Haunted PS1 Demo Disc 2021

Video Description

The Haunted PS1 Demo Disc 2021 is a collection of 27 game demos that resemble PS1 titles.

The Haunted PS1 Demo Disc 2021 is a collection of 27 game demos that resemble, or closely resemble, PlayStation 1 titles. This is a huge increase over 2020’s collection of 18 games, which was still quite hefty. The games will vary in art style, sound, and gameplay. Some will look just like a PS1 title, while others will be N64, or even more modern titles. There are two secret games in this collection.

The launcher is also a brand new experience. The old one was just a list of games, but this one is its own game pretty much. There is a freeplay mode, but there is an actual showcase area with all the games. You start outside, make your way in and are greeted by Skully, then go through three floors of games that all have a room that resembles the game. A checkmark appears when you have played a game at least once.

There is a bit of backstory for the launcher as well which states:

The horrific times you had with the DEMO DISC 2020 are nothing more than a painful memory. It’s been a year – life has gone on. You’ve survived. It’s over. 

Or so you thought.

Yet now you awake to find yourself in a room swathed in shadow, the memories of your arrival much too painful to confront in your uncertain state. The room is empty – save for one thing. A stone pedestal, nakedly imposing. Something wants you to approach. 

And you do. 

On the pedestal lies a lone, cracked jewel case. Your fingers run across the surface…


Without warning the darkness dies, sickly light flooding the room, and you find yourself in a massive building of stone walls and marble pillars. The air is cold yet stuffy, as if you breathe gaseous dust. A showcase – you stand within a showcase, a showcase of curious remnants of the culture outside this place, of the culture you’ll never return to, and the shapes within the displays sting your eyes like glass needles…

Twenty five horrifying games…

Haunted PS1 Demo Disc 2021

My personal favorites are The Lunar Effect, That Which Gave Chase, Peeb Adventures, Pathogen-X, Mummy Sandbox, Risu, Fiend’s Isle, The Chameleon, Agony of a Dying MMO, The Heilwald Loophole, JANITOR BLEEDS, Still Ridge, and Loveland.

Agony of a Dying MMO

Agony of a Dying MMO

Story: These are the final moments of a once popular MMO (name: “Garden of Widows”) before the servers are shut down in just 12 hours. See the rude and toxic interactions among the characters, the dark personal stories that are told. Things get pretty dark and reference suicide, death, mutilation, and even furry sex (which was cut out of a later release of the game). There is a common theme between the players looking for Adam, which they are unsure if he exists or not. The search for Adam has caused people to go crazy.

There are two versions of the game, one is the NSFW mode, the other being the streamer safe mode that cuts out all the really bad stuff. But with the recent change in the game after it was released, there isn’t much that changes between the modes. The full NSFW version is available from another user on YouTube.

Gameplay: This really isn’t a game. There is limited gameplay of moving around and talking to characters, and going to a certain place to advance the story. But, mostly it’s not a game.

Graphics: The colors are super vibrant and sharp, creating a really intense look. There is also an opening cutscene of a real person in front of the game.

Sound / Music: The music is actually quite good, especially towards the end. As things get darker, the music gets even better and atmospheric.

An Outcry

An Outcry

Story: A person that prefer to be unnamed, struggling with their body, gender identity, and mental health. This person does not go by he or she, but rather they/them. The unnamed is a non-binary person, living in an apartment and is poor. They can barely pay the rent. Their neighbors all have issues with themselves, or are hateful towards Unnamed.

Unnamed leaves one day but forgets their cigarettes, lighter, and keys, all of which are essential accessories, due to them being addicted to smoking. They ask their neighbors for cigarettes to satisfy their addiction, but all of them deny Unnamed’s request, except for Anne, which is one of their friends. Anne gives Unnamed a lighter and says to ask another neighbor for cigarettes. This neighbor does not like Unnamed and discriminates against them. Despite that, he rolls his own cigarettes and gives Unnamed a whole pack.

With that, Unnamed heads outside and reminiscences at the sights of the driving traffic and buildings. They go to the other side of the building to smoke. Suddenly a cry comes out of nowhere – an outcry. Unnamed can choose to ignore it or follow it. Ignore is not available in the demo and is a different route. Follow is the only option in the demo.

