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Game Soup is a WarioWare-esque style game where you drink soup and complete microgames.

I’m not sure where I first heard about this game, but wherever it was, I liked it right away. I think I purchased it not long after. It’s like a WarioWare game, and that’s what I liked about it since I’m a big fan of the WarioWare series.

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You order bowl after bowl of a variety of different soups. Each soup is a different microgame you must play. Complete it and you move onto the next one. But if you fail, you lose a heart. You only have four, and if you lose them all, you’ll fail the game. There are a total of 46 microgames to play, but in normal mode you only need to make it up to round 25, with a boss fight at the end. From there, you unlock other game modes such as marathon mode, which is endless mode, fast food mode, faster food mode, and unethical, all of which increase in speed from the one prior.

The microgames are quite challenging, especially since you have to get use to the controls for each game since some require different buttons and movements. Once you know how to play a game, it’s not that bad and just requires skill, which I don’t have much of since I struggled to get past normal mode.


The art style is cute, fun, and unique. It’s sharp 2D sprites that are solid colors, so no gradients. I really like how the game looks and how cute some of the characters and animals look.

Sound / Music

There isn’t much music, besides the title them, the jingle between games, and a few microgames’ music. However, what is there is cute and catchy. It fits very well with the aesthetic of the game.

Game Info

Game Soup
Developer: Game Soup LLC
Publisher: Game Soup LLC
Release Date: February 11, 2019
Platforms: Computer


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