C.H.A.I.N.G.E.D. (Chronological Haunted Anomalous Interconnected Narrative Guide Each Decision)

Video Description

The antichrist has taken Catherine's daughter, Lucy. So, she asks the God of Time, Chronos, for help. She must travel through time and make decisions that will affect the future.

C.H.A.I.N.G.E.D. stands for Chronological Haunted Anomalous Interconnected Narrative Guide Each Decision. It is a collection of 38 games that are connected and tell a certain narrative depending on the choices you make. While it’s technically a sequel of C.H.A.I.N., the story isn’t connected…or is it?

The games are created by different developers, so the art style, gameplay, and direction the story is headed will change drastically. Also, there was no communication between the developers, and the developers only had the context of games preceding theirs in the same branch. This can lead to inconsistencies in certain games, which is intentional due to the theme the game is going for.

[Tape 1]
The antichrist has taken Catherine’s daughter, Lucy, and she has to find her. However, her idea is to make it so the Antichrist never existed in the first place, that way he could not take Lucy. So, she asks Chronos, the God of Time for help. He’s able to see various points in time that helped him climb to power. She is presented with her first choice: Kyoto 1986 (left path) or Wyoming 1968 (right path to What Lies in Wait).

After completing an ending on each side, a golden bottom path opens after speaking with a strange man named Lucio, who claims to be Cat’s son, in the movie theatre before talking with Chronos. Cat only has a daughter, but Lucio claims to be Lucy from another dimension. She decides to head on this alternate path with Lucio (Sunk Costs).

— Left Path —

[Kyoto 1986]
Chronos sends Cat just after the antichrist conjuring. He has an idea to destroy the shrine to summon the antichrist. The antichrist makes an offer: Become his host (Vessel / Bad Decision) or fight him (Showdown).

It’s time to fight the antichrist with swords. Catherine is victorious, and Chronos’ cat, Themis, speaks with her, saying that Chronos never wanted to help her, but actually wanted her dead. Catherine is confused and doesn’t know what to do, but must make the decision to either confront Chronos (Loop Town) or search for Lucy (Back Home).

[Loop Town]
Cat confronts Chronos and he reveals that him and the antichrist are business partners. Chronos is willing to give Cat one more day with Lucy. However, he plays a game on her, trapping her in a small town. She must find his artifacts to stop him. Upon doing so, she returns to Chronos who is confused as to how she got back. She must make a decision to either be reborn (All of Time), or take Chronos’ power (The Unraveling).

[The Unraveling] – ENDING
Chronos’ cat, Themis, reveals himself as the God of Order and the two of them are lost in the un-place. Chronos begins to unravel time itself and it’s only a matter of time before the two of them cease to exist. Using the artifacts, Cat plans on replacing Chronos as the God of Time. Cat destroys Chronos and becomes the new God of Time, and spends her days with Lucy.

[All of Time] – ENDING
Cat watches television of all the events that have already happened, as they continue to repeat, except history changes every time as strange anomalies occur. Afterwards, the antichrist reveals he is Chronos’ business partner, enemy, best friend, and lover. He also admits that with each time the universe repeats, things change, but Cat and Lucy remain constant in the universe, but their actions tend to change. Cat never gives up wanting to see Lucy with each reiteration of the universe. The only way to change the cycle is to prevent Cat from ever existing. That way Lucy can live in peace, but will be a different person. Cat presses the button to rest the universe, except this time without her in it. The antichrist is excited since he got tired of seeing every possibility there was, and is ready for something new. This feels like the true ending of the entire collection.

[Back Home]
Cat returns home, but things are different. The home keep lopping in on itself. Things change slightly with each loop. Cat approaches a set of steps, which did not exist in the original home. She can either go into the basement (Ouros) or attic (Lucy).

[Ouros] – ENDING
Heading into the basement, Cat finds Chronos dead while his cat is eating him. At the very bottom is a television with Lucy on it.

[Lucy] – ENDING
Cat picks up a phone call from Chronos in the attic. He wants to play a game. Cat is locked in the attic, unable to escape. It’s a dead end, or is it? There is a way out, a floorboard that’s loose. She escapes and chases after Lucy. They suddenly are back home, and to Cat the timeline seemed like a dream.