Upon doing so, a strange bird beings talking to Unnamed, words almost threatening. Unnamed runs back to Anne, who comforts them a bit, and admits to also hearing the outcry. She then calls a locksmith who appears immediately and unlocks Unnamed’s door and leaves it open. Upon going into the apartment, Unnamed goes to sleep with the radio on, while the bird hijacks the station.

The demo ends there.

Gameplay: It’s a heavily story-based game and thus doesn’t have much gameplay. There are mostly just dialogue segments with some choices. These choices in the full version would change the story. It was also made in a RPG maker application, so you have an inventory and can save at any point.

Graphics: This is a RPG maker style game so it’s mostly sprites and images. The game runs in a small resolution, but can go fullscreen and looks sharp.

Sound / Music: There is some light music in the game, and it’s pretty good. There is even a soundtrack on Bandcamp. There is no voice acting, however, which would’ve been great.



Story: Shed flesh and be born anew. The seeker looks for answers, and finds a chained up heart that needs to be released, and touching them tears off the chains. Navigate through bloody, pulsating organs. The demo ends when going through a door of a body and heading down the flesh elevator with mouths.

Gameplay: The game has tank controls with a mostly fixed camera angle per screen. Climb to the top of the building, fall down, and shed your flesh? That’s it.

Graphics: The graphics are not too great, but that’s what you’d expect for a PS1 style title. The colors are also all red, without much variation. Like a red tint across the screen. It does eventually change slightly with some blue, but it’s not much.

Sound / Music: There is mostly ambience that plays with mechanical noises.

Chasing Static

Chasing Static

Story: A man named Chris drivers to a nearby cafe in the middle of the night. He meets a woman named Aneira who runs the cafe when suddenly the power goes out. When he fixes it and returns to Aneira, she is up along the ceiling and looks possessed. He passes out and the power is out again and the cafe messed up. A mysterious phone call tells him not to go to the woods. There are some strange glowing green spores in the woods. He heads into an underground bunker when the demo ends.

Reading his grandfather’s notebook reveals the story: There was an experiment with some radioactive or other toxic substance and his unit had to take shelter in an underground bunker. They thought the cafe may have been the source of the exposure of the toxic substance. The government covered up the incident.

Gameplay: Run around and solve some minor puzzles. There isn’t much else in the demo. There is an inventory system, and you can use some items.

Graphics: The graphics are a bit PS1 style, and the characters looks quite strange. Almost like 3D and like a real face merged together. The environment is quite dark.

Sound / Music: There isn’t much of any music in the game, but mostly just a steady ambient sound that plays throughout.



Story: The game takes place in the future where artificial intelligence has become so intelligent that one cannot discern reality from an algorithmically generated reality. This generated reality is known as an echo and within it are the person’s needs and desires. People come to Enigma to relax and dive into their echo, leaving their core behind, which is their soul and what makes the human, what is sought after for AI development. The program that generates the realities within the echo is known as ‘Her.’

The lead scientist of Enigma’s Echo project experiences a problem with a cyber-attack one of their customers in the chamber. The engineer dives into their dreamscape, which is an explorable representation of the subconscious mind. He discovers something is not right as the dreamscape merges with the Her. The core then vanishes. Behind all this was actually the engineer himself who was controlled by Her and allowed Her to take over the subject.

Gameplay: Use the computer terminal and type the things that are in brackets [LIKE THIS]. There are moments when going into the user’s dreamscape that you have one minute to explore the dream and find clues as to what to do next. This is a 3D environment.

Graphics: The 3D environments segments inside the dreamscape look like an old VHS tape, while the main lobby looks like a modern game. Quite a difference with the looks. Also has a similar look to a vaporwave video.

Sound / Music: Music is quite amazing, almost like a vaporwave track that plays in the lobby. Inside the dreamscape just has ambience.

Fiend’s Isle

Fiend's Isle

Story: There is no story that is apparent. But, fight your way through various enemies, get the key, and exit through the door where the game ends.

Gameplay: This game is based off of King’s Field, which I’ve never played. There are many similarities between that game and this one. It is a roguelike, so the levels are randomly generated. Get herbs from the ground to heal yourself, fight slimes, worms, and skeletons (including a rare purple Skully). Go across bridges and traverse through deadly obstacles that will kill you in one hit. There are various weapons, but the best one is the mace that is acquired by offering two coins from the slimes to the well. It will kill all enemies in one hit.

