DLC Quest

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What happens when DLC practices go too far? You will need to purchase DLC just for basic functionality and to advance the story.

I first saw this game on a Xbox Live Indie Game video by a gamer I watch, supergreatfriend. I found it to be one of the most unique concepts I’ve seen in a game, making fun of the ridiculously expensive DLC that many games offer. And it’s still true to this day.

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There are two campaigns. Funny enough, a game making fun about DLC has DLC for a second campaign called “Live Freemium or Die.”

Original Campaign

Oh no! The bad guy has taken princess MacGuffin, and now it’s up to you to save her. (Oh, and he also murdered your uncle.) Only problem is that you need to purchase DLC to progress and find him. When you do, the credits roll and that’s it…until you go back in and buy the DLC to witness the end. From here, there are two endings as well. If you don’t buy horse armor, the bad guy will forever have the princess. But if the horse has armor, then the bad guy’s bullet will not kill the horse and the horse will kill the bad guy. However, the princess sees the true hero as the horse.

Live Freemium or Die

Something has been attacking the villagers in the middle of the night. However, the mastermind behind it was the shepherd who is seeking revenge on the player for killing his sheep in a different game. He summons zombie sheep to kill the villagers. The player distracts the zombie sheep with plants and kills the shepherd. The end! Well…the shopkeeper approaches the player and says it’s more profitable for him when the player is trying to be a hero. But, the player thinks he’s done the job of saving the village. However, the shopkeeper says there are far more dangerous things than zombie sheep, as he locks the player out of the game.

The player then changes his name to be able to get back into the game and access the restricted area. The final showdown against the shopkeeper commences. The player is victorious, but ends up destroying the entire world with his gigantic sword.


A game making fun of the constant microtransactions and paid DLC in games that add basic functionality that should’ve been there from the beginning. For instance, at the start, you cannot move to the left, jump, and there are no animations or sounds. You have to buy these DLC packages from the shopkeeper. You can later buy a sword to kill enemies and get through areas with vines. There is even a gun to kill even the NPCs.

The only real boss battle is in the second campaign where the shopkeeper throws coins and other random objects at you and sells you swords to damage him.


The game is cartoony with a pixel sprite style. It looks really sharp and good.

Sound / Music

After purchasing the audio pack DLC, you can hear the 8-bit music and sound effects. It’s nothing too special, but fits with the style of the game.

Game Info

DLC Quest
Developer: Going Loud Studios
Publisher: Going Loud Studios
Release Date: November 2, 2011
Platforms: Xbox 360, Computer


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