[Vessel / Bad Decision]
After the antichrist takes over Cat’s body, he takes her on a journey to destroy the world as she watches. Various time sorcerers, including Chronos, try to stop him, but are unsuccessful. After meeting his friends Rangda and Elrik, it’s time to travel to a different time period to change it to benefit them. Either to when Earth was formed (Genesis) or pre-history to kill ancestors (Distant Static).

[Distant Static]
The antichrist and his friends are ready to destroy humanity’s ancestors. Cat wakes up in front of a television and realizes she let the antichrist control her. She manages to find her way back home and Chronos (which is dead) says to find three artifacts so he can help her. She must then make a choice, to release her mind from the antichrist and save the world (Blue Light) or to send her back in time to wakeup in her own body and save Lucy (If I Could Start Again).

[Blue Light] – ENDING
Cat heads back to ancient times, still with the antichrist’s friends who want to perform a ritual to become the most powerful beings in the universe. However, she is in control of her body. Suddenly one of the antichrist’s friends, Elrik, turns on him and begins to help out Cat. The ritual is performed and they are reborn and both Cat and Elrik are at the video store about to rent a movie. Elrik is actually Cat’s boyfriend, Ezra.

[If I Could Start Again] – ENDING
Cat awakens thinking it was all a dream, so she looks for Chronos. Blocking her path is the antichrist, which she defeats. She heads back to Lucy. Cat feels guilty about abandoning the other timeline, but having Lucy with her makes up for it.

Chronos is alive again and says LUCY stands for Life Unfolding Celestial Yolk – the originator of life in the universe. The antichrist is going after her. To prevent destruction of the world, Cat splits from the antichrist and must make a decision to save the timeline (Lucy Space) or save Lucy (The Golf War).

[Lucy Space] – ENDING
Cat sees the antichrist and his friend, Rangda and Elrik, and slices them up with a sword. She manages to find Chronos and they stand on the meteor that will strike Earth and create life.

[The Golf War] – ENDING
Cat has chosen Lucy over the universe and took Chronos’ and L.U.C.Y.’s powers for herself, and put it into a ball. After Cat defeats the antichrist, she saves Lucy and both of them (Cat still being in ball form) head out on adventures and get a burger.

— Right Path —

[What Lies in Wait | Wyoming 1968]
Chronos approaches the antichrist, named Damien, in a church, who is stroking the head of Lucy. Chronos indicates that Cat’s decisions are having more profound impacts than speculated. Cat then wakes up in a cabin and finds a ritual site where Isaiah sacrificed his sight, and eyes lay before her. Behind the alter is a secret wall. A mysterious voice, referring to itself as God, calls out to Cat saying Chronos has deceived her. God even said that there is no conjuring ritual, and Chronos just wants her dead. God refers to Cat as the Angel of Death and sends her to when Damien is most vulnerable with a gun to kill him. Chronos intervenes and Cat must make a choice, kill Chronos (Deja Void) or have him take her to Damien (Good Faith).

[Good Faith]
After Cat spares Chronos, he takes her to the antichrist, Damien. They discuss what happens after the physical body dies. He says that once a human dies, God sends an angel to collect the soul. What God’s intentions are with the soul are unknown. So, Damien started collecting souls, just what he did with Lucy. Chronos comes in and sends Cat back to a car crash that killed her boyfriend, Ezra. After the crash, cultists comes to take Ezra’s soul. Cat must make a choice, to retrieve the gun that God gave her (Weight of the Generations) or save Ezra (Executive Order).

[Executive Order]
Cat calls for Chronos, but the cultists use the gun God gave Cat to kill Chronos. They then kill Ezra and Cat. The life-force of the planet, Gaia, comes in to save Catherine’s soul before God’s angels could come and take it. Gaia refers to Cat as “The Chain Breaker,” the person who was destined to stop the conflict between God and the antichrist. Killing one will kill the other. Gaia gives Cat a new body with unparalleled power, including Chronos’ shoes and a golden AK-47. Cat must make a decision to pursue God (Holy Halls of God) or pursue Damien (Damien’t).

[Holy Halls of God] – ENDING
Cat takes her golden AK-47 to God’s holy halls to kill God. It was super easy and as a result, God, Damien, and all of life vanished and ceased to exist.