Graphics: It does a great job resembling a PS1 game, and even has various dithering settings to choose from.

Sound / Music: The music in the game is so nice and relaxing. You can listen to it to relieve stress and just relax for a bit.

Ghastly Goodies

Ghastly Goodies

Story: Your parents drop you off late at night to a mansion that offers free candy on Halloween. You can play as two characters, Pete or Sarah. Venture into the mansion to collect candy while solving puzzles as a demon chases after you. Can you make it out alive?

Gameplay: Control your character, with tank controls. Collect as much candy as you can, it is Halloween after all. After some time a demon will begin to chase you. Avoid the best you can, while picking up key items to solve the puzzles. The puzzles are not too difficult in the game, but they are fun.

Graphics: It does look like a PS1 title with pixelated graphics. It is quite colorful, yet dark at the same time. It reminds me of an older game, 40 Winks, for some reason. Just the graphics and sound I suppose.

Sound / Music: The music fits the game perfectly to be honest. It sounds like a nice Halloween tune to eat a bunch of candy to. Hard to describe.



Story: Multiple people have gone missing deep along side of a forest road, and only their car was found. Near the car is an abandoned arcade game center. A strange arcade machine known as Janitor Bleeds is in the bathroom. When playing the game, a weird pixelated, corrupted looking creature appears and the janitor is absorbed by it. The creature is now roaming around the game center, and the character must avoid it. The janitor can also use a special portal to allow the transfer of objects, such as keys, from the arcade machine to the person playing it.

Gameplay: Run around the arcade center and look out for coins to play the arcade game. There are multiple levels where you play as a janitor, cleaning up trash. When the creature devours the janitor, you must run and hide from thecreature outside the arcade machine. Collect keys to unlock various doors and escape thecreature.

Graphics: The graphics are pretty good in this game, even a bit graphic intensive at times. The darkness and pixelated look makes it extra creepy. Then on the arcade machine, it looks like a typical old arcade game. The corruptioncreature is unsettling since you can’t make out what it is.

Sound / Music: There isn’t much music in the game, and when it does pick up, it is quite ominous. The sound effects make the atmosphere unsettling.

Lorn’s Lure

Lorn's Lure

Story: A android is trapped in a vast structure due to a glitch in his visual system. It’s been 253 years with no way out. Help guide the android out of there.

Gameplay: Control the android and navigate platforms that are small and spread apart. Platform is precise and challenging. But checkpoints are generous. A hook pickup is later acquired that allows navigation up walls. However, energy is limited so moves must be planned carefully to ensure that you can make it. The android can walk (since the default is run and it’s very fast and floaty), jump, and restart with the press of a button. There are hints to help with navigation, and they are helpful.

Graphics: The graphics are really nice with this one, although relatively dark and muted colors. The textures are both sharp and like an older system. It’s hard to explain, but it’s a unique look.

Sound / Music: The sound is mostly ambient music that plays in the background. There isn’t much else.



Story: People have gone missing in a trailer park. An investigator is hired to find the people. When he arrives, the homes are empty and the park is filled with frogs. He discovers that people in this park have been making frogshine from frog snot to get high. They got so high that they looked up to the frogs as gods, and wanted to be the vessel for the frogs to lay their eggs and hatch inside their bodies. Spiders were also found in one of the trailers with a man wrapped up in a cocoon.

Gameplay: Go around the trailer park, picking up items and investigating journals of what happened to the people.

Graphics: The look is mostly one pallet during the night, and thus doesn’t have too much color. It does give off a PS1 style as the textures are also a bit muddy and low-poly.

Sound / Music: There is only the sound of crickets. There are some scary sounds that appear from time to time, and it can be quite startling.

Mummy Sandbox

Mummy Sandbox

Story: Control a strange mummy as it tries to find all the missing pieces to rebuild itself. Start by being a single piece of mummy wrap on a tree, gather an eyeball and venture out to find other pieces of mummy wrap and accessories.

