Haunted PS1 Demo Disc 2020

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The Haunted PS1 Demo Disc 2020 is a collection of 18 game demos that resemble PS1 titles.

While not a physical disc, the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc 2020 is a collection of 18 game demos that resemble, or closely resemble, PlayStation 1 titles. Some look and feel like PS1 games, but others don’t. The demo disc is a front end for the games and some games do not have a seamless experience when booting, showing the Unity config menu. The games vary in production quality as well, which is not surprising since they are all developed by different people.

I first heard about the demos from various people I watch, such as supergreatfriend and Vinesauce. I was intrigued by the collection and amazed by some of the games in the collection.

My personal favorites are Effigy, FILTHBREED, Heartworm, In Somnio, and Sauna2000.

A Place, Forbidden

A Place, Forbidden

Story: Explore the library of the ouroboros and see what mysteries await. With no indication on how the library got here, only books await on the shelves that uncover some of the mystery. However, some of the important pages have been ripped from the book.

The demo is short, ending in the third room where the character (Bernard) goes down a creepy staircase in the floor and finds a book that is constantly changing. An ominous voice is spoken to Bernard as he feels the urge to leave.

Gameplay: This game has a lot of reading, and also puzzles. With native controller support, it’s easy to move around and explore the environment.

Graphics: Looks like a classic PS1 style game, with jagged edges, low resolution textures, and other blurry objects.

Sound / Music: There is a slight ambience that plays in the background, but not much else.

Dead Heat

Dead Heat

Story: It is 2082 (or 1982, or 1942, or 1922 – depending on what you choose), and zombies live among humans. Play as either Sonja Vargas & Lilith Troy and use your detective skills to solve mysteries and crimes.

The demo is short, and level isn’t even fully completed. There is a dead body in an alley that appears to have been thrown out the window. Enter the apartment and find some clues, then leave. and the demo is over.

Gameplay: The game is third person with a fixed camera. Controlling your character is a bit tricky since the directional movement isn’t always easy when the camera changes. Furthermore, there are various bugs that hindered the experience, such as dialogue progressing too fast and being off screen, unable to stop talking to NPC, unable to pick up items, and unable to move mouse cursor. Once these are fixed, I can see it being a decent game.

Graphics: Not really PS1 style, but the static backgrounds are the closest thing to resembling a PS1 game. The environments are dark, and text is a bit too small. Character models are sharp and detailed.

Sound / Music: Very minor music that resembles a crime system, detective film / show.

Dread Delusion

Dread Delusion

Story: In the citadel of the Clockwork God, magic is regulated by machines. But, there is something corrupting the people. The Clockwork God has sent us to help put a stop to it, but there are doubts about our ability to do so.

This is a timed demo, and if you know exactly what to do, you could probably get further than I did.

Gameplay: This is an adventure game with RPG elements. While I didn’t use any magic or physical attacks on enemies, it seems to be a focus later on. Level up your might and mind to aid with your journey. Only level 2 mind and higher can read.

The game has native controller support and plays smoothly with the default controls. Switching between magic, physical attacks, and potions may be a problem, however, if you need to use them quickly.

Graphics: Beautiful PS1 style graphics with a nice purple color. The atmosphere is visually appealing and vibrant. As you would exact from a PS1 style game, there are jagged edges and low poly models.

Sound / Music: There is an amazing music track that plays in the overworld that is so relaxing it could put you to sleep.



Story: You are a traveller and are on a planet to invade the prison where previous inmates have put on masks and started killing. There was a previous woman traveler before you that may not have made it, and people on the planet say our character looks like her.

The demo is fairly lengthly and end when enter the courtyard and find a tunnel that leads to a bloody hole in the ground which appears to go to the core.

Gameplay: This is a first person shooter that resembles Quake and is responsive and plays really well. Aim and shoot your enemy, dodge bullets and melee attacks, and activate switches to proceed further into the. area. While there is no controller support, I mapped keys to a controller so I could use one.

There are several weapons in the game, including a melee axe, a pistol, machine gun, shotgun, and a laser gun that ricochets. Changing weapons is done with the number keys. There are also a few permanent upgrades, such as health upgrades and a double jump. Health, armor, and ammo can be picked up from defeated enemies.

There are a few checkpoints that allow you to heal and restock as well. The game isn’t overly difficult, and I didn’t die.

Graphics: Most of the environments look rusty and crusty, with some PS1 texture warping. This is intentional and it looks great! The color pallet is overall pretty dark.