[Damien’t] – ENDING
Cat heads to New York to kill Damien. However, he crushes Cat’s golden AK-47 and takes away her power. Chronos comes in and kills Damien. But since he killed Damien, the cycle restarts and Cat is back at home with Lucy, and Ezra, Cat’s boyfriend, comes home. Then Chronos is looking at a tombstone that says, “Catherine Carmella Blanch 1969-5056” on it. Ms. Blanch was the character in the first C.H.A.I.N. game.

[Weight of the Generations]
Cat takes the gun from the cultists, but Ezra still dies. Chronos comes in and says Cat complicated things further. Cat must make a choice to go back to the apartment to save Lucy before the kidnapping (What Do You Think Happens Now), or touch Chronos’ hourglass to teleport to a time of his choosing (Godhunter).

[What Do You Think Happens Now] – ENDING
Cat makes her way back to the home where Lucy is. They plan on escaping on a boat. However, Isiah, also calling himself Uriel, stops them and says that Cat has prevented the worse by the choices she made. He calls her Mrs. Blanch, which is a callback to the first C.H.A.I.N. game. Cat and Lucy head out on the boat and get lost at sea and die.

[Godhunter] – ENDING
Chronos teleports Cat back or forward to before time existed or at the end of times and calls her Godhunter. Not long after, God appears before Cat and says this is where her journey ends and Lucy is gone forever. Cat kills the false God before her, but nothing is left in the world. Cat hopes Lucy realizes how much she loves her.

[Deja Void]
Cat is in a strange world where she picks up Chronos’ glasses and can see various parts of time, past present, and future. She goes back to when Lucy was born and must make a decision, either go through the door (Transport Struggle) or protect the baby (Time Harrier).

[Transport Struggle]
After going through the door, Cat finds herself in another surreal area. She must make a choice to take the train (Calypso) or the taxi (Angel of Death).

[Calypso] – ENDING
After taking the train, Cat finds herself at a train station. She finds black smoke pillars and enters them. They say various things such as her sacrificing her daughter for time, her punishment is repetition, and that she must go back to go forward, implying this is the wrong path.

[Angel of Death] – ENDING
Cat finds herself in a taxi, talking with God about her mission to kill Damien and get her daughter back. Damien claims he took care of Lucy since she couldn’t. She pulls out the gun God gave her and kills Damien. She tries to talk with Lucy, but Lucy does not recognize Cat and says it’s not her mom. If you use the gun on anything other than Damien, the alternative ending is Cat looking at Lucy from outside their home before the antichrist took her, and she is unable to reach her.

[Time Harrier]
10 years have passed and Cat is protecting Lucy, killing off any angel or demon in her way. After some time progressing through time, Cat must make a choice, ascend and kill God (Ascend) or descend and kill satan (Fall From Grace).

[Fall From Grace] – ENDING
Cat arrives in Satan’s domain and defeats him, but he takes her down with him. Afterwards, Cat is stroking Lucy’s hair in a dark void of nothingness.

[Ascend] – ENDING
Cat finds herself in the real of God and battles it. After defeating it, Damien mentions to Cat that he has absorbed Lucy and she is now part of him, all so he could be brought to the realm of God and get rid of him. He wishes to have the world reborn in his image instead, but Lucy steps in and gets rid of Damien. However, she is a creature beyond recognition, and being greater than God. Themis then makes an appearance, but not sure if that’s Lucy in cat form.

— Bottom Path —

[Sunk Costs]
Cat heads with Lucio to a strange realm with chains. A strange creature with an eyeball appears before Cat and shows her the truth. This creature is God and is Themis, Chronos’ cat, and is the Corruption of Gaia, and claims to be on her side. Themis said that when Cat pushed the button from ‘All of Time’ it erased the current universe and Lucy now lives in a different universe. God’s plan is to kill Chronos with the Anchor of Fate, which can sink him to the sea of nothingness, before the timeline splits, to fix the corruption of Gaia. If Cat helps him, he’ll allow her to be with Lucy, despite them being destined to be apart. Themis presents all the timelines to Cat and explains how he was involved in them, manipulating things behind the scenes. Lucio suddenly steps in and chains up Themis and says not to trust him since Themis just wants Chronos and Damien dead so he can take all the power for himself. Cat must make a choice, kill Chronos and live with Lucy (Unbound) or kill Themis and sacrifice herself for a Lucy she’ll never know (Choices).