Gameplay: The mummy needs mummy wrap, and the more it collects, the faster it goes. Start digging for it and uncover bones of past people and rebuild their skeleton, and most importantly, find a way to get their accessories. There are multiple items that will allow you to get the items from the characters to solve puzzles. There are a few accessories as well such as shovel hands that allow you to dig faster and build sandcastles to climb higher. There are also spring boots that allow you to jump. If you get stuck by digging yourself into a hole, you can reset your position.

Graphics: The visuals are quite strange with this one. Since you’re in a sandbox, everything is mostly bland, but there are some vibrant colors. Everything is cloudy until you get the glasses which allow you to see clearly.

Sound / Music: The music is a bit strange and comes and goes, but does pick up a bit after getting the glasses.



Story: The goal is to retrieve the vaccine from the storage room as quickly as possible and return to the cargo elevator. However, mutants have taken control of the lab and killed all our comrades.

I got close to finishing the game, but not quite. It was a bit too difficult for me. But upon completing it, the game ends and unlocks shuffle mode which makes it even harder I’d imagine.

Gameplay: The level is completely randomly generated, and each time you play will be a new experience. There are enemies in every room, including a Skully. The goal is to not get hit, get points by killing enemies and Skully, and make it out alive, but it’s difficult. There are a few weapons, but like a classic survival horror game, the ammo and health are scarce. There is a helpful map to look at to find your key card to get to the vaccine. You can dodge enemies, but there is a limited time after the dodge that the enemies can attack you. Upon getting the vaccine, the enemies respawn, including gigantic pink ones. Our comrade mentioned a powerful weapon to take care of them, but it’s hard to find.

Graphics: It reminds me of a PSP game. The enemies explode in blood, and the environments look really cool. It’s very much like a Resident Evil game as well, even with the doors opening.

Sound / Music: The music is really tense and picks up dramatically once you get the vaccine and the big pink mutants appear.

Peeb Adventures

Peeb Adventures

Story: Peeb was banished by a mysterious entity in his own video game and has to escape the back-code. Peeb ventures into the monkey king lair (after he kills him with bananas of course) and finds a hacker that will destroy the game so Peeb cannot succeed. In his attempt to do so, Peeb teleports to a strange land with various worlds for him to explore.

There are plenty of secrets in the game, such as hidden keys, a Skully room, a dev room, and a witch’s hat. I’m sure there are more that I wasn’t able to find.

Gameplay: Erect your boner and act like Spiderman by shooting a sticky web with it. Err…I mean his grappling hook. So Peeb is a character that somewhat resembles Q*bert. He walks around, does some platforming, shoots his grappling hook, and erects his boner anytime he wants. There are a few obstacles, but nothing too difficult. The hardest thing besides Peeb’s boner is the floatyness of him moving and jumping, which makes it difficult to control at times.

Graphics: A nice colorful land, filled with many comedic things. I like the look of the environments. It reminds me more of a N64 platform game, but with more boners.

Sound / Music: Boner, boner, PENIS! Just keep erecting the boner and that’s the best sound of all. The music closely resembles Donkey Kong 64.

Protagoras Bleeds

Protagoras Bleeds

Story: A man and woman drive away from a bad town and their car breaks down in front of an old motel. Waking up from a scream in the middle of the night, the man searches the motel and finds a strange creature with a television for a head. When gathering the necessary keys, he makes his way behind the reception desk, and through the door, where the demo ends.

Gameplay: The game is similar to Resident Evil. As this is a puzzle game, you have to find items and combine and use them in the right spots. Instead of herbs, there are syringes filled with strange liquid. Ammo is limited and the TV heads take a few shots to kill, but they don’t really die, but instead just go down.

Graphics: The style of the game is super pixelated and give off an old PS1 style vibe. The character’s faces are also quite strange to look at.

Sound / Music: There really is no music in the game. It’s mostly ambience and creepy TV sounds from the TV men.



Story: A high school girl named Risu Ishikawa is in an abandoned school and something just happened prior to the start of the demo. A strange blue mist blocks her path upstairs and she must explore to find the tools necessary to get past it. After going upstairs, she finds a basketball court. Suddenly a demon starts attacking her. One hit and the demo is over.

Gameplay: This is mostly a puzzle game where you find items, combine them, and use them on various objects to progress. During the boss fight, there is no fighting, but rather dodging the light orbs.

