Astérix and the Great Rescue

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Help Astérix and Obélix rescue their friends in this platformer.

This was one of my favorite games on the Sega Genesis back when I was a child. I played it so many times. But, mostly got stuck on the seventh level in the first area because I couldn’t find the key. There were countless times I missed the breakable blocks on the ground that had the key. I don’t remember when I finally found it, but I did manage to complete the game on a few occasions after this.

When the game is left on the title screen, a short demo plays where a CPU controls the user. However, at one point I managed to press buttons during this part and actually took control of the user. This was before I could find the key, so it was pretty far into the game. But, I could not complete the level in time since it was like a maze.

This game was played in RetroArch using the Genesis Plus GX core.

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In the year 50 B.C. the Romans have captured the druid Getafix and Dogmatix, a brave little dog, from a small Gaulish village. Astérix and Obélix set out to rescue them.


Play as either Astérix or Obélix and venture into different levels. Each main area has several levels that vary in length and difficulty, as well as a “boss” at the end of each main area. The “bosses” aren’t so much bosses. The main areas are Gaulish Village, Roman Encampment, The Forest, Germany, Roman Galley, and Rome.

Some levels are quite challenging and strict with a time limit. Get through them as quickly as possible since you don’t have much time.

Health is scarce and it’s easy to die, especially since health doesn’t refill between each level. 

There are several special. weapons in the game including a fireball that allows you to destroy enemies and blocks. A cloud that lets you create stepping stones to get to different areas. A disguise that makes you temporary invisible, but you cannot move. And levitation that allows you to float for a brief period of time.

There is not much difference between the two characters. Astérix is smaller while Obélix is bigger. Some parts may be easier or harder depending on the character. The other difference is the ending goal. Astérix has a potion he drinks, while Obélix has a boar which makes him bounce on his butt.

The game is extremely difficult, and a new player is unlikely the complete it without exhausting all their lives and continues multiple times. The jumps are strict and sometimes require pixel perfect timing. While other areas are impossible to proceed unless you get hit. It takes multiple attempts on each level to truly understand how the level plays so you can beat it efficiently.


Colors are vibrant and sharp. You can clearly tell what everything is. The levels and environments are also beautiful, especially the outdoors ones.

Sound / Music

The sound effects are quite funny at times. The snaps, crackles, and pops are amusing. The music is one of my favorites for the Sega Genesis. I love the various tracks including the Title Theme, The Forest, Roman Galley, and Rome. While there is no soundtrack, there is a sound test in the game. When I was a kid, I use to record the music on cassette tapes and make up lyrics for the tracks.

Game Info

Astérix and the Great Rescue (Cover)
Developer: Core Design
Publisher: Sega
Release Date: November 15, 1993

PlatformerSide Scroller

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