Cat kills Chronos with the anchor and he says that he doesn’t see an end to her repeating the cycle, the chain, again and again. He says the chains are infinite. A choice has to be made, to explore the infinity (SIN(e)S) or let Catherine go (I Know the End).

[I Know the End] – ENDING
“You have let Catherine go. There is nothing left for you here.” That’s it.

Cat views a website of an old earthquake preparation guide. Why? Because why not! During an interactive demo there is a sine wave machine that says to not let them in. An axe drops from the ceiling and she kills a fireman who enters the building, presumably trying to save her. An unexpected error occurs and the program shuts down.

Cat kills Themis and then must make a choice, help Chronos (Rebirth) or help Lucio (Fin).

[Rebirth] – ENDING
Cat decides to help Chronos instead of Lucio and finds herself in a strange void where the true form of the antichrist, Meta Damien, appears before her. He says that the path she took to get to him was so ridiculous that only the dumbest pea-brain could arrive there. Her decisions birthed him as he consumes all who oppose him with zero effort. He leaves Cat to her destroyed universe.

[Fin] – ENDING
Cat decides to help her son from a different dimension, Lucio. However, she hesitates after Lucio told her to kill Chronos. Lucio claims Chronos is seeking the power to control all realities in the entire universe, since he is 1/3 a Trigore. Cat kills Chronos, but then a strange man that looks similar to Lucio appears, calling himself Hobert / Herbert and says not to trust Lucio since he’s a pervert and a terrible person. Cat has had enough and demands they help her kill the antichrist. Cat uses the anchor to kill Damien. Afterwards, Cat wakes up and a strange man calling himself Cramien, Damien’s alternate universe brother, claims it was all about Trigore and nothing else, and then proceeds to beat the crap out of her.

My favorite games are Back Home, Distant Static, If I Could Start Again, and Deja Void.

Tape 1 / Chronos

Gameplay: Explore your home while Lucy is being kidnapped. Head for the movie rental shop and meet the God of time, Chronos. There isn’t really a game here since this is the opening of the games to follow it.

Graphics: Your home is dark and crusty looking, and the city is burning outside. Even the movie theatre looks dark. Chronos’ lair seems nice though.

Sound / Music: The music when talking with Chronos is very good!

Kyoto 1986

Gameplay: Take the sword and slice up the lanterns. Charge up to perform a maximum of a three hit combo. The lanterns aren’t just inanimate objects, they can attack, and the blue ones shoot fireballs.

Graphics: The overall game really resembles a PS1 game. The sky is red and ominous. The buildings look like a Japanese village.

Sound / Music: There is some music that comes in when battling the lanterns. The lanterns sound metallic upon hitting them with your sword.


Gameplay: The game is very simple. Left mouse button to attack, right mouse button to defend. Do your best fighting the antichrist as he moves back with each attack you land on him until he ends up in the portal of light which kills him.

Graphics: The game is 3D almost anime style graphics which is really cool. The characters look like they have lightsabers. And the antichrist looks like a red Slender Man that just got back from Arizona.

Sound / Music: Epic sword battle music.

Loop Town

Gameplay: Walk around looking for artifacts to defeat Chronos. There are many copies of Lucy around you can talk with, but it’s only to deter you.

Graphics: The graphic style is almost like a PS1, or even more pixelated, Animal Crossing.

Sound / Music: There is some minor music that plays in. the background, and a cute sound the characters make when you talk with them.

The Unraveling

Gameplay: You’re flying through space and time, going through the vortexes. You have the three powerups from the artifacts you stole from Chronos. The sword can slice blocks ahead of you, the eye will show you were the next vortex is, and the hourglass will reset the game. If you miss a vortex, you must use the hourglass to go back and recollect it. At the end, it’s time to face Chronos. Use the eye ability to see his weak point and attack. The first part can be quite challenge, but it’s not too long.

Graphics: I always like this developer’s art style. It’s definitely PS1, a bit of N64, with a creepy aspect to it.