Graphics: The style is really cool. It looks really old and blocky, and has a creepy dark filter applied to it. Certainly one of the most atmospheric and creepiest looking titles.

Sound / Music: There is no music until the boss fight, where an amazing track from the KFC Murder Chicks plays. It is an edited version of “What’s Inside Your Mind.” DJ Rozwell is the person behind KFC Murder Chicks.

Still Ridge

Still Ridge

Story: A P.T. inspired horror game. P.T. was the name of the playable teaser for a Silent Hill game that was later cancelled. This game is about a man in a house that continuously loops. After traversing through multiple loops and going through the front door, the character awakens in a diner named D’s Diner. The employee tells him that he is in Still Ridge. The town has a strange history where a murder occurred, and superstitious phenomena happen. The character said he came to the town because he received a strange letter in the mail mentioning things that only a few people who know him well would know. Towards the end of the demo, the character’s dream and reality begin to blur. He pulls out a photo that he assembled in his dream, and a man walks in that was in his dream. Was it really a dream?

Gameplay: This is mostly a point and click puzzle game. Being in a hallway that continuously loops, you must solve puzzles for that iteration of the loop. The main puzzle mostly involves the clock and setting the time to unlock the door.

Graphics: The textures are nice and pixelated. And the environment is relatively dark and plain. The main character has no face. It’s almost intentionally blocked out, very dark and hard to see. However, the server at the diner has a real person’s face on his face, and it’s very detailed.

Sound / Music: There really is no music and barely any sound effects. It’s a relatively quiet game with mostly a few sounds.

That Which Gave Chase

That Which Gave Chase

Story: A sled dog musher is hired to transport a strange scientist into the mountains. Immediately things are strange as it’s almost like time skips. The musher goes to a cabin, but right as he’s entering it, he’s transported outside surrounded by trees and snow with a gun. The dogs have gone missing, and something is shooting him. Then suddenly the scientist is shooting an animal. As they begin mushing again, the scientist disappears.

Gameplay: Mush but hold on tight. The sleigh can be wobbly at times, but is relatively easy to control. If you fall off, get back on. Other than that, it’s mostly just movement.

Graphics: I really like the look of the scientist. He’s a bit creepy looking, but looks a bit real in a way. The graphics are also quite pixelated and fit the strange atmosphere.

Sound / Music: The ambience in this game give it an unsettling feeling. Not knowing what’s happening, while the scenes change is quite creepy.

The Chameleon

The Chameleon

Story: A man with super human powers is being held captive in a facility. He is a test subject and his mission is to escape the facility. Guards are on high alert to avoid this, but the chameleon is too strong.

Gameplay: Sneak around and avoid the guards, while trying to collect energy and new powers. The Cameleon has limited energy, and any abilities, including running, uses it. You can collect additional energy capsules, but it raises it so little, so you’ll need a lot of them to notice anything of significance.

You can punch enemies to kill them, but they can punch you as well, resulting in an instant death. Be careful since punching uses energy, and if you don’t have energy, you cannot punch. You can even camouflage as the enemy for a brief period of time. Whistle to see if any enemies are near you and to attract them – then punch them. The demo ends when you use the dash ability to get across an electric panel. My game glitched out right before I dashed over – when I died on the electric panel.

There is a secret room with a password, but apparent it doesn’t do anything in the demo version. Furthermore, turning on all the faucets in the bathroom also appears to be a secret.

Graphics: There are two graphic settings, 1994 and 2001. The default is 1994, which was slightly after the PS1 was released, and thus, it looks like a game from that era. There are some vibrant colors that make the game look really neat too.

Sound / Music: There is some nice 70s music that plays from time to time. It’s not often, but mostly seems to play when there are enemies nearby.

The Drowning Machine

The Drowning Machine

Story: Aidan and Charlie (the developers of the game) began working on it until Charlie passed away. Aidan is working on finishing it to commemorate his passing friend. There are three chapters to play, each one is a poem written by Charlie. It is quite a sad story, and does touch on deeper issues. The first playable chapter is a story about a bird that fell out of a nest and didn’t stand a chance to live. The second is about being kicked out of the home and being a wanderer. And the final is a eulogy that Aidan wrote about his best friend’s passing.

