Fatum Betula

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An ancient plant determines fate, and what you feed it will dictate the future. There are ten endings to be found.

The demo for this game was first featured on the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc 2020. It was definitely one of my favorites, so I wanted to play the full thing. The demo only had three endings, while the full version has ten. The game title is Latin for fate birch.

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The fate birch awaits in water and depending on what you put into the water will determine the fate of the world. There are ten endings, plus a secret one.

Ending 0: Nothing to Worry About – History is erased and nothing exists. This is symbolic of what humans will go through to forget their past and history. They try to get rid of it like it never existed, instead of learning from it.

Ending 1: Parasites – Humans, quite literally, are parasites to the Earth. They destroy it as if they own it, but without them nature would flourish. This symbolizes the destruction of the environment humans do on a daily basis, such as pollution.

Ending 2: Murderers – Humans are always in conflict with one another, always fighting and killing. This is symbolic of the aggressive personalities people have and the constant fighting, wars, and violence.

Ending 3: The Cycle – This represents the cycle that humans go through each day of their life, projecting what happened to them onto others, such as the cycle of abuse. It keeps happening until someone breaks it.

Ending 4: Faith – People, drunk on faith, are unable to see past the inevitable, death, which will come for us all. With false promises of eternal youth or being able to live forever, death will come for those whether they are religious or not.

Ending 5: Bones – Everyone is a skeleton, no skin, no muscle. Halloween will be fun! This represents the humor in life, find humor, even when confronted with the end of times. We’re all the same deep down.

Ending 6: Feed It – Cults form from like minded people that end up going too far. Opposition is met with extreme criticism, and you’ll be “eaten alive.” Instead of complying, question and stop doing what the cult wants you to do. Think freely and be you.

Ending 7: Forever – Everyone and everything is immortal, living forever in an empty void, forgetting who they are. What does being alive even mean?

Ending 8: Developed – Nothing in the game is real. Get outside and be you. Don’t spend all your time playing games and not accomplishing anything. Rather. do something meaningful with your life.

Ending 9: Where Do We Go From Here? – Everyone’s life has been determined by fate. But, God is real and you have free will. You can change people’s fate by making them realize they have their own free will.

Secret Ending: Developer Room – It’s a secret to everyone! Edit your game file to see the secret ending where the developer shows you around the map, what was cut, and some other cool stuff.


The gameplay is relatively simple. Walk around the environment, interacting with various things to find combinations of items to get liquid to give to the birch tree. Some forms of liquid are difficult to get. There is also save functionality which makes it useful to not have to do the same thing again and again for the different endings.


The game perfectly resembles a PS1 game since it looks low resolution and blocky. The FMV endings also fit the PS1 ascetics as well.

Sound / Music

The soundtrack is ominous and eerie. But, there are some nice spots of relaxation. There aren’t too many music tracks, but it fits the game.

Game Info

Fatum Betula
Developer: Bryce Bucher
Publisher: Bryce Bucher
Release Date: June 20, 2020
Platforms: Computer, Switch, Xbox One


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