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DeathSpank is an action RPG game where you control DeathSpank, the hero to the downtrodden, the vanquisher of evil, and the dispenser of justice. Join him on the quest to find the artifact and save the missing orphans.

I love the comedic nature of DeathSpank! I first played the demo on the PlayStation 3 and then bought all three games shortly thereafter. DeathSpank: Orphans of Justice, DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue, and The Baconing.

I love the comedic nature of the game, and nothing can be taken seriously. All the various quests, while some are tedious, are still fun nonetheless.

Battling enemies can be challenging at times because I forget to block. You must block! Also, don’t go into the Enchanted Forest right away. Save that for a higher level.

I am the wizard.

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The story of DeathSpank and his quest to find the artifact is the real highlight of comedy! You begin the game led by a guide, which DeathSpank allows die. From there, your quest is to find the artifact. But the real objective is to find the missing orphans. As you progress through your amazing journey, you meet so many people along the way who need DeathSpank’s help.

The culprit of the missing orphans turns out to be Lord von Prong. He used them as a way to get DeathSpank to him, so he could take his thong.


The main focus of the game is combat and completing both main and side quests. After completing the quests, you are rewarded money, new armor, weapons, or potions, as well experience. Killing enemies will also give you experience, but not as much as completing quests. When you level up (there are a max of 20 levels), you choose between three cards to help DeathSpank. Some are for moving faster, doing more ranged and melee damage, blocking longer, gaining more money, and equipping armor and weapons earlier.

To attack enemies, you simply approach them and begin attacking. You can block attacks which is extremely important, and raises your justice meter. When your meter is raised, and you attack an enemy with a justice weapon, you perform a special attack. My favorite is the spinning blade which can eliminate hordes of enemies.

There are eight buttons that can be used for combat. I put healing items, like potions and food items on four, and attack weapons on the other four. The one issue with the game is that you change equipment so fast that you often can’t go five minutes without switching (which can be automatic for armor).


The graphics are unique in that you walk on what appears to be a globe and some of the environment looks like a 2D cut out. This makes the art style look unique and fitting. There are a handful of animated cutscenes in the game, but not a lot. During the dialogue scenes, characters do not move their mouth or have different movement.

The one issue is that when running the game at high resolutions (above 1920 x 1080), the text and HUD are very small and the GPU load increases drastically.

Sound / Music

All dialogue in the game is voice acted, with amazing (and fitting) voice actors. The voice of DeathSpank is epic! Truly a hero (you can tell by his voice).

The music in the game is also spectacular. While there aren’t many tracks, the main theme, DeathSpankin’ Around, is a great one. The soundtrack, consisting of only seven tracks, was released on the official website, and unfortunately no longer available. However, it can still be downloaded via the Wayback Machine.


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DeathSpank (Cover)
Developer: Hothead Games
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Release Date: July 13, 2010
Published: (updated: )


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