Gameplay: Walk around reading the text that appears on the screen while also reading text messages and collecting notes to solve a small puzzle. Each chapter is a poem and tells a story, and the gameplay is secondary.

Graphics: Much of the game is in black and white, with some red text here and there. There are lots of jagged edges to simulate the PS1 style, which it does good at.

Sound / Music: Much of the game is just ambience. There is some music on the menu as well as voice acting during the eulogy.

The Heilwald Loophole

The Heilwald Loophole

Story: The Heilwald Klinikum, a hospital in Germany, was a reliable facility until a weird loophole appeared. The playable character is in a prison in the hospital, and Dr. Randolph is concerned. The doctor has a talk with the patient and says he wants to take out his liver. Multiple endings now come into play:

I – Run away from the doctor, but he eventually catches up to you.

II – Let the doctor remove your liver.

The only way to successfully escape the patient is to grab a syringe and use it on the doctor, killing him. After this segment, you move into the sickward, where there is a needy neglected patient that needs water, and nurse Heideltraut. There are multiple endings here too.

III – Get the crowbar, and get caught by the nurse.

IV – Don’t get the neglected patient a glass of water, and get caught by the nurse.

V – Grab the crowbar, and tear down the wood on the door and escape.

Gameplay: This is mostly a running and puzzle game. Run around looking for a way to deal with the problem of someone chasing you. Solve the puzzle and move onto the next area.

Graphics: Wobbly textures and a PS1 style. This one simulates the experience perfectly of a PS1 game. The atmosphere is quite dark, but what would you expect from a evil hospital.

Sound / Music: There is music when things start to chase you, and it’s rather unsettling. The voices of the characters is also rather creepy. There is subtitles for their dialogue, but they will occasionally speak English.

The Lunar Effect

The Lunar Effect

Story: A man wakes up in an old mansion from the early 1900s. He discovers a lot of books about a researcher who was studying something, some creature, and his family wanted him to stop being so obsessed by it. All the windows were boarded up. Perhaps it was some werewolf. As he continues to explore, a strange humanoid-like creature approaches him.

There are two endings. The first is escaping the creature by hiding in the dumbwaiter, while it knocks and tries to come in. Or by getting hit by the creature and everything restarts.

Gameplay: This plays much like a Resident Evil game. There are even door animations. The controls though, not so much. It’s a bit hard to move the character around as he’s sometimes too fast and I didn’t find a way to make him just walk. There is even an inventory to store key items. There are quite a few puzzles to solve, none of which are too tricky, but just the right difficulty. The one codex puzzle I did with two of the letter V actually made a W (VV).

Graphics: The ascetics are on point with a classic PS1, Resident Evil title. Everything has dark textures and it fits the atmosphere perfectly.

Sound / Music: The music is most ambient tracks, but it fits the theme of the game perfectly.

The Salt Order

The Salt Order

Story: Using the power of salt to ward of demons, the prisoner, captured by witches, must enter the realm of the endless tree and reclaim the ancient grimoire. Upon getting to the church, the prisoner goes through it into the realm of the endless tree. He is then cursed, and must find a cure. The demo ends.

Gameplay: Draw lines of sale on the ground to ward of the demons. They are fast and will often go around the salt unless you draw a straight line or a circle around it. The game cane be quite frustrating at times, but is relatively simple to play.

Graphics: This game is dark, and it’s hard to see what’s going on. The demons are also quite creepy, which are also difficult to see.

Sound / Music: There is just ambience that plays in the background, with some light music when the game ends.



Story: There is no story. But something weird does happen if you find the secret underground elevator. Use the lightbulb and go inside the dark room and find a secret elevator below the level. Things start to get strange in a new area. It takes you to a new place where there are two large baby like creatures. As the come towards you, the game ends.

Gameplay: Similar to Gmod (Garry’s Mod), this is a sandbox type game where you place objects and build a map. You can spawn various things. There is also a God mode that allows you to go through objects, up and down. You can use a rope, light bulb, thruster, weld, grapple, camera, wheel, balloon, remove, scale, no collide, and spawn various objects and use those tools on various objects. The physics are crazy with this one, and that’s what makes it so fun. Skully didn’t like.

