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ENEFN is a school where you're the only one alive, helping those who are dead. You must find a way to escape.

The developer commented on a video of mine asking I try out their game. I’m sure they commented on many people’s videos. But, I decided to give it a try sometime later since it looked interesting. The style was identical to another game I’ve seen, but cannot remember what it is. In a way, the game reminds me of Yume Nikki, but with enemies and less deep diving into dreams.

Unfortunately the game was super glitchy and I couldn’t complete it. For whatever reason, the game had a layering issue where the icons and other important info, such as text, was below another layer, causing you to be unable to see what was there. It made it impossible to beat the game since there were two ghost students I couldn’t interact with since they seemed to be below the game layer.

There was apparently an older version of this game that didn’t have a health system, or enemies that would chase you, or even a knife to kill the enemies. The glitches I experienced didn’t appear to be present in the older version. But, I cannot play this older version. For a playthrough, check out a video on YouTube.

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ENEFN is a strange school where you’re the only good student who’s alive. Fulfill the requests of the other dead students. Upon doing so, you wake up in a normal school like nothing creepy ever happened. The story is a bit vague since it appears the person killed the kids in their mind when they’re dreaming, but then fulfilling their wishes so they can sleep forever. Maybe it was hard for them to be who they truly were and were bullied, so they wanted the bullies to pay for what they’ve done? Or maybe it’s a haunted school? I have no idea.


Walk around the creepy school, finding other students while avoiding ghost kids that are looking for you. The ghosts have red eyes and will face one way and walk, then turn around and walk the other way. You can duck to avoid detection. If you are spotted and attacked, you’ll quickly lose the three hit points you have, and if you die, you’ll wake up back at the starting area. No progress is lost, and you can save at any time. You also have a knife to attack enemies, and after a few hits they’ll die. The more you use the blade, the bloodier it gets, so you’ll have to wash it off in the bathroom if you want to use it again. The bathroom sink will also refill your health.

The students (10 total) will give you tasks to fulfill their request. Go around the school looking for items and accomplishing what they need and go back to them and they will be…saved…I guess or something? You will get items (11 total) to use on various objects and make progress. Additionally, notes (12 total) can be found to further explain the story.

The back and forth of finding the items, that don’t all at once appear, make the game tedious. You’ll be going back to the same room and investigating areas you’ve already explored multiple times since items were not there the first, second, or even third time you checked. But, they’re there now.


The environment is dark and creepy with a mix of 2D pixel art and some anime style for the characters. The are various scares that are quite creepy for the style.

Sound / Music

There really isn’t much music, or rather it’s quiet and repetitive. The sound design is also quite creepy.

Game Info

Developer: Theago Liddell
Publisher: Theago Liddell
Release Date: July 23, 2020
Platforms: Computer, Mobile


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