things. There is a secret door that is locked, and the key is hidden behind the couch. Inside the door is a cake that prompts the character to say, “The cake is a lie.”

Graphics: Jagged and classic PS1 style graphics with all the classic nostalgia of a PS1 game along with the old items in the cabin.

Sound / Music: There is no music besides the flute when the game begins and ends. Other music and sounds are from the fireplace, and interacting with the TV and computer where the station and games can be changed.

The People’s Tree

Story: There is no story. But, this game features a gigantic tree decorated with ornaments. These ornaments were written by other people. If I played this game earlier, I could’ve made one too with an icon and message.

Gameplay: Not really a game, but move around the tree and zoom in to see ornaments. Creating one allowed you to choose an ornament icon, who it was from, where the person who it’s from, and a message from that person.

Graphics: Even this game has PS1 style graphics with nice jagged edges.

Sound / Music: A nice Christmas tune plays when looking at the tree.

Far From Home

Story: A researcher that was investigating an underwater city went missing, and now a small personal submarine has to locate this researcher. It’s unclear if anyone is in the sub, or if it’s remote controlled. Along the way, there are various logs of the researcher indicating that they are running out of supplies, and it took them years to get to where they were. Calls for more supplies are not being fulfilled. At the end, the researcher is found, deceased.

Gameplay: Control a personal sub underwater and move it in all directions, mostly forward for the first part, then upwards during the second, while searching for logs to read about the researcher. The sub moves incredibly slow, so it takes awhile to get through he game.

Graphics: The water is clear, but the screen has an overlay to make it look like it’s through the perspective of an underwater camera. Other than that, the game is dark and the colors are muted.

Sound / Music: There is a calm track that plays in the background.

Winter Walk 2006

Story: You are a kid that plays a game on the PC. It’s a snowy game where you walk around, find a key to the next area, see a dead dear, and then lay down in the game to rest for a bit. When you do that, your dad knocks on your door telling you to go to sleep soon because you have to wake up early tomorrow.

Then the kids goes to sleep, and dreams of the game, except this time he is the character walking around. This time is different since the sky is unreal, and the deer, while still dead, the spirit is visible that says this doesn’t matter. When laying down to sleep, the spirit of the ‘kid’ is floating above the body and enters his chest. He does not look like a kid, but an adult man.

Gameplay: Move around and look at a few objects. The game is very simple and doesn’t involve much actual gameplay.

Graphics: A old computer monitor sits on a desk with a plant. The computer runs Windows XP and booting up the game from the desktop shortcut launches the game on the computer monitor. The brightness and volume of the monitor can be adjusted, as well as turned off. The frame rate and quality of the game is poor when played through the computer monitor, then maximizes and is in fullscreen when playing the dream version of the game.

Sound / Music: The music that plays in the snowy game is creepy and eerie.

Blanket of Snow

Story: A young girl (who is waring a skirt) wants to explore the vast snowy woods before she sleeps. She wrote that she wants to explore miles before she sleeps. She heads outside her cabin runs in the snow, exploring the vast snowy forest, seeing various things such as igloos that are inhabited, and a few other weird things. Finally in the distance is an igloo that has a hole of what appears to be blood below it. She jumps in, all the snow mets, and things get weird. She starts merging into a single pixel as a weird owl like creature forms on the screen.

Gameplay: Run around the snowy landscape with a girl that runs pretty slow. Her turning is also very slow, mostly with controller. She has a quick turn and a first person view as well.

Graphics: A PS1 style game with jagged edges. The frame rate of the game is smooth, but the girl moving is relatively low, creating a unique look. The girl is wearing colors that stand out and the environment is bright. Occasionally there will be a gust of snowy wind that interferes with the visibility for a few minutes.

Sound / Music: There is a strange ambient track that plays during the main game, then another one that plays during the lava / blood part.


Story: Notes are scattered about from 1853 that indicate a meteor landed on a small land mass. A group of researchers went to investigate and the natives left without a trace. A strange wooden statue of a creature appeared near the researchers camp. They didn’t think much of it since they thought it was from the locals. However, that creature soon comes to life for the playable character as notes are left in blood saying to stop investigating. Once the character finds the meteor, a bunch of the creatures appear, which are actually aliens, and their spacecraft appears from the sky in the typical three light fashion. 🛸

Gameplay: Collect various notes to progress the story, though I don’t think it’s necessary. Progress is made when getting the keys to unlock certain doors and the chest with a bone key.

Graphics: A PS1 style game with jagged edges, in addition to running at a frame rate of what PS1 game would run at. The colors are nice and it’s easy to differentiate objects. The monster is not too scary, but has three sets of teeth that can eat you alive.

Sound / Music: There is ominous ambient music that plays as the game progresses and the monster comes alive. The sound the monster makes is also a bit spooky.

The Snow of Basidia

Story: A small village is experiencing its first snowfall, which is very strange. It seemed to correlate with the time that the villagers opened the cavern doors. The snow appears to be coming out of the cavern instead of falling from the sky. Deep in the cavern is a strange fungus which then unleashes a load of spores upon the village. Everyone becomes infected and dies as fungus grows out of them.

Gameplay: Run around talking to your fellow villagers, and investigate the source of the “snow.” You cannot jump, but the character will jump on his own when near the edge.

Graphics: This is the Legend of Zelda for the N64. The graphics are very similar in style, as is the title screen and HUD. It’s really cool.

Sound / Music: There is a nice relaxing tune in the village, followed by an ominous one when the spores start infecting people.


Story: There is no story immediately present, but the character walks out from their home and into a black and white, abstract, snowy woods. The game ends when getting to a column of a weird black liquid or something. There might be more to the game, but I don’t know what that would be.

Gameplay: Run around looking at the scenery before entering the strange portal.

Graphics: Everything is black and white with an abstract environment and objects.

Sound / Music: There is the sound of wind and the sound of the portal with a liquid sound and voices.


Story: It’s Christmas eve and it’s you have to get home to be with your family in the morning. The only problem, there is a long road to get there and the Watcher will put you to sleep if you get too close. If you manage to make it home, congratulations!

Gameplay: Run away from the Watcher. It was very hard for me and I couldn’t complete it.

Graphics: The game is a bit cartoony looking, and gets very dark when your eyes start closing.

Sound / Music: Hoot. The watcher hoots when he’s nearby. Eventually the audio glitched and the hoots were chippy sounds.

Game Info

Haunted PS1 Madvent Calendar 2020
Developer: The Haunted PS1
Publisher: The Haunted PS1
Release Date: December 1, 2020
Platforms: Computer
Published: (updated: )


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