Sound / Music: While there are only two music tracks in the game, both are pretty good! It does get a bit repetitious though. Also, I love the jump sound effect.



Story: There are virtual reality simulation pods at work and one late night when exploring the simulation, you stumble upon a user who has hijacked the system and has gone rogue. No amount of trying to disconnect them works. This person turns out to be a killer and is out to murder your simulation character. Not only does he succeed, but he also hacks into the real person who is in the simulation and kills him.

It’s a short demo, and likely the entire game.

Gameplay: Connect, align vectors, defrag and disconnect. There is a weird change from third person with fixed camera angels to a 2D segment where you must defrag and align, etc. There is no native controller support.

Graphics: The character models are low-poly and detail is hard to make out. Environments mostly do not have textures. There are some bright colors that flash.

Sound / Music: Listen to the hum of simulation pods late at work. That’s basically all you’ll hear until the murder comes for you. There is a brief battle with some music. At the end, there is another track that plays, which seems to be a song that is severely slowed down. It’s in a different language, but I couldn’t identify the track.

Fatum Betula

Fatum Betula

Story: Create fate by watering an ancient plant. It’s a small plant and depending on what you give it will determine the ending you get. There are three endings, and all are symbolic of human nature.

Ending 0: Nothing to Worry About. – History is erased and nothing exists. This is symbolic of what humans will go through to forget their past and history. They try to get rid of it like it never existed, instead of learning from it.

Ending 1: Parasites – Humans, quite literally, are parasites to the Earth. They destroy it as if they own it, but without them nature would flourish. This symbolizes the destruction of the environment humans do on a daily basis, such as pollution.

Ending 2: Murderers – Humans are always in conflict with one another, always fighting and killing. This is symbolic of the aggressive personality people have and the constant fighting, wars, and violence.

The title is Latin for fate birch.

Gameplay: The game is in first person and has quite simple controls, despite not having native controller support. Run around and pick up a few items and interact with characters.

Graphics: PS1 at its finest. Low-res models, jagged edges, even a 4:3 aspect ratio. It perfectly resembles a PS1 game. There are a few FMVs in the game for the endings, and you guessed it, they resemble the low quality pixelated PS1 FMVs.

Sound / Music: Even the sounds and music resemble a PS1 game. There music is relaxing and fitting for the game. You could close your eyes. and fall asleep to it. The soundtrack is available on Bandcamp.



Story: Play as a police officer who is on a case that involves a person who is responsible for the disappearance of several people. The twist is that the person you are looking for is involved with a cult. During the investigation of the building, you find human-like monsters.

There are three endings.

Ending 1: Ultimate Wuss – Leave right away.

Ending 2: Tactical Retreat – Leave after investigating a little.

Ending 3: Pest Control – Investigate the entire building and find the man you’re looking for, then leave.

I believe this is the entire game, and will likely not be expanded upon.

Gameplay: This is a first person shorter. Controls are responsive. The strange thing is that you need to put away your weapon if you want to look at notes. The gun can be put up and down with the scroll wheel. There is no native controller support.

Graphics: The game has a modern look and the textures look nice. It does not resemble a PS1 game. Everything is dark and it’s quite hard to see. The enemies and the gigantic head are creepy.

Sound / Music: There really is no music in the game besides an ominous ambient background sound that plays throughout the level. There are strange sounds from the enemies that are quite disturbing and startling. It’s unsettling.



Story: Sam has a variety of mental health disorders, such as PTSD, depression, and anxiety. Due to past trauma, she cannot remember certain events that cause her problems. VHS tapes represent her memory and she must watch them to remember here past.

Gameplay: At first glance, this game appears to resemble Resident Evil. There are many similarities. Most of the camera angles are fixed. It controls well, but does not have native controller support.

Graphics: Like the gameplay, the graphics also resemble Resident Evil. It definitely appears like a PS1 game with blocky textures.

Sound / Music: The music is pretty good for the game, and very fitting with the atmosphere. It’s a bit eerie and makes you feel like something is lurking around the corner.

In Somnio

In Somnio

Story: I – Train; II – Artistic Freedom; III – Hotel; IV – Trapped; V – Teeth

This game represents the creator’s dreams. They are unsettling and eerie. It’s a short game that is complete after the five chapters.

Gameplay: Control your character in first person view and walk around looking at the environment. There is nothing to pick up or really do, but to progress through each chapter. The game has native controller support.