Sound / Music: There is some music in the background, and it’s quite ominous.

All of Time

Gameplay: There really isn’t any gameplay. It’s just text that heavily reveals the plot. When it’s time to press the button, you can continue talking with the antichrist for awhile to understand more about him, his relationship with Chronos, and the things they did to prevent the cycle from reapting.

Graphics: The look of the game is interesting. There are some cartoon, realistic, and anime style faces.

Sound / Music: There is light relaxing music in the background. Almost sad even.

Back Home

Gameplay: Explore your home just as you left it…but things are different. It’s almost like the backrooms.

Graphics: The game has a nice, crusty low-res style. The environment is mostly browns and reds, without much color variation.

Sound / Music: The music is calm and relaxing, which I was expecting to be more tense as the game is quite creepy.


Gameplay: There is no actual gameplay. Just walk down the steps.

Graphics: There are vibrant colors and how the game goes from the steps down to the basement into an open outdoor area is quite surreal.

Sound / Music: There is an ominous hum that plays in the background.


Gameplay: Just walk around and answer the phone. If you can progress from here, then you’re pretty good since there is a hidden floorboard that allows you to progress. The rest is pretty simplistic.

Graphics: The game is black and white wireframes. The characters are outlines.

Sound / Music: There is barely any sound.

Vessel / Bad Decision

Gameplay: This is an RPG Maker game. Fight your enemies RPG style and the antichrist to become victorious. It’s impossible to lose since the enemies will always miss.

Graphics: Cartoon style graphics and a class RPG Maker feel.

Sound / Music: Likely stock RPG Maker music, which is usually decent.

Distant Static

Gameplay: It’s partially a stealth game where you have to walk around and avoid the lanterns that are stationary, and you have to hold your breath in order to walk past.

Graphics: The style is low res with a dithering filter over the screen.

Sound / Music: The sounds are a bit creepy. No real music, primarily just sound effects and ambience.

Blue Light

Gameplay: It’s mostly story dialogue, with some gameplay of dodging the lanterns, and placing down candles, but that’s it.

Graphics: Cat is a cute anime-style 3D model that’s red with horns. The other characters look interesting.

Sound / Music: There is minor music in the background and it’s more on the relaxing side.

If I Could Start Again

Gameplay: A grid based dungeon crawler where you move around on tiles and fight lanterns, animals, and the antichrist. There is a map to help you navigate. The combat is turn based and is rather complex. You have attack, defense, and delay with your moves. Attack is how much damage you’ll deal, defense is how much damage you will defend, and delay is how long before the attack triggers, and how long the defense lasts. There is a timeline on the side and you want to try to get as much damage on your opponent as possible before you get hit, and be able to defend. There are also modifiers, such as pierce, that ignore defense.

Graphics: Most of the colors are brown and muddy. There is some color from the lanterns and characters, but it’s mostly dark.

Sound / Music: There is basically no sound with the exception of a few sound effects.


Gameplay: You’re automatically moving through orange rectangles and your goal is to shoot the green masses that resemble shields. It’s entirely option it seems and the game will end after a certain amount of time.

Graphics: The style of the game looks really cool. The colors are mostly green and orange with a glow and blur to it that makes it stand out as one of the most visually unique games.

Sound / Music: The music is fitting for the shooter, gets you hyped up.

Lucy Space

Gameplay: Defeat enemies with your katana as they approach you. There is platforming involved, and an hourglass that will prevent the enemies from moving. Due to how fast you move, it can be hard to platform while enemies are all around.

Graphics: This one is trippy. Most the color pallet is green, and you’re walking through space and see structures and buildings in space. The antichrist and enemies are red. The contrast is what’s interesting about it. Chronos is a gnome.

Sound / Music: Each footstep is a little clicking sound. The music is mostly guitar sounds.

The Golf War

Gameplay: This is golf! Hit the antichrist with your ball in his hands and head. He is moving so it makes it tricky. He can also launch various attack through the use of his gremlins. You have three hit points, and if you lose them all, you’ll get a bad score at the end. It’s also extremely hard to move around since you have to pull back on your mouse and release, and the cursor doesn’t lock in the game.

Graphics: The antichrist looks really silly. He’s like a little bone demon, so tiny and so small. The game is entirely 3D.