Graphics: The graphics aren’t really anything special. They are a bit crusty, but that’s what it is intended to look like. The game is graphic intensive so it maxes out the GPU easily and lags out the game.

Sound / Music: There is basically no music in the game, just sound effects that are similar to Gmod. There is some weird sound that comes in when going down towards the secret place.

Toree 3D

Toree 3D

Story: Toree, a duck on a mission, is…uhhh…well what mission does Toree have? No idea. The duck traverses through a happy world, but there is a glitch in the system. Things start turning evil and not as bright as cheery as it seems.

Gameplay: Control Toree in this platformer, collecting stars, killing enemies, escaping the glitches. A typical platformer. It’s quite fast paced. Collecting stars don’t do anything, and getting them all doesn’t unlock anything.

Graphics: Everything is bright and cheery!

Sound / Music: The music fits the game so well, bright and cheery. The sound effects are also cute. But, when a glitch appears, things get dark.

散歩 – Walk

散歩 - Walk

Story: A young girl is returning home late at night as she is hunted by a demon, almost like a combination of the grudge and a harpy. She must collect enough money to get the key in a vending machine. After she does this, the monster chases her to her home. She thought it was safe, but upon leaving her home, the harpy devours her.

The second ending is getting home and feeling the vibration of the controller around the TV. This vibration is morse code where you have to type ‘channel 2’ in front of the TV to be teleported to an island with an erupting volcano and a column of light. As the character approaches the column of light, a staircase emerges and the harpies begin their attack. One picks up the character and drops them. Suddenly the character is a Finnish man, and the Sauna2000 logo and man appear singing a song.

Gameplay: Control the young girl, running and hiding away from the strange creature. There are a few items to pickup and interact with, but it’s mostly running and hiding. She runs slow and it’s easy to run into walls. She also stops running with each new screen.

Graphics: The game runs in a small window with no option to make it fullscreen. How it looks is quite spooky since it looks like an old VHS tape, almost like you’re watching the girl try to get home as a monster chases her.

Sound / Music: There is no music until the creatures starts to get closer, where there is some electronic that plays. There is also other creepy music that plays during the second ending near the volcano, not to mention the vocal track by the Finnish man.

ARD: Anomalous Research Department

Story: There is no story present in the game, but according to the itch.io page, an abandoned computer was found in the basement of a local community college. The purpose is unknown. As the person explores the computer’s emails and files, things get strange and haunted images appear. Then a strange video of a man with an upside head. Then an email hijacks the computer with an image of a skeleton that reads, “The light of HIS birth shall spill forth.” The computer shuts down.

Gameplay: Basically just click on various emails to unlocked the associated image to match it. There are a few haunted images, as well as a few backgrounds to change the computer theme to. Additionally, there is a 3D maze that gets possessed after a few minutes. Then play the video, but it’s actually a game. A person is in a motel with someone held hostage in the bathtub. An upside down headed man appears and the video ends.

Graphics: The computer graphics are quite realistic and really give off an old computer vibe. The video portion of the game is also really creepy looking.

Sound / Music: The sounds the computer make are quite realistic since it has a hum and motor sounds of the HDD being accessed. There is some music as well that appears during the maze portion of the game.

Super Skully 3D: Skully’s Nightmare

Story: Skully, the mascot of the Hunted PS1, is so tempted by the power button on the PlayStation 1 system that he presses it and gets sucked into the disc drive. He then appears in a colorful world of fun, having to scale the mountain to get out of the nightmare. When he gets out, he finds himself in front of the PlayStation 1, ready to go again.

Gameplay: This is a platformer where Skully has to collect 15 pieces of a CD to enter through the door at the top of the mountain. Skully can also throw his head to reach further places that are blocked by water, and stepping on a checkpoint pad will bring his body back to him. The controls are quite annoying and the camera doesn’t work in your favor. Dying is very easy, and some areas are quite infuriating. The camera is super sensitive with a controller, so I had to turn it down.

Graphics: Bright and colorful, not scary at all. The only thing scary is the controls and gameplay!

Sound / Music: Cute music plays, but it gets repetitive really fast.

Game Info

Haunted PS1 Demo Disc 2021 (Cover)
Developer: The Haunted PS1
Publisher: The Haunted PS1
Release Date: March 25, 2021
Platforms: Computer
Published: (updated: )


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