Graphics: There is an overlay that appears across the screen that makes the game appear washed out. This gives the game a creepy aesthetic that fits the overall meaning of it.

Sound / Music: There really isn’t much music, but some of the sound effects are creepy.



Story: Uncover the mystery of the Killer Bees case that was hidden from the public. View a VHS tape of the incident to find out what happened. There are various human-like people around the area, and they play a role with the ending.

There are two endings.

Ending 1 – Make it to the very end and investigate the creature eating. This will put you into a padded torture room as bees slows swarm the room and kill you.

Ending 2 – The easier of the two endings. Shot at one of the people who says, “I’m not a killer.” You will find yourself in the same padded torture room, except this time some people are there to watch you die due to the bees.

The padded room looks like something from a dark web video, especially with the VHS filter.

Gameplay: First person shooter where you fight…killer bees. Not really scary enemies. Walk down hallways and kill waves of bees to open the next area.

There are two weapons, a pistol and shotgun. There is limited ammo, life, and stamina. While stamina replenishes (slowly) you’ll need to find items that replenish your ammo and life. The game is quite difficult, even on the lowest difficulty. There is no native control support.

Graphics: The atmosphere is creepy. Choose between a PS1 and VHS filter. The VHS filter certainly is creepier. The game is also quite dark, making it difficult to see what’s ahead.

Sound / Music: There is an ominous sound when the bees are near. The gunshots are loud and the bees are obnoxious, not to mention the annoying sound your character makes when she gets hurt by the bees.

Neko Yume 猫夢 (Japanese for Cat Dream)

Neko Yume

Story: Find four lost kitty cats and return them to their rightful place in the sky. These cats are hidden and extremely difficult to find. This all takes place within a cat’s dreams. Apparently you have to find four cats. I didn’t get a single cat, so I never got to see the ending. But, you can watch it here.

Gameplay: The gameplay is similar to LSD: Dream Emulator, except you run around and interact with cats. That’s pretty much it. You are randomly teleported to different areas when you interact with certain objects. The areas you teleport are random. The game has native controller support, but it is a bit weird.

Graphics: Trippy, vibrant, and pixelated graphics. Frame rate is 30fps for that extra choppiness. It really does resemble a PS1 game.

Sound / Music: The music is actually quite relaxing. It feels like you are in a dream.

Ode to a Moon

Ode to a Moon

Story: A week long festival around Thanksgiving in Ashfield was suddenly abrupted in 1986. You are an investigator to figure out these mysterious events. I was unable to get the ending because I couldn’t see where to go. But you can watch it here.

Gameplay: Move and look around. Investigate your surroundings as time jumps around. The game has native controller support.

Graphics: Colors are vibrate and it looks like playing a VHS on an old CRT. Some areas are dark and look alike, hence why I couldn’t see where I could go and didn’t get the ending.

Sound / Music: There is a constant ambience in the background that is relaxing.

Orange County

Orange County

Story: The beige. There is no story, just collect food and drinks from vending machines while doing tricks on your skateboard. I wasn’t able to find all the machines, so I couldn’t get the ending. But you can watch it here.

Gameplay: Ride around on your skateboard and find food and drink dispensing machines. They don’t contain just soda. You can do tricks on your skateboard, but they are mostly pointless. You also have to dodge cars or you will die. The game does not have native controller support.

Graphics: VHS style graphics. Sometimes when you get damaged your screen will get hazy and red. Oh by the way, our hand looks like a backscratcher.

Sound / Music: There is no music in the game, just sound effects from the vending machines, sprinklers, and cars.



Story: Feel Finland. Finland feels you. Enjoy your sauna in this amazing sauna warming simulator. There is nothing strange here. Nope, nothing. Well, there might just be a demon that is after you. But, it’s nothing too serious.

There are three endings.

Ending 1 – Let the demon get you and wake up in a strange area where you see someone enjoying a sauna and another playing a game. He will run away, but don’t let him escape.

Ending 2 – Enjoy the sauna with your good friend, the demon. Then you’re transported to a strange purple land.

Ending 3 – Same as the first ending, but run away from the murderer at the end. You then wake up in an actual sauna. Explore around a bit, then you’re transported to the strange purple land again.

Gameplay: Control your character in a first person view and fulfill tasks to prepare your sauna. There are many steps for a good, warm sauna. So take your time, you won’t regret it.