Sound / Music: Not really golf music, but the audio is strange and a bit warbled, especially the enemy attacks. But the fart and ending voice acting makes it worth it.

What Lies in Wait | Wyoming 1968

Gameplay: Explore the cabin, looking at objects and journal.

Graphics: The cabin has PS1 ascetics. The basement is dark and creepy.

Sound / Music: There is barely any sound.

Good Faith

Gameplay: Talk talk and talk some more. There isn’t much gameplay. The only time you move is during the car crash where you inspect items.

Graphics: The screen is mostly red and the appearance isn’t too appealing.

Sound / Music: There is ambience that plays in the background, calming you down for the big choices you have to make.

Executive Order

Gameplay: There is no gameplay. Just text.

Graphics: The style is simplistic. The city is all red, then you’re basically in a vortex looking thing. Nothing really stands out.

Sound / Music: There is just some ambience that plays in the background.

Holy Halls of God

Gameplay: Take your AK-47 and blast the angels away.

Graphics: Everything is holy and golden. There is a thick fog in the holy halls. And tons of blood from killing the angels.

Sound / Music: Nice angelic music plays as you kill angels with your AK-47.


Gameplay: It’s an old school point and click adventure game where you interact with things in the environment with items in your inventory. There isn’t much gameplay, as it’s mostly story driven.

Graphics: It looks like an old point and click adventure game. You have your inventory at the bottom and the main screen on top. It’s static images with text you have to read. The cursor has a really cool trailing effect with colors. The art style is really cool.

Sound / Music: There is barely any sound. Just ambience and sound effects.

Weight of the Generations

Gameplay: After you take the gun, tons of zombies come out and try to kill you. It’s a first person shooter where you have to kill the zombies, but each one you kill seems to multiply. You can shoot barrels to cause an explosion to kill multiple. I’m not sure if you have a kill a certain number of them or just after a certain amount of time the game will end. Don’t get hit too much since it will restart.

Graphics: It looks like a CRT TV with interesting color choices. It’s mostly red, but with green of the gun and the shots, plus the dark green zombies.

Sound / Music: There is amazing music that plays when you’re gunning down the zombies.

What Do You Think Happens Now

Gameplay: Control Cat as she makes her way back to the apartment. From there it’s just text.

Graphics: The ascetic is weird and hard to describe. The characters are black and white and are 2D images overlaid on the background which looks 3D but in color. There is a CRT effect overlaid on the screen. Then there is a short FMV cutscenes that plays when Cat finds Lucy.

Sound / Music: The sounds of a destroyed city, with sires blaring in the background. And ominous music.


Gameplay: It’s basically a point and click with the keyboard only, without and inventory. Interact with objects in your environment and see what you can do.

Graphics: The style is mostly green, especially from the aurora. Light snow falls to the ground.

Sound / Music: There is light ambience that plays in the background.

Deja Void

Gameplay: Walk on abstract platforms, collecting memories and use the glasses to see the home, using the memories somewhere at home to progress.

Graphics: It’s largely open space that is dark, brown in color. When putting on the glasses, the atmosphere changes to the home they live in. It gets really creepy when memories of Cat and Lucy are looking directly at you.

Sound / Music: The soundscape is eerie with odd sounds.

Transport Struggle

Gameplay: Jump from platform to platform in the surreal area. There area also a puzzle to solve, which is very simple.

Graphics: The colors are dark and mostly brown, but it has an interesting ascetic.

Sound / Music: The audio is mostly ambience.


Gameplay: Walk around the station, talking with people, and ultimately walking towards the black smoke.

Graphics: The colors are mostly all brown with a bright sky. The station looks really interesting though. A bit realistic, almost like an old VHS tape, but the things in the distance look 3D, and there is static on the screen.

Sound / Music: There is an ambient hum in the background.

Angel of Death

Gameplay: The first part of the game is riding around in a taxi, followed by talking with Damien and using the gun. The text goes by extremely slow, but if you hold down the ‘E’ key, it’ll go faster. Also, you can use your gun on other things besides Damien for other endings.

Graphics: It’s dark and has PS1 ascetics without dithering.

Sound / Music: There is some eerie music playing in the background, but nothing too noticable.

Time Harrier

Gameplay: It’s basically Space Harrier when cat moves around in a small box, shooting angels and demons. You have no health, and the dialogue between Cat and Damien is more important, so you could just read that instead.

Graphics: It’s a cartoony look, almost hand drawn, which it might be. Some of the angels look cute.

Sound / Music: 8-bit music similar to Space Harrier.

Fall From Grace

Gameplay: This is a game developed in RPG maker, and it even has a title screen. You’ll immediately fight Satan’s henchmen which go down quickly. Then you fight Satan and the battle is still very easy. The game doesn’t end, and just goes to a solid color screen.

Graphics: The colors are mostly red, and the artwork looks like it was hand drawn. Satan looks really goofy.

Sound / Music: It has standard RPG maker sounds and groovy battle music.


Gameplay: Defeat God RPG style, except your only moves are attack and defend. There is no health bar for you or God.

Graphics: There is a low-res sky photo in the background. God is a weird tentacle eyeball thing. And Lucy is a strange eyeball monster. It starts out as 4:3 aspect ratio, but when Lucy appears it becomes 16:9.

Sound / Music: Interesting music when battling God. A bit catchy too.

Sunk Costs

Gameplay: Walk on the chains, then advance through tons of dialogue. You can get recaps of all the prior games with the TVs.

Graphics: The game is mostly low-res and begins with an orange background. When talking with Themis, it shows various screenshots of other games.

Sound / Music: There is minor ambience in the background.


Gameplay: This is like a shooter, but instead of a gun, you have the anchor. Throw it at Chronos’ TVs and avoid his attacks, but there is no health bar so no need to avoid them. There is a combo meter if you get good enough to fill it past 2x, but points don’t matter anyway. Once all the TVs are down, you can damage Chronos.

Graphics: Nothing too spectacular. Just a reddish background and generic looking pillars in a small room.

Sound / Music: There is some pretty cool music that plays. And Cat’s scream is quite strange, almost sounds like a little girl.

I Know the End

Gameplay: Click to reveal the text.

Graphics: Black background with white text.

Sound / Music: Nothing.


Gameplay: Explore the earthquake preparation guide website and know how to prepare yourself. There is an interactive demo where you control your character on a rail, using WASD to move. Mostly the interaction will be with the sine wave machine where you hear emergency calls and strange messages about not letting people in.

Graphics: It looks like an old website and browser from the early 2000s. There are even earthquake preparation videos, which is unheard of back when internet was very slow. The interactive demo looks darker and crusty.

Sound / Music: There isn’t much sound. It’s mostly just the old computer and video sounds. During the simulation there are strange noises that make you think something is there.


Gameplay: First person shooter where you have to destroy Themis, the eyeball God, with a gun. He will shoot orbs at you and have a shield around him, so you have to pickup the hourglass to pause time and then shoot.

Graphics: Looks somewhat like a PS1 game, but also not. Almost like a high-res PS1 game if played on an emulator.

Sound / Music: 🤘 Metal music! 🤘 It’s great.


Gameplay: Walk until something happens.

Graphics: The room is dark and there are red curtains or blood waterfalls around you.

Sound / Music: There is strange banging sounds in the background. There is also voice acting, but it sounds computer generated.


Gameplay: Most of the game is voice acted cutscene, but then sudden gameplay…not the type that was expected. Damien is in a box and you must drag him around the screen into walls, and use the death button to drop bombs on him. It takes a bit to kill him.

Graphics: The characters look like 3D model dolls that move the way you would have a doll talk, T-pose moving forward and back. It’s strange and cool. There is also real life footage after the gameplay portion.

Sound / Music: The dialogue is hilarious. Not sure if it’s all the same voice actor, but it’s pretty good and intentionally bad.

Game Info

C.H.A.I.N.G.E.D. (Chronological Haunted Anomalous Interconnected Narrative Guide Each Decision)
Release Date: June 6, 2023
Platforms: Computer
Published: (updated: )


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Asphodel Gaming
Asphodel Gaming
I am a streamer and game reviewer that enjoys older games (PS1, PS2, PSP, Genesis, Dreamcast, Game Boy, N64, GameCube, and more), and indie games.
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