Graphics: VHS style graphics that look amazing. Colors are good and the sauna is beautiful. The game is quite graphic intensive.

Sound / Music: I like the music in the game. It’s not much, but what’s in it is quiet creepy and fitting.

Snowy Castle

Snowy Castle

Story: Explore a snowy castle ground and light candles. There are 24 which then teleports you to a small area with a final bonus candle. Also, Bubsy is directing you to light them.

Gameplay: Game controls well, with controller support. Go around a small area and find candle to light. Your lighter is also a compass that turns on when near a candle.

Graphics: With the jagged edges, it looks like a PS1 game. Some areas are a bit dark and hard to see.

Sound / Music: The only sound in the game for the most part is the hum of the candle when you are getting close to it.

Tasty Ramen

Tasty Ramen

Story: You work at a Japanese grocery store and a rogue killer ramen bowl is on the loose. Find the keys and escape. When you. get away, you’ll be greeted by the owner of the place.

Gameplay: Run around the grocery store isles and get keys on the ground to bring to the door to leave. The ramen will chase after you if it sees you. But you can distract it with grocery items. Pick them up off the shelf and throw them to distract the bowl of ramen. The game does not have native controller support.

Graphics: Colorful PS1 style graphics. Not scary at all, until the creepy ramen bowl comes after you.

Sound / Music: Great music that has a soundtrack on Bandcamp. Even the squeaks of the ramen walking are cute.

Until Biglight

Until Biglight

Story: Mice have a small village and are ruled by the Fat Cats. They are in the never-ending rat race of working to get enough chedda to pay rent. However, things take a turn and the game goes deep. The Fat Cats are the elite that control every aspect of the mouse’s life, including what they see, hear, and know about the real world. An old mouse revels all and explains how we can overthrow the cat government and take back our freedom. He says. there are millions of us, yet just a few of them. It should be easy, but the mice don’t feel as though they can, and/or are not aware of what is truly going on.

We end up finding a pice of cheese, The Lord of the Hundreds (an actual real cheese), and eat it. The moment it hits our tongue, it feels like we go into a different dimension and the answers come to us as we awaken.

This is a heavily story based game and the demo ends on a cliffhanger with the barkeep.

When put into perspective, the mice symbolize humans and how the elite control every aspect of human life and how everyone is asleep and don’t even realize it. Only through a spiritual awakening will one become aware of the total domination of mankind. We are stronger than the elite in numbers, but many are too asleep to know what is really going on in the world.

Gameplay: Most of the game is dialogue. There is little movement in the small environment, but only exists to get from point A to point B. The game does not have native controller support.

Graphics: Looks like a PS1 style game with some grainy overlay.

Sound / Music: Just the sound of crickets relaxes you.

Midnight Spaces

A secret game a accessible by viewing the credits and looking for the uppercase letters in all lowercase names. It spells MIDNIGHT, so type that in on the home screen.

Story: It’s 2am. You need to use the bathroom. Everyone else is asleep. Heading downstairs and the bathroom is locked. You turn around, and the steps are going. Turn back around and the bathroom is gone. Turn around again to get a key. Then turn around again to get to the bathroom. Entering a long hallway takes you outside to smoke, but the time is now 1am, an hour earlier.

Going out for a smoke break ends up attracting some strange creature that loves getting cancer from secondhand smoke. A strange door then appears as you realize thousands of eyes are watching your every move.

Gameplay: Walk around, smoke, and struggle to pick up a key. That’s basically it. The game does not have native controller support.

Graphics: Nice texture warping that is PS1 style. The creature looks pretty creepy, but he sure loves his secondhand smoke!

Sound / Music: The game is basically. silent with the exception of a few sound effects.

EEK3 Virtual Show Floor

Story: This is a virtual show floor for the EEK3 Indie Horror Showcase. Check out the demos for other games, and even see some familiar faces from the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc. There is a trading quest available that has a surprise outcome.

Gameplay: Explore the virtual show floor, look at demos which are extremely bad quality, and interact with characters. The game does not have native controller support.

Graphics: Pretty much identical to a PS1 game with nice pixelated graphics.

Sound / Music: There is some slight ambiance that makes you feel you are interacting at a public event, but not much else besides the sounds of the televisions showing the demos.

Game Info

Haunted PS1 Demo Disc 2020 (Cover)
Developer: The Haunted PS1
Publisher: The Haunted PS1
Release Date: February 6, 2020
Platforms: Computer
Published: (updated: )


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